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Synthetic Cannabinoid Discussion II

Drugs Discussion

This is now the third open thread on syn­thetic can­nabin­oids, fol­low­ing on from the JWH-018 Tox­ic­o­logy article and the first Syn­thetic Can­nabin­oid Dis­cus­sion thread.

Not that there are any points, but bonus points for backing up what you say with peer reviewed research. Please keep the dis­cus­sion sci­entific. You can talk about dodgy vendors if you must, espe­cially if there’s a bad batch going round, but please don’t link to them or turn this into a cus­tomer support thread. If you want to talk about indi­vidual smoking mix­tures, please do so Here.

Ok, go:.

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Puffin on some Herb

Puffin on some herb


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A Look At Legal Highs

Legal Highs

Recently, there have been a few nasty devel­op­ments in the world of legal highs. I was con­tac­ted by this week by GMTV and Radio 5 Live, asking for an inter­view about the “new” legal high Ivory Wave causing a stir. Unfor­tu­nately, I couldn’t give any inter­views for various boring reasons and could only give a bit of advice over the phone/​email, so I thought I’d write a post about it now I’ve got the time. Also, The UK’s old friend JWH-018 seems to be causing some trouble over the pond, having been linked a couple of deaths in Indiana. Finally, our gov­ern­ment have made some more noise about the “problem” of legal highs which makes no dif­fer­ence for a good year or so and will only make matters worse when they manage to cobble some new legis­la­tion together even­tu­ally.

Ivory Wave

Ivory WaveIvory Wave has been around for at least a year, and before that, it was called Vanilla Sky. Guess what? It’s always been notori­ously dodgy. In a quest to pump out the strongest ever “party powder”, its makers sac­ri­ficed safety for a mar­ket­ing angle.

Earlier this year, the Irish gov­ern­ment had a number of legal highs ana­lysed includ­ing Ivory Wave and found that it con­tained MDPV (methyl­e­ne­di­oxypyro­va­ler­one), and lido­caine. Lido­caine is a local anaes­thetic, added to numb your nose, both to dull the pain of snort­ing the other stuff and to make it more like cocaine. This isn’t news though — a load of similar products around before the cath­inone ban con­tained it. MDPV on the other hand is wor­ry­ing.

MDPV appears to be a dopam­ine and norad­ren­aline reup­take inhib­itor, deliv­er­ing plenty of stim­u­la­tion but little in the way of euphoria. The vast major­ity of similar products avail­able before April’s cath­inone ban con­tained either mephed­rone (4-methyl­meth­cath­inone) or a flu­or­in­ated ana­logue such as 3-fluor­ou­meth­cath­inone. While these were also very stim­u­lat­ing, they delivered a much loved euphoria as well, so why would the makers of Ivory Wave depart from the norm and go for a sub­ject­ively worse com­pound instead? Because they just weren’t potent enough enough to earn Ivory Wave its repu­ta­tion as the strongest legal high avail­able.


A typical dose of mephed­rone or similar ana­logue for a new user would be around 50 — 100mg, while a typical dose of MDPV is around the 5 — 10mg mark. Sure, at that dose, the effects of MDPV don’t seem like much com­pared to mephed­rone et al, but when people are used to cheap cocaine or the major­ity of similar legal highs, they rack up their usual sized line and hoover up far more than an equi­val­ent dose of MDPV. As a con­sequence, users were fre­quently ter­ri­fied and unable to sleep for days on end. Well done, Ivory Wave, you truly are the strongest!

On April 16th, 2010, the UK passed legis­la­tion banning a huge number of com­pounds, includ­ing mephed­rone, all common avail­able deriv­at­ives includ­ing MDPV and a shit­load of the­or­et­ical com­pounds that haven’t been made yet. Despite the ori­ginal incarn­a­tion of Ivory Wave falling under the banning stick, on August 10th, there was a lot of fuss about legal highs includ­ing Ivory Wave hos­pit­al­ising about 20 people, so what’s going on?

Charge+Well, firstly, just because MDPV got banned, it doesn’t mean the man­u­fac­tur­ers couldn’t stick some new legal chem­ical in there and call it the same thing. I’m sure you’ve all seen a packet of crisps or a chocol­ate bar with “New improved recipe!!!!11” plastered all over the pack­aging — this is the same sort of thing. Of course, it’s not as inno­cent as that — these are psy­cho­act­ive sub­stances we’re talking about — but it’s nothing extraordin­ary. Products like Charge+ or Beanz pills have changed their ingredi­ents before, so that’s what I expec­ted had happened with Ivory Wave.

