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Meen Green!

By John Clarke

Meen Green!

We’ve finallllly done it! Last December (2009), you may remember a tonne of legal highs got banned for a number of bullshit reasons, including our super popular Mellow Yellow. Well, now, after months of anticipation, (John & Jo’s Coffeeshop Ltd ;-)) has bought out another new, amazing incense: Meen Green!

It’s in the same “homemade” packaging as the Mellow Yellow, but it still looks awesome. The incense itself is a lovely green colour, very fluffy and burns evenly.

So How Can You Get Some For Free?

Meen GreenBefore I continue, I’m afraid it’s only available to those in the UK for now. If this changes, I’ll be sure to let you know. So, if you’re in the UK, here’s how to score a freebie:

1) Comment on this post asking for some! I’ll give 3g to the first commenter and 1g to the next 10 commenters! I want some feedback though, so you have to let me know what you think of it.

2) If you’re on Twitter, retweet this message! I’ll pick a handful of people to give some to, depending on how many people participate.

3) Place an order with Coffeesh0p for £30 or more and we’ll throw in a free gram. This offer will be available for a couple of days at least, but after that, we can’t guarantee it.

In case you can’t tell, I’m super excited. 😀.

29 Responses to Meen Green!

  1. =] aidan the cat says:

    i would be happy to have some
    would make me all happy =]

  2. Eoghan Rainey says:

    I would love some of this. Please let be first.

  3. Kris says:

    Would be great to try some, I missed out on the old Mellow Yellow.

  4. Sean Hicks says:

    Hey dude, Id love to try some out and give you feedback!

  5. Mike says:

    i’d love to try some. thanks!

  6. Tom says:

    can i have some? cheers

  7. jordan says:

    love to try it! 😀 sounds great 😛

  8. Slicedmind says:

    High hopes this will be as good as Mellow Yellow…

  9. Stephen says:


    This better be worth it1 😀

    kaos 😉

  10. Lewis says:

    Fucking loved this! I would love some more please! 1G would be sick!

  11. Synchronium says:

    Wehey, 10 comments within a day!

    That’s it for now then, I might give away more later. The twitter thing and > £30 order thing are still open though!

    Slicedmind: U no it! I wouldn’t release a shit product now, would I? Also, I’ll give you three grams if you write a lengthy review of it on your blog?

    Kaos: See above! 😉

  12. Mike says:

    Damn, I wish I was quicker…and lived in UK 🙁 Oh well, can’t complain, we are spoiled with cheap, high quality, non-legalish green incense in Canada anyways lol. Although, I have had a couple of kinds of mixtures like this over the years, and they are usually pretty nice, at the very least flavorful, and at best surprisingly effective. Also nice to mix it as well, if your low on the other stuff 😛 So I’m still thinking about trying some of this….

  13. adrian parker says:

    OMG cant belive i missed out

  14. Chris says:

    Can’t believe I missed out 🙁

  15. JSOTS Tim says:

    It’s always nice to get something back, even if what you “give away” is “free”. Methinks it’s a great thing to comment on the generosity of the webmaster here, even if I never try any of this Meen Green. All is good, because I may “earn” or share some things with them as well.

    I’ve drawn up a proposed SYNCHRONIUM.NET tattoo for myself to ink on my own leg. If anyone, well, OK, most ANYONE can improve on it — and if you send me an acceptable alternative I’ll send you a sample of my own blend of JWH-XXX blend Research Sample.

    I LIKE what is shared here. I’m ready to draw blood as a Lifetime Advertiser for this site and what is shared here… please help by uploading your best graphic to my website.

    Thanks — and good luck for a second chance Just Say Once sample!

  16. Daniel says:

    Considering you make it yourselves wouldn’t it be smart practice to give samples to whoever asks and hasn’t previously ordered any from your site?

    I’m not going to purchase any not knowing if it does anything. I’m also not going to get down on my knees and beg for a sample, I can shop elsewhere.

    Sorry if I sound grumpy but everyone else gives away samples to whoever asks as – if it works they’re gonna be return customers, just throwing it out there.

  17. ChemGuru says:

    Good strong product release. good work again

  18. Ben says:

    Hey i’ve just got a free sample of meen green but have never taken incense before. Do i smoke it? if i do then can i burn it in a glass pipe? what kind of high does it give? can you sleep on it? how long does it last etc. etc. would be great if someone could help, i wanna take it tonight but dont kno how!


  19. AJ says:

    What is the active ingredient in meen green?

  20. JSOTS Tim says:

    I won’t attempt to speak for anyone but myself on this matter… but I enjoy giving away free samples of Salvia, my own JWH-XXX blends, etc, for the fact that it MAKES ME FEEL GOOD to do so.

    I’m not particularly looking for return customers, as such. If you like what I sent you for free, and want a larger amount than just a sample or few — sure, I’ll accept any donation you offer. But I’ve certainly given away a lot more than I’ve been compensated for — and that’s cool.

    People SHOULD be skeptical about getting “something for nothing”… but no one deserves getting anything to try that they haven’t researched something about, and have SOME sort of idea what they’re getting into.

    It’s a real plus to have sites that let you not only “try before you buy”, but make a strong effect of EDUCATE people about things as well. I’ll admit I’m an ADVOCATE when it comes to chemical research… and enjoy comparing results with others.

    What goes around comes around.

  21. Shanoebs says:

    Well my sample came through today, just had a bit and am feeling pretty good! well worth giving it a try everyone!! will be buying a 5 gram bag on pay day!!

  22. Mikee says:

    I would like to have some of this. Is there anymore
    any change to get one freebie huh ?

  23. Jizzmyster says:

    Hahaha I missed out on this freebie shizzle ma nizzle ma snoop doggy dizzle my half baked ragamuffin, due to the fact that I am Hiiiiiigh on the Holy Herb. bless x

  24. Max says:

    I think I’m too late for a free sample 🙁
    Please could you send me some though? I’ve been dying to get some but I can’t order from coffeesh0p at the moment, still waiting for my new credit card.
    Thanks 🙂

  25. JSOTS Tim says:

    Here’s the offer — if yer across the pond or anywhere else outside the USA, please provide a $5 US bill to cover postage and handling for at least a half a gram of 11X home made Salvia Dininorum extract. No plain leaf samples will be sent.

    And as much as I can, no samples will be sent where illegal to do so, but who knows anymore?!?

  26. Max says:

    Is it possible for me to send a $20 US bill to you, for a larger amount than half a gram, maybe 2 grams or something?
    I also live in England, where it is legal here.


  27. Max says:

    JSOTS Tim, I only have a $10 dollar bill, not a $20.
    Could you supply me with your address so I can post you the money?

  28. jake says:

    eny free grams left i have been finking of buying a large order of this for a while but i wood like to no what its like first

  29. Wayne says:

    I really enjoyed coming in after work setting down and lighting up some mean green insent and relaxing before supper I love the aroma

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