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I Finally Updated My Old Legal Highs Banner

By John Clarke

I thought it was about time for a new version of my old, poor quality legal highs banner, which, if you’re at all interested in legal highs, you’d probably recognise in some shape or form. Pretty much everything in the original pic was banned years ago, which means it’s no longer a photo of legal highs at all, but an image whose every pixel portrays misinformation, lies and irrelevance.

Take that, Instagram hipsters! Three bleak, abstract concepts portrayed in a single shot without even trying.

I wonder though… If my original image has been rendered totally obsolete by the government waving their banning-stick all over the place, perhaps I should try file a claim for damages relating to the total devaluation of my intellectual property? OR… I could harness that bitter, twisted rage that burns deep down inside me and channel it into something positively creative, such as – oh, I don’t know – a new, up-to-date image to replace the previous one.

Here’s Legal Highs mk II then –  featuring the hottest products as of Jan 2015 as well as far superior image quality:

Legal High incense products

Additional details, metadata, etc can be found on the following Coffeesh0p blog entry: Coffesh0p Blog – Updated Legal Highs Photo

And of course, all the products are available in the Legal Highs > Incense category.

#nofilter #selfIndulgentPrick #totalPrentenciousness


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