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Mephedrone Update

By John Clarke

Apart from the exponentially expanding list of slang names for mephedrone, there have been a couple of interesting new developments everyone should be aware of.

#1 – Gabrielle Price Died From Bronchopneumonia

Gabi has featured in pretty much every mephedrone-related news story these past few weeks, since she died at a party after consuming mephedrone and ketamine (and probably alcohol as well, although alcohol is so ingrained into our society it wouldn’t occur to anyone to report it). It turns out that Gabi actually died from bronchopneumonia following a group A streptococcal infection. Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing to be cheery about – a teenager still died. I’m just reporting this here because nowhere else will report it, since it’s no longer a story. Actually, if you read about another mephedrone article that mentions this girl, do everyone a favour and leave a link to this blog post in their comments.

This also doesn’t mean mephedrone is safer than we thought. Being on any drug isn’t a good idea if you also have a potentially fatal illness, never mind a cocktail of drugs in a party environment.

#2 – No One Ripped Their Balls Off

This is another piece of bullshit whipped out by the media at every opportunity: apparently, some young gentleman thought he saw centipedes crawling about his person and tore his balls off in (a totally proportionate) response. Turns out, this probably didn’t happen, since the “facts” were obtained from unsubstantiated reports on poor quality forums and chat rooms. Well done, the media!

#3 – West Yorkshire Police Have No Idea What The Fuck They’re Talking About

Here’s what they had to say following a poster launch designed to raise awareness.

“MCAT is a substance which is currently legal, however; it is predominately used for plants and can have quite an adverse effect if consumed by a human.

“We know that this substance is often used by young people, particularly between the ages of 14 to 25. These posters are therefore designed to reach this particular generation and help them to make an informed decision.

“Police and partners in Kirklees will be placing them in various locations frequented by young people and hopefully they will take in the message.

“MCAT is often referred to as a ‘legal high’ and gives the impression that because it’s legal, it is safe. There are number of substances, which are not controlled drugs or illegal which can be abused. We would always advise against ingesting anything into your body which is not for a bone fide medical reason. MCAT in particular has the potential to damage both mental and physical health.

Their first mistake might be hard to spot, but MCAT means “methcathinone” which is NOT mephedrone (4-MMCAT). Their second mistake needs no more explaination or emphasis than a simple emboldening of their own words.


8 Responses to Mephedrone Update

  1. Nick says:

    I’m pretty upset that the “de-nut-sack-ing” story (as I am now dubbing it, with that exact hyphenation) isn’t true. It’s quite fun to tell people about it after they have just imbibed their first dose.

  2. Synchronium says:

    “Testicalectomy” 😀

  3. Nick says:

    The internet would be a lot less fun if it were populated by sane people.

  4. Overfiend says:

    Yeah I had told people this story tho I advised to take with a pinch of salt. Seems a whole bucket of salt would’ve been better advice or should that be a bucket of 4-MMC :p

  5. Yesbutno says:

    And now, according to this blog, taking this drug is absolutely safe? Just because the medias don’t get everything right or lie it doesn’t mean this drug should be played down.

  6. Mike says:

    Yesbutno, people are gonna do it anyways, they may as well have all the facts. Lying and exaggerating the truth doesn’t keep kids off of drugs, trust me.

  7. Eli says:

    Hey, just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many deaths there have been in total from MCAT? Currently doing a research project on drug use and death rates and can’t find the information anywhere.


    P.S. Testiculectomy :’) performed one of them on my ex…

  8. melissa says:

    i did ivory wave and its powerful, i am sorta paranoid but not really i jump to every noise …i act the same as i would every other day besides sexual contact i want no part of. Strange. I feel normal but i want to know what it could do to me bc i am pregnant i searched the chemistry and everything about it. IDK what to dooo?

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