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A Kick Up The Arse

By John Clarke

Right. This blog, and myself, need a kick up the arse. The best way for that to happen is for me to give it a bit of a facelift, as now it looks like a faded book that’s sat on the shelf in direct sun­light for a few years.

The problem is, I’m crap at design­ing stuff. I love the thought of design­ing, but I always end up com­bin­ing every single style I think looks good into some big cas­ser­ole of a layout. So to force myself to not do that, I need a bit of help from you.

If you could please leave a comment with two or three words to describe the blog, that would be awesome. As I have no  idea how other people per­ceive this site, I think finding out would be a useful first step, then I can work on design­ing some­thing around a couple of those themes.

So, if you wouldn’t mind….

3 Responses to A Kick Up The Arse

  1. JSOTS Tim says:

    Hip hip hooray for the site the way it is, I’d say… though any kinds of changes YOU like are gonna be fine with ME. It’s YOUR BLOG!! Do what YOU like!

    I’m even newer to blog­ging than you… and in com­par­ison, mine looks like, ahhh… crap. But I like it. It gets a few hits. It’s cath­artic. What else could I ask for? Check it out at http://​tyc​gid​dings​.yola​s​ite​.com — and share my pain.

    It’s my first foray into blog­ging, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Could only HOPE it looked HALF as good as SYN­CHRONIUM, but hey — I really AM a slacker when it comes to web “design”.

    Sheeesh. Can’t say I really care, so it’s all good. Have had to cut back on sending free samples of JWH-XXX on my other (JSOTS) website, and that’s a bummer — but the State if Texass has decided to crim­in­al­ize it all pretty much, as short-sighted, react­ive, ignor­ant minded and wrong-headed as they tend to be… grrr. Don’t count on that “all hat and no cattle” asshole Rick Perry to get MY vote next year!

    Gosh, I feel a whole lot better now, and again — just keep doing what you want here, how ever you want to do it.

  2. sharon farrer says:

    ima­gin­at­ive, inform­at­ive, funny

  3. zoobadooba says:

    green, chem­ic­ally and enga­ging!

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