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Mephedrone Cat

By John Clarke

Mephedrone Cat

Mephed­rone Cat knows when enough is enough, and so should you!.

One Response to Mephedrone Cat

  1. brian reilly says:

    i have read over your entire website and have found the art­icles involving mephed­rone most accur­ate , this is defin­itly the best imform­a­tion i have been able to find on the web . big well done to you for putting together that imform­a­tion on the con­sequences of illeg­al­ising drone . I myself am a current user and just plain out cant get enough of the stuff , but on your website you men­tioned side effects of “turning blue” i have noticed this myself , just in my hands and i was won­der­ing would you be able to give me any more imform­a­tion on it

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