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Hello, I’m John and this is my blog!

I’m twenty some­thing with a degree in “Medical Science (Phar­ma­co­logy)”, appar­ently. I run Cof​feesh0p​.com with my soon-to-be wife, Jo.

This blog is about any­thing I want it to be about, which for the time being is drugs. I’ve written art­icles on phar­ma­co­logy, chem­istry, legis­la­tion, “How To’s”, and all sorts of won­der­ful things like that. As this is my per­sonal blog, I’ve also written about life, love and some other equally poignant things begin­ning with the letter L. I try to avoid repub­lish­ing other news because that’s just boring. Instead, it’s some­where where I can write down what I think, whenever I can be arsed to think it so there’s no strict sched­ule for posting (you’re best off sub­scrib­ing to my RSS feed instead of reli­giously refresh­ing the page for updates). Since a lot of my thoughts happen to be both off-topic and under­whelm­ing, while remain­ing under 140 char­ac­ters, you might also like to follow me on Twatter.

While I may work “in the industry”, I try my best to avoid that influ­en­cing my posts, espe­cially the more sciency ones. Yes, you should always be scep­tical. Scep­ti­cism is a good thing, but if you find any­thing I’ve written that’s actu­ally wrong, let me know and I’ll correct it! I don’t write this blog to make money, I do it because I’ve got nothing better to do…

I actu­ally started this blog because there was fuck all else to read. Well, there was. There was tonnes. But there didn’t seem to be any­thing that was both drugs-related, inter­est­ing, col­our­ful and written by someone amazing, who’s awe­some­ness was also par­alleled by his modesty. Also, I wanted to give word­press and the whole “blog­ging” thing a go, because, what kind of inter­net-guy would I be if I didn’t? I gladly welcome com­ments on each post, so if you love what I have to say, please do write a comment. If you hate what I have to say, you can leave a comment anyway, but I’m not saying “please”. I’ll publish most any opinion so long as it’s rel­ev­ant and adds to the dis­cus­sion — just don’t start argu­ments. You can dis­agree with each other’s opinion but per­sonal attacks just demon­strate poor logic. Posting links is also gen­er­ally accept­able, so long as they’re not com­mer­cially related to the post in ques­tion.

You’re welcome to get in touch per­son­ally via the Contact page if you like. I get quite a few emails though, so don’t be too pissed off if I don’t reply straight away. If you’re from “The Media” and want some kind of inter­view or advice, that contact page should be your first port of call. For what it’s worth, email inter­views for written art­icles are great, but if you want to talk on the phone or come over and film me, I can’t promise any­thing, but I’ll see what I can do.


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