That doesn’t appear to be the case. Several web­sites selling the stuff now claim both that Ivory Wave is no longer for sale in the UK, sug­gest­ing it still con­tains MDPV, and that Ivory Wave found in the UK at the moment is fake. This leaves us with several pos­sible scen­arios.

  1. Ivory Wave avail­able in the UK is the same stuff it’s always been, and has been illeg­ally impor­ted.
  2. Ivory Wave avail­able in the UK is fake, but still con­tains MDPV. If this MDPV had to be illeg­ally sourced or man­u­fac­tured, it’s more likely to be impure, and these impur­it­ies are doing some damage.
  3. Ivory Wave avail­able in the UK is fake, but still a new product with new, legal and dan­ger­ous chem­ic­als in, trying to cap­it­al­ise on the ori­ginal Ivory Wave’s repu­ta­tion

At first glance, it looks like we can ignore the first one. If it’s been around for ages, why are we only hearing about it now? Well, before the cath­inone ban, Ivory Wave was def­in­itely the strongest, but nowhere near the most enjoy­able or popular product, so people tended to steer clear of it. However, when the ban came into effect, and somehow Ivory Wave was still around,  lots of people looking to find a “mephed­rone replace­ment” would have stumbled across it. This spike in pop­ular­ity makes scen­ario #1 as plaus­ible as the rest, so for now, it’s anyone’s guess.

If you find any new inform­a­tion making one of these scen­arios more likely, please let us all know!

For now, I’d advise anyone to steer clear, espe­cially the stuff in red foil packets as that’s the type most fre­quently men­tioned in the myriad forum posts on the topic.


JWH-018 was the main syn­thetic can­nabin­oid found in Spice and similar products in the UK last year. Here’s a couple of posts and comment threads here for some back­ground:

A large number of syn­thetic can­nabin­oids (along with GBL, BZP and related piperazines) were banned on Decem­ber 28th, 2009, but remained legal in the US, where the market has exploded just like it did here before the — the only dif­fer­ence is over there, the most popular brand is K2 rather than Spice.

Well, that was the only dif­fer­ence until very recently. In May, the smoking of K2 was “linked” to two deaths in Indiana — a rather odd situ­ation indeed! It seems there’s no con­clus­ive evid­ence avail­able to say that K2 actu­ally caused these deaths — it could be the same as all those people that appar­ently died of mephed­rone over here who didn’t actu­ally take it (Eg, Gabbi Price). However, just because we’ve been con­sist­ently lied to by the British press, it would be unwise to imme­di­ately rule out the other pos­sib­il­ity — that K2 is somehow killing these people. As it happens, we’ve also got some more evid­ence right here on this blog that sup­ports that con­clu­sion: this guy reports vomit­ing blood after oral inges­tion of JWH-018.

Here’s what I think. JWH-018 is safe, at least in the short term, so it’s not respons­ible for what we’re seeing. I reckon we’ve got a harmful con­tam­in­ant or impur­ity left over from the syn­thesis which is causing all the damage. If there was a bad batch going round, it would also help to explain why those two deaths are both in Indiana, although I’m not sure where that com­menter hails from.

Unfor­tu­nately, once again, this is all spec­u­la­tion, but it’s spec­u­la­tion based on all the evid­ence we have avail­able. For­tu­nately, David Kroll, who’s for­got­ten more phar­ma­co­logy than I know, has arrived at that same con­clu­sion — con­tam­in­a­tion. Be sure to check out his post for links to the ori­ginal stories, more detail and more spec­u­la­tion.

If you come across any more stories or bad batches, let us know!

For now, I’d advise those in the US to avoid any new brands popping up, avoid K2 in Indiana and, if you’re buying pure JWH-018, avoid it like the plague if it doesn’t exactly resemble the pre­vi­ous batches you’ve bought..

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Wonders of the Stoner System

Just like Carl Sagan before him, Prof. Brian Cox likes to get com­pletely twatted when think­ing about physics.

