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We're On The News!

By John Clarke

ITV’s Central News decided to do an “invest­ig­a­tion” into legal highs, and after reading about us in The Observer, they thought they should prob­ably talk to us. While you do get to see an excel­lent close-up of my untrimmed beard, Jo (the misses) is the star of the show:

Other than Jo’s point, the rest is pretty rubbish, includ­ing the ter­rible audio quality — sorry about that! We totally expec­ted it would be a neg­at­ive piece overall, but someone has to stick up for the industry though, right?

This is also one more thing for the CV — our own Mellow Yellow has been on telly!.

3 Responses to We're On The News!

  1. MauiGreenDragon says:

    Great to see you getting more press.

    I tried to view the ori­ginal link here in the ol’ USA, but without success. I didn’t know ITV was an offi­cial member of the United Kingdom of China. Let’s hope this is not a trend that spreads world­wide.

    But thank­fully YouTube hasn’t joined the over­seer­ers!!


  2. Reaver says:

    Con­sid­er­ing that it was a piece by an ITV regional news program it was sur­pris­ingly mild in it’s scare­mon­ger­ing and I am glad to see that they included your point regard­ing the arti­fi­cial sep­ar­a­tion of legal and illegal recre­ational drug use (elo­quently put ).

    Keep up the good work, cheers!

  3. Al says:

    Yellow Mellow Must Live On! ;))

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