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Does anyone else recommend JWH-210 and JWH-122 mix? ...

By John Clarke

Comment posted Smoking Mix Dis­cus­sion by smoker1.

Does anyone else recom­mend JWH-​​210 and JWH-​​122 mix? I was way more pleased with the JWH-​​018 and JWH-​​073 mix than the am2201 that I cur­rently use. So I am looking into new mixes. Hope­fully my sup­plier has these JWH’s. Has anyone heard of “Decalin JWH”?

smoker1 also commented

  • Hi, my blend is kind of harsh, can anyone give me some advice on how to make it more smooth? It con­tains damiana, blue lotus, mullein, mint extract and vanilla extract and I use acetone because I cannot find everclear in my state.


  • Okay, thanks for the info, please keep us updated! I cur­rently use am2201 and jwh122, I do not want to be selling any­thing illegal lol
  • Can someone give me a strait answer on what states am2201 is banned in? I am having a lot of trouble finding the answer lol and jwh 122 is legal every­where correct? thanks
  • I was not very pleased with the 250 and 122 mix. I went back to the 2201
  • I don’t know about you guys but my blend is KICK ASS! And I got all my info from this blog. It’s so easy and way better than né thing they are selling since the ban, I was out for a week waiting on my chem sup­plier and ppl were goin crazy! including me lol and the stuff at the smoke shops just ain’t cuttin it! I use am2201 and JWH-​​122, I have not tried out too many chem­icals but these two produce a very potent, long lasting buz.

0 Responses to Does anyone else recommend JWH-210 and JWH-122 mix? ...

  1. Baelzebub says:

    So according to this page:
    It is illegal in LA to use Blue Lotus and Damiana since they are in smoke­able form right?
    What would yous recom­mend as a sub as far as a smooth smoke goes?
    Will be keeping the Marsh­mallow. Maybe Mullein+Coltsfoot?

  2. greg says:

    instead of jwh-​​122 next batch will be jwh-​​203 & am-​​2201 203 is 1.5−3 times stronger than 250 and similiar in high and we all know 2201 is strong so ill see soon how a gram of each of these goes with 40 grams of damiana.

  3. greg says:

    well the jwh2201 & jwh203 sucked but was prob­ably just me. i used alot of lav­ender and damiana. the lav­ender about 5050 and is excel­lent for flavor and aroma if your using just damiana head down to your health­food store for some its like 1.50$ an ounce. so it was weak i used too much leaf but anyway ive decided to move on to just vapeing it. jwh2201 and rcs-​​4 6040. vape. im on it now and love it! having dif­fi­culty writing this seems happy ener­getic buzz. the rcs-​​4 is like jwh250 but twice as weak but buzz lasts twice as long. rcs-​​8 i hear is just a tad stronger but same as rcs-​​4. so next time rcs-​​8 + jwh2201. :)/

  4. Satchels says:

    Zombie killa! Wonder what that guy uses? Pretty awesome blend… Anybody have any feed­back? Like who makes it and how??? What a genius!

  5. greg says:

    so what happened to sd-​​4?

  6. Satchels says:

    Zombie killa!!!!

  7. Bob BERNER says:

    if this stuff gets you high, y dont you just add it to sum good ol fash­ioned mary­jane, and get xtra high?

  8. Kryp2nite says:

    rcs-​​4 vaped tastes real fruity and is a great buzz better than jwh 250,210 am2201 imo.

  9. smoker1 says:

    Hi, my blend is kind of harsh, can anyone give me some advice on how to make it more smooth? It con­tains damiana, blue lotus, mullein, mint extract and vanilla extract and I use acetone because I cannot find everclear in my state.


  10. dan levin says:

    i am new at this, could you please let me know how i could start from scratch, i like to make at least five dif­ferent flavors, straw­berry, orange, juicee fruit, blue­berry, mango, could you please let me know where i could buy all the stuff i need to start making it, i know i could sell a lot of it. thank you Dan

  11. Samantha says:

    SWIM is ready to make a batch of 25-​​30g damiana coated with 1g JWH-​​250. However she’s very wary of using acetone as a solvent and lives where it’s impossible to pur­chase Everclear. She has noticed some ABV 90% ‘Poteen’ which she believes *could* dis­solve the gram of JWH-​​250 for applic­a­tion via spray bottle, however she is no chemist.
    Her ques­tion is, will this ‘Poteen’ work to dis­solve the com­pound and later evap­orate and what volume of the liquid would be needed? Altern­ative ideas are very welcome.

  12. greg says:

    just go down toyour local auto parts store or hard­ware and get kleen strip acetone. look up its data sheet its 100% pure people that say dont use it dont know what their talking about. i use it everytime in 10 – 20 minutes of fan and stir­ring all the acetone is gone com­pletely you’d never know it was there.