As it happens, I’ve just fin­ished this guy’s book, Why Does E = MC2?, which was fant­astic. If I ever get round to writing a new “expand your mind” book list, this will def­in­itely be on there. Here’s what the book’s about:

This is an enga­ging and access­ible explan­a­tion of Einstein’s equa­tion that explores the prin­ciples of physics through every­day life. Pro­fessor Brian Cox and Pro­fessor Jeff Forshaw go on a journey to the fron­tier of 21st century science to con­sider the real meaning behind the iconic sequence of symbols that make up Einstein’s most famous equa­tion. Break­ing down the symbols them­selves, they pose a series of ques­tions: What is energy? What is mass? What has the speed of light got to do with energy and mass? In answer­ing these ques­tions, they take us to the site of one of the largest sci­entific exper­i­ments ever con­duc­ted. Lying beneath the city of Geneva, strad­dling the Franco-Swiss boarder, is a 27 km particle accel­er­ator, known as the Large Hadron Col­lider. Using this gigantic machine — which can recre­ate con­di­tions in the early Uni­verse frac­tions of a second after the Big Bang — Cox and Forshaw will describe the current theory behind the origin of mass. Along­side ques­tions of energy and mass, they will con­sider the third, and perhaps, most intriguing element of the equa­tion: ‘c’ — or the speed of light. Why is it that the speed of light is the exchange rate? Answer­ing this ques­tion is at the heart of the invest­ig­a­tion as the authors demon­strate how, in order to truly under­stand why E=MC2, we first must under­stand why we must move forward in time and not back­wards and how objects in our 3-dimen­sional world actu­ally move in 4-dimen­sional space-time. In other words, how the very fabric of our world is con­struc­ted. A col­lab­or­a­tion between two of the young­est pro­fess­ors in the UK, “Why Does E=MC2?” prom­ises to be one of the most excit­ing and access­ible explan­a­tions of the theory of relativ­ity in recent years.

Also, some of you may remem­ber I wrote about getting a new HD telly and I asked for some sug­ges­tions on what to watch. The stuff you lot men­tioned was excel­lent, but now I’ve got one for you. Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System (DVD, Blu Ray), which is what the video above was pieced together from, not only looks incred­ible but was the best doc­u­ment­ary we’ve seen in a long time:

Prepare to immerse your­self in an alien world as if you were stand­ing there your­self. Giant ice foun­tains rising over 100km high; an ocean hidden beneath a frozen crust of ice; storms twice the size of Earth col­oured blood red by a vortex of dust and gases; immense vol­ca­noes that could rip a planet apart — this series reveals the true and awesome beauty of our solar system. Using the very latest breath­tak­ing images sent dir­ectly from space, ground­break­ing CGI trans­forms the static into the dra­matic. Trav­el­ling from the Sun to the far-out reaches of Neptune, the series has at its heart the latest sci­entific know­ledge beamed back from the fleet of probes, rovers and tele­scopes cur­rently in space, and offers a vivid and unpre­ced­en­ted tour of the world beyond our planet.

I promise you this will “expand your mind” far more than whatever pro­found secret of the uni­verse you think you’ve unlocked via a quick chuff on your DMT pipe..

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Music On Drugs: War of the Worlds

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said I’d do a Music On Drugs post aaages ago in this pre­lim­in­ary post, but, well, I just haven’t got round to it.

Jeff Wayne's War of the worldsIf you read that post linked above a while ago, hope­fully you’ve made some effort when it comes to “getting your shit together” and you’ve at least got some speak­ers that can handle a low fre­quency or two, because today’s musical instal­ment is a dubstep mix “retell­ing” Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds, and dubstep sounds just ter­rible on laptop speak­ers.

If you have no idea what I’m on about, please read that post first.

Anyway, this mix is by a chap called erw­ten­peller and is an hour long, so make sure you’re sitting com­fort­ably. I mean it. Once you click play, if anyone has to go for a piss, there’ll be at least some kind of diabolic outrage.

Hat tip to Sliced­Mind for the sug­ges­tion.


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Our Honeymoon

The last four weeks have whizzed by in a blur of washing, catch­ing up on Coffeesh0p and yet more wedding parties (you can never have enough!) but I’ve finally found time to sit down and write about our hon­ey­moon. Now I just have to hope that some of you out there are still inter­ested and that I can remem­ber any­thing about it!

We went to Bayahibe, a pretty touristy resort on the south east coast of the Domin­ican Repub­lic. Our hotel was frickin’ sweet, 5* all inclus­ive and right on the beach, with only one more hotel along the coast­line between us and the com­pletely unin­hab­ited south east tip of the island, which is a huge nature reserve.

