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Mephedrone Update

By John Clarke

Apart from the expo­nen­tially expand­ing list of slang names for mephed­rone, there have been a couple of inter­est­ing new devel­op­ments every­one should be aware of.

#1 - Gabrielle Price Died From Bronchopneumonia

Gabi has fea­tured in pretty much every mephed­rone-related news story these past few weeks, since she died at a party after con­sum­ing mephed­rone and ket­am­ine (and prob­ably alcohol as well, although alcohol is so ingrained into our society it wouldn’t occur to anyone to report it). It turns out that Gabi actu­ally died from bron­chopneu­mo­nia fol­low­ing a group A strep­to­coc­cal infec­tion. Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing to be cheery about — a teen­ager still died. I’m just report­ing this here because nowhere else will report it, since it’s no longer a story. Actu­ally, if you read about another mephed­rone article that men­tions this girl, do every­one a favour and leave a link to this blog post in their com­ments.

This also doesn’t mean mephed­rone is safer than we thought. Being on any drug isn’t a good idea if you also have a poten­tially fatal illness, never mind a cock­tail of drugs in a party envir­on­ment.

#2 - No One Ripped Their Balls Off

This is another piece of bull­shit whipped out by the media at every oppor­tun­ity: appar­ently, some young gen­tle­man thought he saw centi­pedes crawl­ing about his person and tore his balls off in (a totally pro­por­tion­ate) response. Turns out, this prob­ably didn’t happen, since the “facts” were obtained from unsub­stan­ti­ated reports on poor quality forums and chat rooms. Well done, the media!

#3 - West Yorkshire Police Have No Idea What The Fuck They're Talking About

Here’s what they had to say fol­low­ing a poster launch designed to raise aware­ness.

MCAT is a sub­stance which is cur­rently legal, however; it is pre­dom­in­ately used for plants and can have quite an adverse effect if con­sumed by a human.

“We know that this sub­stance is often used by young people, par­tic­u­larly between the ages of 14 to 25. These posters are there­fore designed to reach this par­tic­u­lar gen­er­a­tion and help them to make an informed decision.

“Police and part­ners in Kirklees will be placing them in various loc­a­tions fre­quen­ted by young people and hope­fully they will take in the message.

MCAT is often referred to as a ‘legal high’ and gives the impres­sion that because it’s legal, it is safe. There are number of sub­stances, which are not con­trolled drugs or illegal which can be abused. We would always advise against ingest­ing any­thing into your body which is not for a bone fide medical reason. MCAT in par­tic­u­lar has the poten­tial to damage both mental and phys­ical health.

Their first mistake might be hard to spot, but MCAT means “meth­cath­inone” which is NOT mephed­rone (4-MMCAT). Their second mistake needs no more explain­a­tion or emphasis than a simple embolden­ing of their own words.


8 Responses to Mephedrone Update

  1. Nick says:

    I’m pretty upset that the “de-nut-sack-ing” story (as I am now dubbing it, with that exact hyphen­a­tion) isn’t true. It’s quite fun to tell people about it after they have just imbibed their first dose.

  2. Synchronium says:

    “Testica­lec­tomy” 😀

  3. Overfiend says:

    Yeah I had told people this story tho I advised to take with a pinch of salt. Seems a whole bucket of salt would’ve been better advice or should that be a bucket of 4-MMC :p

  4. Yesbutno says:

    And now, accord­ing to this blog, taking this drug is abso­lutely safe? Just because the medias don’t get everything right or lie it doesn’t mean this drug should be played down.

  5. Mike says:

    Yes­butno, people are gonna do it anyways, they may as well have all the facts. Lying and exag­ger­at­ing the truth doesn’t keep kids off of drugs, trust me.

  6. Eli says:

    Hey, just out of curi­os­ity, does anyone know how many deaths there have been in total from MCAT? Cur­rently doing a research project on drug use and death rates and can’t find the inform­a­tion any­where.


    P.S. Testic­ulec­tomy :’) per­formed one of them on my ex…

  7. melissa says:

    i did ivory wave and its power­ful, i am sorta para­noid but not really i jump to every noise …i act the same as i would every other day besides sexual contact i want no part of. Strange. I feel normal but i want to know what it could do to me bc i am preg­nant i searched the chem­istry and everything about it. IDK what to dooo?

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