  13. greg says:

    ive tried over a dozen chem­icals and they all dis­solve with stir­ring within 4 minutes.

  14. greg says:

    i use about 50 ml with 3 grams. it doesnt really matter i make an ounce and a half with 50 ml of acetone. more will just take longer to dry maybe.

  15. greg says:

    the only sub­stance ive found that gives me the fear is am-​​2201. the rest you can smoke all day. ive found jwh-​​210 to be my favorite mix it with am-​​2201 and/​or rcs-​​4. is good. any ratio its all good.

  16. greg says:

    would i rather have weed? yes! but its illegal and im not going to jail over it.

  17. Doooper says:

    Guys, why are you trying to make your own legal high with the raw actives..? It’s just sooo much hassle.. I just buy them online at my favorite shop and the postman just throw it in my mailbox.. soo much easier.

  18. Brandon says:

    Dooper.… obvi­ously it is cheaper to make your own. Try 50 dollars for two ounces instead of 50 for a quarter ounce. Common sense.

  19. rolltide says:

    2 oz for $50? just 2g of an RC w/​ ship­ping will be at least $60, plus the 2oz of herb

  20. Shadow says:

    I have to say I just tried the zombie killa last night and YES it works, no I didn’t have any bad side effects. It was a very mellow high that lasted a good while. It being my first herbal exper­i­ence I was pretty happy. I can hon­estly say I smoked dank for 3 years and this is very com­par­able. Trying to find more info on herbal incenses any ideas?

  21. Satchels says:

    Yes zombie killa is an amazing product! I’m glad you enjoyed it… There whole line or products are unique in there own way… Kind of like dif­ferent strands of the real stuff.… They have zombie, zombie killa, and also zombie Ho!

  22. dazedbutunconfused says:

    Just was wanted to know how far people have pushed the duli­tion rate into herbs of the jwh and am series?

  23. Panic says:

    SWIM pur­chased 1g of am-​​2201 and 1g of jwh-​​210 recently from a reput­able vendor. SWIM tried mixing the 1g of am-​​2201 to 50g of red clover. SWIM says it is a decent blend, but there is def­inite lung irrit­a­tion from the am-​​2201 com­pared to the jwh-​​210. SWIM mixed 1g of JWH-​​210 to 20g of red clover. it is decent strong, but no lung irrit­a­tion. SWIM uses pure acetone which works the best. SWIM waits until the smell is gone and SWIM can’t tell it was ever there.

  24. Trikin says:

    SWIM is trying to figure out the best mix of chem­icals to make 1 pound of herbs. AM2201 for sure + (????). SWIM assumes 1g of chem­icals split .5g amm201 and .5g (????) to 40grams of plants. A total of 454 grams to a pound 45440 = 11grams of chem­icals to make a pound. Any tips on chem­ical /​ ratios would be a big help. SWIM is wanting to make TOP SHELF “product” for SWIMS plants.

  25. IndyHerbal says:

    Trikin.… I use AM-​​2201 at a 1g to 40g plant base. I use a 100% Damiana base with Mr. Tasty Puff Flavored Tobacco Spray and I can not keep enough around. I do busi­ness word of mouth and am now making bank. People love the Chronic Hyp­notic scent. On E-​​Bay you can get sifted and destemmed damiana that is pre-​​scented all you have to do is ad the Chem. com­pound. Good Luck

  26. confused says:

    can anybody tell me what is in black mamba herbal incense and can i be drug tested for it in the uk

  27. Stevie says:

    I used 2g of JWH 210 and 1g AM2201 to 97g foliage and WOW! I can’t com­plain. I also used Kleen strip. Dried in front of a port­able heater for 30 minutes and I was SET to go. Never again will I be going to a local head shop!

  28. mr magic says:

    I now make the best blend using 2g am2201 to 80g damiana/Marshmallow…Ive exper­i­menting for the past 2 years…

  29. Matija says:

    So can some­body tell me..
    i will buy AM-​​​​2201 and my plan is to mix it with 100% pure acetone

    can you tell me how many grams i must to mix with how many ml of acetone for 50grams or 100 grams..

    tnx for your time and greet­ings from Croatia :)

  30. kholecn says:


    im planing to do this shit is it im correct ?

    30 gr mac baren tobbaco vanilla
    1000mg am2201
    1 drops of vanilla extract
    1 water cup everclear
    1 spoon honey

    i buy the am2201 10g like 30usd.from china if someone want to buy can help them.
    but the first ques­tions is that
    everclear i need to be heat?if yes how much?
    and am2201 is that size much for 30gr tobacco?
    and i need to be spray or just put the glass bowl mixed together?

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