Just off this coast is the island of Saona, and our visit to there was quite pos­sibly the best day of our lives and the high­light of the holiday. We had heard that the reefs there were the second best in the world (after the Great Barrier reef) so we just had to check it out and we cer­tainly weren’t dis­ap­poin­ted. The trip itself was bril­liant, the staff were fant­astic and we downed rum after rum on the boat while listen­ing to (would you believe it?) the Trent­møller remix of Go by Moby — one of our favour­ite tracks. John had a good old boogie on the boat before real­ising he was being filmed and promptly stop­ping, but we bought a DVD of the trip so it’s now immor­tal­ised on film forever, no doubt to resur­face for embar­rass­ment pur­poses at some future birth­day party or to show to the kids to prove we were young and cool once. We saw eagle rays and moray eels and other, much pret­tier sea creatures like enorm­ous star­fish, angel fish and sea urchins.

The Wild­life

Lunch was on the breath­tak­ing Saona Island — filming loc­a­tion of the iconic Bounty ads — and was deli­cious, ate over­look­ing the Carib­bean Sea and covered in but­ter­flies! The after­noon was spent in the amazing ‘natural swim­ming pool’ — a foot­ball pitch sized patch of shallow water, far out from the coast. Iron­ic­ally, being miles from any­where, this was prob­ably the busiest place we went during the entire hon­ey­moon! The water was clear and beau­ti­ful, about chest height (on me, but I’m a short arse) and the bottom was covered in huge, hard star­fish — not like the crap squidgy ones we get in this country. Here, the staff on the boat turned the music up loud and we drank rum and coke and ate fresh coconuts that had been picked on Saona Island earlier. It’s safe to say it couldn’t have got much more Carib­bean than that! Later on in this trip we’d break our camera, get incred­ibly pissed and emo­tional and a little bit sun­burnt, and when we got home I spent an hour sobbing and exclaim­ing ‘that was the best day of my life!’…but the less said about that part, the better.

Saona Island

There was also some amazing sights to be seen in the sea just off the hotel’s beach — we saw a sting ray about 6 foot out from the beach, fol­lowed it round for a bit and made a large and rather obnox­ious British family shit their pants and drag their kids back on to dry land when their nosi­ness got the better of them and they asked what we were looking at. Another amazing exper­i­ence was feeding the fish just off the beach — turns out they eat bread (who knew?) and wading into the water with a roll or two causes hun­dreds of beau­ti­ful fish to swarm around you, jumping out of the water and stuff, it was abso­lutely incred­ible and we even bor­rowed snorkels so we could get under­wa­ter and in on the action.

Another awesome trip was to the capital city, Santo Domingo. We had the most fant­astic tour guide called José who referred to his wife as ‘Fidel­lia Castro’ the entire day and talked about how wives were the bosses of the house­holds in the Domin­ican Repub­lic just like every­where else in the world — all in the most good humoured and loving way pos­sible of course! We were embar­rass­ingly clue­less about the place before we went on this trip, so here’s the history lesson: Santo Domingo was founded in 1496 by Bartho­lomew Colum­bus and was the first place to be settled in the Amer­icas. It boasts the first cathed­ral, chapel, hotel and just about everything in the New World. The Cated­ral Santa María La Menor, for example, is older than ANY­THING in the USA. The city’s modern history has been pretty tur­bu­lent, and it even had a dif­fer­ent name from 1930 – 61 — “Ciudad Trujillo”, after the country’s dic­tator. He was even­tu­ally assas­sin­ated, but not before much blood­shed and 30 years of an oppress­ive and unpop­u­lar régime. To put this guy in a bit of context, there were extra­vag­ant gifts in the old mauso­leum that had been sent to Trujillo from Hitler and Mussolini…so not a nice dude. That this period is still in living memory seems obvious, as does the rest of their history with links to Chris­topher Colum­bus, the slave trade and so on. In our exper­i­ence, Domin­ic­ans are SUPER proud of their country, their her­it­age and their past, warts and all. It’s a very refresh­ing atti­tude and we enjoyed finding out all about it in an open and matter-of-fact way. The ancest­ors of a lot of the pop­u­la­tion, for example, arrived as slaves — and whilst we all know that this was a ter­rible time in history and many abhor­rent acts were carried out towards these people, that is how they ended up there and that’s that. That some­thing isn’t pleas­ant doesn’t make it any less true, and I really liked that quality that we found in so many of the people there. They were also very pat­ri­otic but not in the mental, nation­al­istic way you seem to get in the US and UK — they said things like ‘my capital city’ even if they didn’t live there, and thanked tour­ists for vis­it­ing ‘my beau­ti­ful country’. Overall, people were incred­ibly friendly and wel­com­ing, and often even seemed grate­ful to the tour­ists for even going there in the first place. But then, it’s not long ago that Domin­ican Repub­lic was a third world country, and thanks to the recent earth­quake we’ve all seen on the news that it’s neigh­bour, Haiti, most def­in­itely still is. Tourism has trans­formed the country and they seem thank­ful and proud to show it off — as well they should, because it’s so beau­ti­ful. It has the typical breath­tak­ing Carib­bean beaches as well as jungles, rain­forests, coral reefs, bust­ling cities and Western style shop­ping pre­cincts for the rich and famous — a bit of everything. I really don’t know why it’s not as popular as some of the other Carib­bean Islands which, as far as I can tell, tend to be less diverse in their eco­sys­tems and land­scapes.

