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I Finally Updated My Old Legal Highs Banner

By John Clarke

I thought it was about time for a new version of my old, poor quality legal highs banner, which, if you’re at all inter­ested in legal highs, you’d prob­ably recog­nise in some shape or form. Pretty much everything in the ori­ginal pic was banned years ago, which means it’s no longer a photo of legal highs at all, but an image whose every pixel por­trays mis­in­form­a­tion, lies and irrel­ev­ance.

Take that, Ins­tagram hip­sters! Three bleak, abstract con­cepts por­trayed in a single shot without even trying.

I wonder though… If my ori­ginal image has been rendered totally obsol­ete by the gov­ern­ment waving their banning-stick all over the place, perhaps I should try file a claim for damages relat­ing to the total devalu­ation of my intel­lec­tual prop­erty? OR… I could harness that bitter, twisted rage that burns deep down inside me and channel it into some­thing pos­it­ively cre­at­ive, such as — oh, I don’t know — a new, up-to-date image to replace the pre­vi­ous one.

Here’s Legal Highs mk II then —  fea­tur­ing the hottest products as of Jan 2015 as well as far super­ior image quality:

Legal High incense products

Addi­tional details, metadata, etc can be found on the fol­low­ing Coffeesh0p blog entry: Coffesh0p Blog — Updated Legal Highs Photo

And of course, all the products are avail­able in the Legal Highs > Incense cat­egory.

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