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How To Make A Bomb

By John Clarke

No, this post won’t be a detailed guide to clandestine hexamethylene triperoxide diamine manufacture, sorry! Instead of terrorism, today’s post will focus on a great harm reduction technique called bombing (or parachuting for us in the far-less-extreme UK).

The Problem:

You have a bag of a drugs. That bag of drugs can be snorted, or it can be eaten.  Unfortunately, your nose wasn’t meant for hoovering up monster lines of chemical. Apart from the physical irritation to your delicate mucous membranes, vasoconstrictive drugs like cocaine or mephedrone will restrict bloodflow in the vessels lining your nose, which could lead to ischaemia, or the damage of tissue as a result of poor blood perfusion. If that wasn’t bad enough, pretty soon, your nose might start pouring with snot or just feel bunged up when the drug wears off, as the blood vessels open back up to compensate – your nose isn’t blocked with snot or drugs necessarily, but by these vessels filling up with blood, which closes off your nostrils, making it harder to breath.

Suppose at this point, you still have most of your massive bag of drugs left – what do you do? Perhaps the most instinctive thing to do is reach for something to unblock your nose, such as a decongestant spray or some “Vaporub” type stuff, so you can continue your hedonistic nasally-orientated pleasure-binge. It might surprise you to learn that this won’t help out your stinging nostrils as much as you think. These kind of products work by constricting those same blood vessels that were constricted earlier, adding to the ischaemia. If that wasn’t enough, continued use of these kinds of products could give you rebound congestion – as soon as you stop using them, your vessels open back up to compensate and before you know it, you’re adding an extra “b” to every word you say ended with a bilabial phone.

That’s just the physical side of things. Snorting drugs does get them into your blood faster, sure, but this also makes whatever you’re snorting more addictive. With our old friend mephedrone, snorting certainly can be fun, but it’s much easier to have “just one more line” another ten times in the same session than if you ate it.

The Solution:

If your bag of drugs also works well when eaten, eat that shit! Obviously no one wants to be chucking fistfulls of disgusting powder into their mouths, which is where our friend the bomb comes into play.

Step 1: Get Your Shit Together

You will need:

  • Rizlas (or whatever brand of rolling paper is most prevalent where you’re from)
  • A bag of drugs
  • Something to transfer the drugs from the bag to the papers

Step 2: Take A Single Paper

Step 3: Tear Off The Excess

You don’t need much, probably about an inch or so.

Step 4: Transfer Your Drugs To The Paper

Safety first! If your drug of choice requires only a few miligrams, or you’re generally unsure how to eyeball a dose, weigh it out first, then transfer it to the paper.

Step 5: Pick Up The Paper

Get the paper to fold naturally, as though you’re about to roll the world’s tiniest joint packed with chemicals.

Step 6: Pinch The Paper

Pinch one end of the paper, so you can hold it at an angle and tap the powder into the pinched end.

Step 7: Pinch T’Other Side

Repeat step 6 with the other side, so the powder takes up as little room as possible.

Step 8: Pinch Both Sides

This step should get your little pile of drugs in the centre of your paper. Don’t be afraid to compress it a little so it stays in place. The last thing you want is stray drugs working themselves free and onto your taste buds.

Step 9: Begin To Form A Tail

No, don’t actually grow a tail. Just pull together the pinched ends of the paper, so the drugs are at one end and the free bits are together at the other.

Step 10: Form A Tail

Pinch all the excess paper into one clump between your thumb and finger.

Step 11: Complete The Tail

Now roll the tail betwixt your thumb and finger to tighten it. Feel free to lick your fingers first to help it seal, but not too much, or you’ll be left with a wet powdery mess.

Step 12: Marvel At Your Creation

Now it’s time to stick it to the infidel! Erm, I mean, take your drugs safely.

Nice work!

(Pictures provided by methuselah969).

5 Responses to How To Make A Bomb

  1. MauiGreenDragon says:



  2. rex mundi says:

    wish i knew how to do this last summer…

    bomb coming apart in your mouth<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  3. methuselah969 says:

    Hey man, love what you’ve done with the photos, informative and funny! great effort fellah

  4. sticky vicky says:

    bombing is just the best would reccommend it to anyone

  5. madmanyh says:

    Nice bit of info would be better though if when u were saying about decongestants, could have said an easier way to do it. SNIFF !!!!!!

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