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Shaun The Sheep

By John Clarke

My last two posts have been a bit hard going, so here’s a little some­thing to lighten the mood:

Ok, so now you’re addicted Shaun The Sheep instead of mephed­rone.

Although Shaun The Sheep provides me with a cheap, 10 minute euphoria, at least it’s off the ACMD’s radar… for now! Just make sure you only tell your respons­ible friends about this so our nation’s kids don’t start getting hold of it. That said, you may want to start stock­pil­ing the epis­odes on DVD before the inev­it­able.

Also, in case you’re won­der­ing what a couple in their 20’s are doing watch­ing kid’s telly, FUCK YOU, that’s what!.

5 Responses to Shaun The Sheep

  1. Dragons Love To Eat Sheep says:

    Thanks for the video. My grandkids love it and are addicted.

    Damn, now we are off to rehab.

    Some­times you just can’t pick your poison. It is all bad I guess?

  2. Overfiend says:

    LMAO @ “FUCK YOU”.….….….. Indeed, Shaun The Sheep rocks

  3. Mike says:

    Haha, that was great! I’d heard of this show, but never seen it. It reminds me of Pingu, I used to love that show.

  4. Adam says:

    You people are hor­rible; sure, maybe Shaun the Sheep never hurt anyone, but every­one knows it is a gateway to Dora the Explorer.
    There­fore you are the kind of people who would just as soon sit down and watch Saw with your toddler.

  5. Synchronium says:

    We’ll actu­ally be moving on to the much harder Wallace & Grommit as soon as we can get hold of it!

    Also, Pingu is/​was amazing. I can only remem­ber the one where he pisses all over the floor for some reason. :-/

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