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What Do You Lot Think About The Odd Vendor Link?

By John Clarke
Capitalist Pig

Yes, I’m A Cap­it­al­ist Pig. 😐

So, I keep getting emails from vendors of various sub­stances offer­ing increas­ing amounts of cash for advert­ising on this site. To be per­fectly honest I could use a bit of extra cash since we’re saving up for a wedding. But, I’m not about to start advert­ising without asking your opin­ions first.

Here’s what I propose for the best outcome for us all. On indi­vidual pages, such as Mephed­rone:
The Facts
and JWH-018 Tox­ic­o­logy, for example, I was think­ing of includ­ing a single link to a single vendor, clearly marked out as an advert. Then, I’d be happy for people to email me with any bad feed­back on those vendors, and we could get rid of the link together and wait for a better vendor to come along.

That way, there’s no hidden spammy links or oth­er­wise trick­ing people into vis­it­ing a vendor’s site. It would be com­pletely trans­par­ent and you lot all all get some say.

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Got a sug­ges­tion to improve the idea for every­one? Plz leave a comment!!1

By the way, if you hate it, I’ll have to look at other options, like a “Donate” button next to every awesome joke. Like that side-split­ter below the image above. Or, how about this one:

Why did the mush­room go to the party?

Because he was a fungi.

Or this one:

A load of sci­ent­ists are playing hide & seek in heaven. Einstein’s on and has nearly fin­ished count­ing. 98. 99. 100. He opens his eyes and sees Newton stand­ing there in plain view. Ein­stein imme­di­ately tags Newton — “Got you, you sociopathic alchem­ical bastard!”

“Not quite!” exclaims Newton. A smug grin starts to emerge. “You see, I’ve drawn a box around me on the floor who’s sides are of length one metre”.

“You’ve actu­ally got one Newton per meter squared, so Pascal’s on!

Ho ho ho!

Quick edit: Think­ing about it, a donate button might be another great way to benefit a few more people other than myself (not that I need your money to spend hun­dreds of pounds on several pairs of shoes for our wedding…). How about a single donate button down the bottom of the right hand side, but then we’ll give say 20% of each dona­tion to charity, or at least a worth­while organ­isa­tion. 10% could be given to one of your choice from a select few and 10% could be given to one of my chosing, again from those select few. Some that spring to mind include Erowid, Drugs Forum or the Richard Dawkins Found­a­tion For Reason & Science (very much like the Derek Zoolan­der Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too).

Quick Edit #2: Perhaps we could earn a few dona­tions… Like writing “[Your name] does drugz lolmayo!” in the sand of the Domin­ican Repub­lic and taking a picture of us next to it. (Yes, we’re going there for our hon­ey­moon…). We could even get those pix printed out on a mug or some­thing for anyone par­tic­u­larly gen­er­ous.

Other silly ideas welcome..

12 Responses to What Do You Lot Think About The Odd Vendor Link?

  1. Kris says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me. You make a bit of extra cash and hope­fully through people’s feed­back on the vendors we’ll get info on the best places to buy. With full trans­par­ency I can’t see it being a bad thing, I’m all for it.

  2. Kris says:

    With response to the updates: I’d say do both, that way if people wanna con­trib­ute without buying any­thing they can, and it bene­fits other causes but you can still benefit from what people are going to buy anyway and we can still get some vendor feed­back.

  3. Overfiend says:

    Regard­ing Vendor links.….…Sure why the hell not. It could indeed be a pos­it­ive thing for the site.
    As far as people already using the site are con­cerned, if handled respons­ibly with honesty, open­ness and Impar­ti­al­ity, it should serve to make the site even more popular and invalu­able for our daily inform­a­tion fix, 😉 and of course there is a wedding to plan 😛 so I say go for it.
    I’ve used a few sites via telephone/​mail order to North­ern Ireland (Home) and will be happy to give some feed­back on a couple.

  4. Dexter says:

    Yes I don’t see any problem with it. Espe­cially the part about making sure it is an honest busi­ness that is open for review by all. I wouldn’t over do it though, like you said maybe just one good link.

  5. PoisonedV says:

    Seems fine to me, not intrus­ive or any­thing. Can’t say it would sway me, however, I’ve got a JWH vendor that I love dearly.

  6. Jack says:

    Con­grats on getting married 🙂

  7. Rex Mundi says:

    good idea BUT other vendors might start to dis­credit each other to stifle com­pei­tion, etc. Should have a bunch of trusted mod­er­at­ors to test…i would be happy to help!

  8. Synchronium says:

    Thanks for the support so far, very encour­aging.

    Rex, you’re right. I’ve been think­ing about how to stop vendors bitch­ing about each other since I wrote the post. Perhaps I could contact a few select vendors emailed to me by you guys?

    I don’t think this will ever be 100% perfect, but we’ll get pretty close, I reckon.

  9. Rush says:

    Great idea, i wouldn’t mind a few adverts as long as they are not huge banners. If they are shops, then all green lights here 🙂

  10. Mrs_Synch says:

    I may have (nay, NEED) several pairs of shoes for the wedding but a certain someone will be spend­ing more on his suit than I did on my dress — we need dona­tions for John’s expens­ive taste!

    Thanks for the input all, hope­fully you’ll see a bit more of me around here soon once the wedding stuff’s sorted. We’ve had lots of dis­asters lately but it’s all finally coming together. Hope­fully the two weeks in the Carib­bean will make it all worth it (ahem…and being married, of course) and we’ll have some sweet pic­tures to show you all.

  11. Tim says:

    Pic­tures are good! Stay safe out there on the beach, and don’t have TOO MUCH fun, eh?

    An update on my getting the Syn​chronium​.net tattoo done on my leg — it’s still in the upcom­ing stage. Will be prac­ti­cing my tech­nique some more on the upper thigh tonite, and be ready for the more public advert soon after. It’s like a wedding present to y’all! Pic­tures and videos will accom­pany!

    John’s deserving of a lot of credit for what goes on/​is hap­pen­ing around here — and I’m happy to see it’ll soon be more of a joint effort in the sort of near future. Best of luck to you both…

    If I could get YOUR name, young lady, I might con­sider tat­too­ing both your names and wedding date in a banner with a heart or some­thing, some­where? What could it hurt?

  12. Synchronium says:

    Nice one Tim! 😀

    While I might write most of the stuff on here, that’s only because Jo handles the even more import­ant tasks of cooking and washing my pants. If she didn’t work tire­lessly looking after me, there’d be no blog what­so­ever!

    It’s the 29th May, btw.

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