As well as the cathed­ral, we visited numer­ous sig­ni­fic­ant build­ings and places, includ­ing the first road to be built in the New World, the palace of Chris­topher Columbus’s son, Diego, and some stun­ning caves known as ‘the three eyes’ which fea­tured beau­ti­ful, tur­quoise under­ground lakes (unfor­tu­nately this was post-camera-break­age so we don’t have any good photos of these. Boo!) We also bought the tiniest, most expens­ive piece of rock ever but it was totally worth it — a teardrop shaped chunk of amber (a Domin­ican spe­cialty) with a 60 million year old bug in it. It set us back nearly £300 but still, there can’t be that many 60 million year old bugs float­ing around. Other pur­chases worth noting are of course the ubi­quit­ous rum and cigars, which were so frickin’ cheap we ended up buying about double our customs limit and having to squeeze it all in our cases for the journey back. We had no trouble there, thank good­ness, although we did see an hil­ari­ous ste­reo­typ­ical indig­nant Amer­ican couple arguing with customs. They appeared to be the only people in the whole world who haven’t heard of the ‘no liquid in your hand luggage’ thing and loudly failed to grasp why their litres and litres of rum were being thrown away. Just as an indic­a­tion of price, some pretty awesome 40-odd % rum was around £5 for a 70cl bottle — bargain! We drank plenty while we were there and also dis­covered some crazy Domin­ican aph­ro­dis­iac called Mamajuana, which John has since christened as ‘rum-hypnol’ (not because of any­thing rude, you filthy buggers…but because the only time I drank some was when I was already hor­ribly drunk and I basic­ally lost around 3 hours then passed out. The next day I actu­ally thought I was dying of some trop­ical disease because the hangover was so bad). Basic­ally mamajuana seems to be a mixture of herbs which are soaked in red wine, then honey and rum, then drained — this leaves you with the sex rum which you then drink. Or some­thing like that. It’s deli­cious so keep your eyes peeled on Coffeesh0p as we’re hoping to source some of the herbs from some­where at some point soon as no one sells them in the UK at the moment. Oh and John bought a SINGLE cigar for £20. That had better be one awesome cigar.

Last but not least, our other trip worth men­tion­ing was to go and swim with dol­phins! The place itself was a com­plete rip off and the staff were the most miser­able shits we had ever come across — but once we were in the water with the dol­phins those feel­ings just evap­or­ated and it really was all the clichés you can imagine. We’ve never been that inter­ested — as in, we’re not one of the many people to whom swim­ming with dol­phins is the abso­lute pin­nacle of being — so more than any­thing we got the oppor­tun­ity to do it and we just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And would you believe it, Mr and Mrs cynic here just totally “got it”. It was incred­ible, and I’m now totally a dolphin convert. Do it if you ever get the chance.

Other than that, we spent a fort­night lazing on the beach, drink­ing so much rum it’s a wonder we’re still alive, eating amazing food, swim­ming every day in the sea and the huge pool (which happened to have a bar in it), and gen­er­ally just relax­ing. It was the most fant­astic two weeks we could have hoped for (apart from the bastard camera break­ing) and we’re incred­ibly glad that our ‘ah, fuck it, it’s our hon­ey­moon’ atti­tude won out over our tight-fisted, sens­ible atti­tude. After all, it’s a once in a life­time opportunity…although having said that, you are all heart­ily encour­aged to buy plenty from us in order to help us afford to go again 😉


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Best Advert Ever!

