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By John Clarke

Hi there!

These past several months have seen me busier than ever with mountain after mountain of business-related crap to climb; each bite-size chunk of finance-related bullshit being as boring to write about as it is to chew through, so I’ll spare any further details.

As I’ve mentioned before, Coffeesh0p is about to relaunch after being completely overhauled. This also means a tonne of new products and a tonne of new pictures to be taken for the site. Turns out it would cost far more to get someone else to take these photos than the cost of a new camera, so  in the interest of fiscal responsibility, I’m now “into photography”.

There’ll be lots of great product photos on the new site when it launches, but in the mean time, here’s some of my favourite photos taken in a personal capacity (click each for a larger version):

The University of Birmingham

Pylon & substation

Green & purple laser

Lake at night

Amanita muscaria

Hyde Park, London

Birmingham Christmas Market

If you think they’re not shit, there are loads more here:

As always, your opinions welcome in the comments below..

5 Responses to Photography

  1. domski23 says:

    Wickid photos my friend, I’d be super happy with myself if I took them ones. Always enjoy your posts. Stay well, Dom.

  2. EROCx1 says:

    Those are awesome pix bud! nice work!


  3. Mike says:

    How did you accomplish the laser one?? That looks fantastic!

  4. Synchronium says:

    Cheers everyone! Might make an effort to post photos alongside my articles from now on…

    Mike: The green laser is attached to a cheap camera tripod with the help of a 1/4in nut glued onto the top of a pop (soda?) bottle, with grooves cut in for the laser, while the purple laser is held by a friend of mine sat a few feet away. Can’t remember exactly, but I most likely used a really fast shutter speed, low ISO and tiny aperture. Be careful though, taking too many shots like that will probably knacker the sensor.

  5. Professional Wedding Photographer says:

    The laser light looks incredible! the combination of green and purple color is very nice.Nice Photos collection.

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