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Does anyone else recommend JWH-210 and JWH-122 mix? …

By John Clarke

Comment posted Smoking Mix Discussion by smoker1.

Does anyone else recommend JWH-210 and JWH-122 mix? I was way more pleased with the JWH-018 and JWH-073 mix than the am2201 that I currently use. So I am looking into new mixes. Hopefully my supplier has these JWH’s. Has anyone heard of “Decalin JWH”?

smoker1 also commented

  • Hi, my blend is kind of harsh, can anyone give me some advice on how to make it more smooth? It contains damiana, blue lotus, mullein, mint extract and vanilla extract and I use acetone because I cannot find everclear in my state.


  • Okay, thanks for the info, please keep us updated! I currently use am2201 and jwh122, I do not want to be selling anything illegal lol
  • Can someone give me a strait answer on what states am2201 is banned in? I am having a lot of trouble finding the answer lol and jwh 122 is legal everywhere correct? thanks
  • I was not very pleased with the 250 and 122 mix. I went back to the 2201
  • I don’t know about you guys but my blend is KICK ASS! And I got all my info from this blog. It’s so easy and way better than ne thing they are selling since the ban, I was out for a week waiting on my chem supplier and ppl were goin crazy! including me lol and the stuff at the smoke shops just ain’t cuttin it! I use am2201 and JWH-122, I have not tried out too many chemicals but these two produce a very potent, long lasting buz.

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  1. Baelzebub says:

    So according to this page:
    It is illegal in LA to use Blue Lotus and Damiana since they are in smokeable form right?
    What would yous recommend as a sub as far as a smooth smoke goes?
    Will be keeping the Marshmallow. Maybe Mullein+Coltsfoot?

  2. greg says:

    instead of jwh-122 next batch will be jwh-203 & am-2201 203 is 1.5-3 times stronger than 250 and similiar in high and we all know 2201 is strong so ill see soon how a gram of each of these goes with 40 grams of damiana.

  3. greg says:

    well the jwh2201 & jwh203 sucked but was probably just me. i used alot of lavender and damiana. the lavender about 50/50 and is excellent for flavor and aroma if your using just damiana head down to your healthfood store for some its like 1.50$ an ounce. so it was weak i used too much leaf but anyway ive decided to move on to just vapeing it. jwh2201 and rcs-4 60/40. vape. im on it now and love it! having difficulty writing this seems happy energetic buzz. the rcs-4 is like jwh250 but twice as weak but buzz lasts twice as long. rcs-8 i hear is just a tad stronger but same as rcs-4. so next time rcs-8 + jwh2201. :)/

  4. Satchels says:

    Zombie killa! Wonder what that guy uses? Pretty awesome blend… Anybody have any feedback? Like who makes it and how??? What a genius!

  5. greg says:

    so what happened to sd-4?

  6. Satchels says:

    Zombie killa!!!!

  7. Bob BERNER says:

    if this stuff gets you high, y dont you just add it to sum good ol fashioned maryjane, and get xtra high?

  8. Kryp2nite says:

    rcs-4 vaped tastes real fruity and is a great buzz better than jwh 250,210 am2201 imo.

  9. smoker1 says:

    Hi, my blend is kind of harsh, can anyone give me some advice on how to make it more smooth? It contains damiana, blue lotus, mullein, mint extract and vanilla extract and I use acetone because I cannot find everclear in my state.


  10. dan levin says:

    i am new at this, could you please let me know how i could start from scratch, i like to make at least five different flavors, strawberry, orange, juicee fruit, blueberry, mango, could you please let me know where i could buy all the stuff i need to start making it, i know i could sell a lot of it. thank you Dan

  11. Samantha says:

    SWIM is ready to make a batch of 25-30g damiana coated with 1g JWH-250. However she’s very wary of using acetone as a solvent and lives where it’s impossible to purchase Everclear. She has noticed some ABV 90% ‘Poteen’ which she believes *could* dissolve the gram of JWH-250 for application via spray bottle, however she is no chemist.
    Her question is, will this ‘Poteen’ work to dissolve the compound and later evaporate and what volume of the liquid would be needed? Alternative ideas are very welcome.

  12. greg says:

    just go down toyour local auto parts store or hardware and get kleen strip acetone. look up its data sheet its 100% pure people that say dont use it dont know what their talking about. i use it everytime in 10-20 minutes of fan and stirring all the acetone is gone completely you’d never know it was there.