My VERY good friend Tim at Just Say Once To Salvia has done some­thing astound­ing. I don’t know what else to say.

He’s freakin’ tat­tooed SYN​CHRONIUM​.NET on his leg.


He’s put these videos up for us all to look at:

How AMAZING is that?! Please visit Tim’s site and his guest­book thingy and show your support!

What a guy….

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Who The Hell ARE You, Anyway?

So appar­ently there’s this trend going round a few blogs where we, the blog authors, ask you guys some stuff about who you are, why you’re here, etc. I can’t believe I haven’t asked you all sooner, to be honest. We’ve cer­tainly got some inter­est­ing char­ac­ters here, so let’s hear all about you!

Blog Commenters

This could be you. I have no way of knowing unless you tell me!

Pleeeeaaase copy ‘n’ paste the fol­low­ing ques­tions into the comment box at the bottom of this post and type in a few words for the benefit of us all. If you’re bothered about your details being made public, you can make up an email address, so long as it’s in the right format, and post under a pseud­onym, so, no excuses!

  • Who are you and what’s your back­ground?
  • When and why did you start reading?
  • Why do you come back?
  • What do you like here?
  • What do you wish I did more of?
  • What do you wish I did less of?
  • For lurkers: If you don’t nor­mally comment, why don’t you?
  • For regular com­menters: What do you get out of com­ment­ing? What do you think might encour­age lurkers to comment?

If you can think of any­thing else to add, please do so! This is also a great time to tell us about any web­sites you may be involved with, just don’t be too spammy about it!.

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Meen Green!

Meen Green!

We’ve finallllly done it! Last Decem­ber (2009), you may remem­ber a tonne of legal highs got banned for a number of bull­shit reasons, includ­ing our super popular Mellow Yellow. Well, now, after months of anti­cip­a­tion, Cof​feesh0p​.com (John & Jo’s Cof­feeshop Ltd ;-)) has bought out another new, amazing incense: Meen Green!

It’s in the same “homemade” pack­aging as the Mellow Yellow, but it still looks awesome. The incense itself is a lovely green colour, very fluffy and burns evenly.

So How Can You Get Some For Free?

Meen GreenBefore I con­tinue, I’m afraid it’s only avail­able to those in the UK for now. If this changes, I’ll be sure to let you know. So, if you’re in the UK, here’s how to score a freebie:

1) Comment on this post asking for some! I’ll give 3g to the first com­menter and 1g to the next 10 com­menters! I want some feed­back though, so you have to let me know what you think of it.

2) If you’re on Twitter, retweet this message! I’ll pick a handful of people to give some to, depend­ing on how many people par­ti­cip­ate.

3) Place an order with Coffeesh0p for £30 or more and we’ll throw in a free gram. This offer will be avail­able for a couple of days at least, but after that, we can’t guar­an­tee it.

In case you can’t tell, I’m super excited. 😀.

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The Bachelorette Drinking Game

While we were in the Domin­ican Repub­lic, Jo acci­dent­ally got addicted to ABC’s The Bach­el­or­ette. Nat­ur­ally, I’ve been obliged to watch every episode since.

“She’s so amazing and beau­ti­ful, I love her with all my heart. Do I wish we could spend more one-on-one time together? Abso­lutely!”

We’ve just fin­ished watch­ing an episode (it comes out Monday nights in America, so thank christ for SurfTheChan​nel​.com), but to spice it up a bit we came up with the fol­low­ing drink­ing game:

Drink whenever any of the fol­low­ing phrases are men­tioned:

Alone time/One-on-one time

All the blokes on the program will say this at least once each

Heart (as a metaphor)

This phrase is widerife among every­one. Hearts beating fast, etc, don’t count.

Absolutely (instead of "yes", not as a modifier)

Because in America, “Yes” isn’t extreme enough.

[Girl's name] looks/is beautiful/amazing

Again, all the blokes will say some­thing this obvious each episode.


This is a new addi­tion (09÷06÷2010), designed to replace some of the other rules as the series pro­gresses and the format changes. This phrase is pro­lific, so hard­core drink­ers only, please.

I know there’s only four rules, but it’s on for two whole hours (25% of which is adverts for incred­ibly cheap fast food — we also saw an amazing offer to buy six gallons of milk and get a seventh free — who the fuck is buying this much milk?! Anyway…) and the amount of repe­ti­tion and stating the obvious is truly mind blowing.

Don’t forget, I still want sug­ges­tions for my list of drugs blogs!.

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