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We’re On The News!

By John Clarke

ITV’s Central News decided to do an “investigation” into legal highs, and after reading about us in The Observer, they thought they should probably talk to us. While you do get to see an excellent close-up of my untrimmed beard, Jo (the misses) is the star of the show:

Other than Jo’s point, the rest is pretty rubbish, including the terrible audio quality – sorry about that! We totally expected it would be a negative piece overall, but someone has to stick up for the industry though, right?

This is also one more thing for the CV – our own Mellow Yellow has been on telly!.

3 Responses to We’re On The News!

  1. MauiGreenDragon says:

    Great to see you getting more press.

    I tried to view the original link here in the ol’ USA, but without success. I didn’t know ITV was an official member of the United Kingdom of China. Let’s hope this is not a trend that spreads worldwide.

    But thankfully YouTube hasn’t joined the overseerers!!


  2. Reaver says:

    Considering that it was a piece by an ITV regional news program it was surprisingly mild in it’s scaremongering and I am glad to see that they included your point regarding the artificial separation of legal and illegal recreational drug use (eloquently put ).

    Keep up the good work, cheers!

  3. Al says:

    Yellow Mellow Must Live On! ;))

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