  13. greg says:

    ive tried over a dozen chemicals and they all dissolve with stirring within 4 minutes.

  14. greg says:

    i use about 50 ml with 3 grams. it doesnt really matter i make an ounce and a half with 50 ml of acetone. more will just take longer to dry maybe.

  15. greg says:

    the only substance ive found that gives me the fear is am-2201. the rest you can smoke all day. ive found jwh-210 to be my favorite mix it with am-2201 and/or rcs-4. is good. any ratio its all good.

  16. greg says:

    would i rather have weed? yes! but its illegal and im not going to jail over it.

  17. Doooper says:

    Guys, why are you trying to make your own legal high with the raw actives..? It’s just sooo much hassle.. I just buy them online at my favorite shop and the postman just throw it in my mailbox.. soo much easier.

  18. Brandon says:

    Dooper…. obviously it is cheaper to make your own. Try 50 dollars for two ounces instead of 50 for a quarter ounce. Common sense.

  19. rolltide says:

    2 oz for $50? just 2g of an RC w/ shipping will be at least $60, plus the 2oz of herb

  20. Shadow says:

    I have to say I just tried the zombie killa last night and YES it works, no I didn’t have any bad side effects. It was a very mellow high that lasted a good while. It being my first herbal experience I was pretty happy. I can honestly say I smoked dank for 3 years and this is very comparable. Trying to find more info on herbal incenses any ideas?

  21. Satchels says:

    Yes zombie killa is an amazing product! I’m glad you enjoyed it… There whole line or products are unique in there own way… Kind of like different strands of the real stuff…. They have zombie, zombie killa, and also zombie Ho!

  22. dazedbutunconfused says:

    Just was wanted to know how far people have pushed the dulition rate into herbs of the jwh and am series?

  23. Panic says:

    SWIM purchased 1g of am-2201 and 1g of jwh-210 recently from a reputable vendor. SWIM tried mixing the 1g of am-2201 to 50g of red clover. SWIM says it is a decent blend, but there is definite lung irritation from the am-2201 compared to the jwh-210. SWIM mixed 1g of JWH-210 to 20g of red clover. it is decent strong, but no lung irritation. SWIM uses pure acetone which works the best. SWIM waits until the smell is gone and SWIM can’t tell it was ever there.

  24. Trikin says:

    SWIM is trying to figure out the best mix of chemicals to make 1 pound of herbs. AM2201 for sure + (????). SWIM assumes 1g of chemicals split .5g amm201 and .5g (????) to 40grams of plants. A total of 454 grams to a pound 454/40 = 11grams of chemicals to make a pound. Any tips on chemical / ratios would be a big help. SWIM is wanting to make TOP SHELF “product” for SWIMS plants.

  25. IndyHerbal says:

    Trikin…. I use AM-2201 at a 1g to 40g plant base. I use a 100% Damiana base with Mr. Tasty Puff Flavored Tobacco Spray and I can not keep enough around. I do business word of mouth and am now making bank. People love the Chronic Hypnotic scent. On E-Bay you can get sifted and destemmed damiana that is pre-scented all you have to do is ad the Chem. compound. Good Luck

  26. confused says:

    can anybody tell me what is in black mamba herbal incense and can i be drug tested for it in the uk

  27. Stevie says:

    I used 2g of JWH 210 and 1g AM2201 to 97g foliage and WOW! I can’t complain. I also used Kleen strip. Dried in front of a portable heater for 30 minutes and I was SET to go. Never again will I be going to a local head shop!

  28. mr magic says:

    I now make the best blend using 2g am2201 to 80g damiana/Marshmallow…Ive experimenting for the past 2 years…

  29. Matija says:

    So can somebody tell me..
    i will buy AM-​​2201 and my plan is to mix it with 100% pure acetone

    can you tell me how many grams i must to mix with how many ml of acetone for 50grams or 100 grams..

    tnx for your time and greetings from Croatia 🙂

  30. kholecn says:


    im planing to do this shit is it im correct ?

    30 gr mac baren tobbaco vanilla
    1000mg am2201
    1 drops of vanilla extract
    1 water cup everclear
    1 spoon honey

    i buy the am2201 10g like 30usd.from china if someone want to buy can help them.
    but the first questions is that
    everclear i need to be heat?if yes how much?
    and am2201 is that size much for 30gr tobacco?
    and i need to be spray or just put the glass bowl mixed together?

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