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Entheogens In A New Light

By John Clarke

Hi folks,

As is probably obvious, I’ve taken a little break from blogging regularly to focus on my photography. So I thought today, I’d combine the two. I’ve taken some rather nice shots of some of our most interesting-looking entheogens and posted them below. Clicking on them will open them full size so you can see all the detail.

Mexican Dream Herb

Mexican Dream HerbMexican Dream Herb Closeup

Wild Dagga

Wild DaggaWild Dagga Closeup

Inebriating Mint

Inebriating MintInebriating Mint Closeup

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus
Blue Lotus Closeup

Peruvian Torch

Peruvian TorchPeruvian Torch Closeup

Red Clover

Red CloverRed Clover Closeup


KannaKanna Closeup

Rose Petals

Rose PetalsRose Petals Closeup.

One Response to Entheogens In A New Light

  1. jason casey says:

    Beautiful pictures!

    Thank You!


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