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Ben Goldacre, The Mrs & I

By John Clarke

I’ve almost fin­ished a blog post about everyone’s favour­ite topic, The Bach­el­or­ette, but in the mean time, here’s a picture of us two and Ben Gol­dacre:

This was taken just after his lecture in Birm­ing­ham for the British Science Fest­ival a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Ben Gol­dacre is a doctor, writes the  Bad Science column in The Guard­ian every Sat­urday, runs a blog & forums at Bad​Science​.net and has also released the amaz­ingly unput­down­able book …Bad Science.

In my list of 5 Books To Expand Your Mind, this is what I had to say about Bad Science:

Bad Science is your defence against a world of horse crap where every­one is trying to rip you off.

What it’s about: Con­fused about MMR jabs? Homoe­opathy? Crystal healing? Fish oil? Then read this book.

Why it will expand your mind: You’ll learn the sim­pli­city of the sci­entific method and why it’s so import­ant to the world we live in. It will teach you to think for your­self and apply a healthy dose of scep­ti­cism to the next dose of health advice you might hear about from someone trying to sell you some­thing. Not par­tic­u­larly mind expand­ing on its own, but it has a synergy with all the other books in this list.

There’s also a chapter from the book else­where on the blog: The Doctor Will Sue You Now.

The lecture itself was on “Drug Company Bull­shit”, describ­ing the various tricks big phar­ma­ceut­ical com­pan­ies perform in order to make their results look good, massage bad results or make them dis­ap­pear entirely. Quite a dry, tech­nical talk really, but what else should two trouble­makers like us be doing on a Friday night in Birm­ing­ham?

Since science is obvi­ously really import­ant, if you’ve got a minute, please con­sider signing this peti­tion trying to stop cuts in vital science funding.

Oh, and for anyone won­der­ing about my awesome T-shirt, it has this to say:


One Response to Ben Goldacre, The Mrs & I

  1. Ratgirl13 says:

    My dog heart­ily approves of your T-shirt, although she says that the veget­ables are ok if they’re chopped, cooked or par­tially diges­ted and mixed with grain in an animal’s stomach (prefer­ably ovine. And she’s not even Scot­tish!)

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