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Dutch Entrepreneurs, Get Ready To Make Some Money

By John Clarke

The Dutch coalition government disagree on a great many things – much like our own, I suppose, which saw Nick Clegg go from kingmaker to skivvy overnight – but the one thing they do agree on is that coffee shops (just typed “coffeesh0ps” by mistake – force of habit!) are an embarrassment to The Netherlands and should be extirpated.


Since they can’t just get rid of them overnight, their first step is to try and ban the sale of cannabis to anyone who’s not a Dutch resident. This has already happened in a couple of towns near the borders, receiving the green light from the EU Court. The appropriate EU legislation concerning the “freedom to provide services” would normally prevent bans on trading with foreigners, but since cannabis is an illegal drug, it doesn’t count as regular “goods”, and so falls short of the scope of the law. As such, this means they can do the same across the entire country.

If this ever happens, here’s an idea about how it could easily be exploited: get a Dutch resident to buy it for you with a small fee, say €1 a gram.

Then it occurred to me that many places allow smoking, but don’t actually sell weed themselves. If those places had a couple of guys who offered to go get the weed for the foreigners for that small fee, they could also give a cut to the establishment in return for letting them conduct their business there.

That sounds like it’d work, right?.

One Response to Dutch Entrepreneurs, Get Ready To Make Some Money

  1. Slicedmind says:

    Hope nothing changes before I go in December :/

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