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By John Clarke

Sorry about the lack of activ­ity. We’ve been dead busy since the new year — Coffeesh0p’s had more orders for legal highs and such so far this year than for all of 2008, and I’ve been optim­ising like a bastard, among other things.

Hope­fully, I’ll write some­thing soon about what I’ve been up to when I’ve the time, but for now, here’s some music while you wait:


4 Responses to Intermission

  1. asdf says:

    By the way, have you changed the ingredi­ents in meen green? Because it smells dif­fer­ent now, sort of like bananas, SWIM said it was a smoother smoke.

  2. Devon Sat says:

    Is it just me or is your website broken?
    I can browze through stuff, but not actu­ally look at the items..

    I get this message -
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method DataCache::Set() in /home/coffpcom/public_html/inc/shop_class.php on line 864

  3. Synchronium says:

    Yeah, turns out I forgot to check product pages worked when I “speeded up the site some more”.

    Should all be fine again for now… no doubt I’ll do some­thing else stupid before long though 🙂

  4. Synchronium says:

    Oh and the Meen Green has been con­tinu­ously improved since day 1. The latest batch has proved more popular than ever.

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