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Best Advert Ever!

By John Clarke

My VERY good friend Tim at Just Say Once To Salvia has done some­thing astound­ing. I don’t know what else to say.

He’s freakin’ tat­tooed SYN​CHRONIUM​.NET on his leg.


He’s put these videos up for us all to look at:

How AMAZING is that?! Please visit Tim’s site and his guest­book thingy and show your support!

What a guy….

4 Responses to Best Advert Ever!

  1. JSOTS Tim says:

    Thanks for giving me an oppor­tun­ity to share some­thing that “will be for life” and that I anti­cip­ate will bring years of pleas­ure.

    Why did I do it? Well, I need tat­too­ing prac­tice, for one thing. And it WAS a lot of fun to do! Did some 3 color shading, and will be eager to see how it turns out. It’s my ori­ginal work. I’m proud of it.

    The main impulse to put SYN​CHRONIUM​.NET in my leg was the real­iz­a­tion I could be an Active Sup­porter of the John — and by exten­sion this website — in a way few others would con­sider. I’m here to say that I do indeed support the site and that the gain is worth the pain, in terms of the payback aspect. The more people that visit the site, the happier I am!

  2. JSOTS Tim says:

    SORRY about acci­dently remov­ing that video (above) from YouTube so it won’t show up here now… but you know how things go some­times when it’s early in the morning?

    The tattoo is healing up well. Showed it to one of the staff and one of the inmates at work last night. So “the word” (and the URL, hope­fully) will get out to around 600 people at work by noon today — the Grapev­ine being what it is.

    Part of getting this tattoo was the desire to sort of thumb my nose at author­ity, which in my case, amounts to The State Of Texas, which is my employer. I think being a Role Model to the inmates as someone who shows respons­ib­il­ity on the job is more import­ant than what I do OFF the clock.

    People that have tattoos like to talk to each other about them. People that DON’T have tattoos like to ask ques­tions of people who do… and who usually don’t mind their asking. So, if you already have a tattoo your­self you already know what we say — “When it comes to choice of tattoos, there’s no account­ing for tastes”.

  3. JSOTS Tim says:

    The first particles of scab are falling off… and this is the EXCIT­ING time, waiting for it to heal and see what it’ll look like when it’s nice and smooth.

    The color looks good. I like it and think I’ll keep it!

  4. JSOTS Tim says:

    The new tattoo is pretty well scabbed off around the let­ter­ing mostly, and some off the let­ter­ing as well. Hoping I can get a good shot of it in a week or two, when the color blend­ing will begin show up better — it’s cur­rently rather subtle in places.

    I really enjoyed putting this tattoo on myself. It’s the first one I’ve done on myself below the knees. Now I need to either add some­thing on top of it — it kinda looks like an explo­sion? — or, some­thing in the same place on the oppis­ite ankle.

    SO — email me or visit my website, and submit your artwork… whatever you got. I might gopher it! What I’m con­sid­er­ing now is kind of a Evil PacMan graphic game illus­tra­tion… sounds scary, huh? Skulls are good… whacked out punk, maybe, but remem­ber I’m not an ARTIST as such — keep it simple!

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