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Hello, I’m John and this is my blog!

I’m twenty something with a degree in “Medical Science (Pharmacology)“, apparently. I run with my soon-to-be wife, Jo.

This blog is about anything I want it to be about, which for the time being is drugs. I’ve written articles on pharmacology, chemistry, legislation, “How To’s”, and all sorts of wonderful things like that. As this is my personal blog, I’ve also written about life, love and some other equally poignant things beginning with the letter L. I try to avoid republishing other news because that’s just boring. Instead, it’s somewhere where I can write down what I think, whenever I can be arsed to think it so there’s no strict schedule for posting (you’re best off subscribing to my RSS feed instead of religiously refreshing the page for updates). Since a lot of my thoughts happen to be both off-topic and underwhelming, while remaining under 140 characters, you might also like to follow me on Twatter.

While I may work “in the industry”, I try my best to avoid that influencing my posts, especially the more sciency ones. Yes, you should always be sceptical. Scepticism is a good thing, but if you find anything I’ve written that’s actually wrong, let me know and I’ll correct it! I don’t write this blog to make money, I do it because I’ve got nothing better to do…

I actually started this blog because there was fuck all else to read. Well, there was. There was tonnes. But there didn’t seem to be anything that was both drugs-related, interesting, colourful and written by someone amazing, who’s awesomeness was also paralleled by his modesty. Also, I wanted to give wordpress and the whole “blogging” thing a go, because, what kind of internet-guy would I be if I didn’t? I gladly welcome comments on each post, so if you love what I have to say, please do write a comment. If you hate what I have to say, you can leave a comment anyway, but I’m not saying “please”. I’ll publish most any opinion so long as it’s relevant and adds to the discussion – just don’t start arguments. You can disagree with each other’s opinion but personal attacks just demonstrate poor logic. Posting links is also generally acceptable, so long as they’re not commercially related to the post in question.

You’re welcome to get in touch personally via the Contact page if you like. I get quite a few emails though, so don’t be too pissed off if I don’t reply straight away. If you’re from “The Media” and want some kind of interview or advice, that contact page should be your first port of call. For what it’s worth, email interviews for written articles are great, but if you want to talk on the phone or come over and film me, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll see what I can do.


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