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By John Clarke

Yep, that’s right. It’s a dolphin on a jetski smoking a doob.

Doob Smokin' Dolphin

Although many Botham spies didn’t die to bring you this picture, Jo had to take the pic with her phone, text it to my phone which doesn’t have picture messaging set up (I know, I know), so I could then access it through my network’s website, download it and upload it here. Worth it? We think so.

We’re still on honeymoon for a few more days, so look out for a proper update towards the end of next week.

See all y’all soon..

2 Responses to lolwut?

  1. MauiGreenDragon says:

    Hey guys. Congratulations and may much more success come your way.

    Now the burning question is: HOW THE HELL DO I GET A DOLPHIN DOOB THINGY? I tried “dolphin on a jetski smoking a doob” and searched and searched on the net.


  2. Phenoxide says:

    It’s the red speedo that makes this a collector’s item. Hope you both had an enjoyable and suitably explicit honeymoon!

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