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New Salvia Extraction Guide

By John Clarke

I recently rewrote the old “How To Make Salvia Divinorum Extract” blog post and turned it into some­thing better. My old post, albeit very popular, lacked pic­tures and a few points could have cla­ri­fied a little better.

In this new guide, there are 39 pic­tures from start to finish, leaving nothing to the ima­gin­a­tion. The old blog post also talked about how you can jiggle the numbers round a bit to suit your own extrac­tion pro­ced­ure — well, this guide does it for you with the help of some inter­act­ive sliders. Not only will it cal­cu­late the final weight of extract you’ll end up with from the amount of leaves you have and the strength of extract you want to make, it also updates the article text through­out to give you rel­ev­ant instruc­tions based on the quant­it­ies you enter. :O

So, here it is: How To Make Salvia Extract

Do let me know what you think! Any feed­back, please leave it in the com­ments here..

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