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Nutt Sacked Episode III – Revenge Of The Schizoids

By John Clarke

Cannabis Plant

I just listened to the worst thing I’ve heard so far about the Nutt Sack scandal – BBC Radio 4’s “The Report“, that aired on Thursday. Not only is this as balanced as a lone fat guy on a see-saw, but their arguments compel you to shout at the computer as you listen along. This program was more damaging to my mental health than any kind of “skunk” might be. My favourite bits are when the reporter asks if he can get high by smelling some cannabis and when this woman’s son has a “schizoid episode” because he robbed his mum’s jewellery. Unbe-fucking-lievable! A BBC Radio producer actually got in touch, and encouraged me to pass the link around (excellent marketing there by the BBC, and for once I’m not being sarcastic) so here goes: you can listen to it here.

So, let’s have some fun! I’ll be giving away a 5g bag of Mellow Yellow to the best comment on this post deconstructing this program. You can pick your favourite bits or you can pick apart the entire thing bit by excruciatingly painful bit. Points will be awarded for thoroughness, any references to relevant facts and the cut of one’s jib. I’ll pick the best one by Dec 14th..

5 Responses to Nutt Sacked Episode III – Revenge Of The Schizoids

  1. sharon says:

    Woo!! This is one competition I’m deffo going to enter. I’ll have to finish my work first, but I’ll make sure my deconstruction is in by the 14th. What’s the word limit on comments John?

  2. Synchronium says:


    No word limit, I suppose, so long as every word counts!

  3. Synchronium says:

    The deadline came and went with not a single entry. That means if anyone had responded with “I thought it woz shit because it wozunt very balanced”, they’d have won.

    I hope y’all’re (apostrophe combo +50 points!) kicking yourselves.

  4. Nick says:

    Damn, after I listened to it AGAIN to make sure it was as bad as I thought the first time. My bag is running perilously low too 🙁

  5. Covey says:

    I have a thought, Have you ever looked into Direct Democracy?
    Just saying it out loud makes the powered elite cringe..
    It would take all the power from them and give it to us, the people.
    This is just some of my shared thoughts;

    It seems the greatest reason why we all cannot move forward is the lack of Faith in Ourselves.
    A lot of people think we are incapable of becoming more then what we are.
    Their is a paradigm shift and all of us can feel it.
    We now have access to the greatest Library Mankind has ever had access to before.
    We as an accumulation of spirit are venturing outward with our mind like never before.
    We are in the infancy of where each of us have ability to make ourselves more equal then ever before.
    It will be harder to lie and harder to hide it since the same technology that perceives our law breaking will also incarcerate The Guards that break them as well.
    Every Child out their will be tapped into this knowledge base and it will be up to us when entertainment no longer is enough to sustain us that we will reach out with our minds and find we are all the same.
    We are all equal and we have all been tricked for many years waiting for some Powerful being none of us can equal that lived with us for a short time to come back and save us, instead of this Great Man with No Super powers making a incredible Movement Like Gandhi by sacrificing your own life showing ,Love and Peace is only the way and each was killed and sacrificed before their job was finished.
    We will learn we can save ourselves we will reach into our own selves ; like we will reach to the furthest space in outer existence.
    We are only at the beginning but it’s NOW what we do that will mold ourselves and religion has had it’s place and Now Spirituality of ourselves will be found and understanding of what true harm we put upon each other just by Bad Intention of thought.
    We will eventually reach for this Freedom and the powers that be might by then have the upper hand if we do not turn ourselves from being Cattle of mind and body to these infinitesimal people whom hold power over 95% of the world.
    I would DIE to make that change happen, to give TRUE freedom to my Children and Their Children, No war and no conquest and no corruption; Only understanding and growth.
    We reached for the Moon and we did it, Lets show what potential we truly have when we stop judging one another for differences and instead embrace them.
    I would rather see us all turn the tides ourselves as we want for more then pure entertainment, instead of waiting for some savior to do what we all could do ourselves through knowledge and understanding.
    Their are countries like Switzerland that has referendums like my Country but the people have more power.
    We have referendums that can be called as well, we just have to reach all the people some how..

    Give this another option an alternative through a massive forced referendum and vote Pure/Direct Democracy, they will fight to their dying breath to hold their power so maybe some kind of natural catastrophe will give us the push but I would rather see ourselves evolve and those of us who want to be informed and vote with the laws should have this option instead of a few voted elected Officials that can be corrupted by the Governments.
    I know it’s a long time from here now but I see it, One day when we all can look into one anothers souls and know their intention so they cannot fool us with lies.
    We all would have to be Human Lie Detectors and then our Politicians will be looked at for who has the best Idea instead of Who Can Lie the Best.
    Until then we will just have to make the changes ourselves and Our True Growth will be Stymied and Shrunken in comparison to what we will be when all we want is better for ourselves as a species.

    Bless you and your family my freind,

    Sorry just had to share my thoughts, it’s hard to say all these things in compact comments.

    May your year be filled with all your wants and I’ll wish/pray for all your needs.


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