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Mellow Yellow!

By John Clarke

Mellow Yellow IncenseI’m very excited! Coffeesh0p has just brought out its own brand of delicious incense – Mellow Yellow!

I’ve never done anything like this before, so working out how to “release a product” was an interesting experience. My first problem was finding some decent bags to put it in. I spent about a million hours searching Google and emailing people trying to find the perfect packaging, but everything I came across was unacceptable for one reason or another. I eventually settled for some 3×5″ resealable antistatic bags, which do look pretty cool, but are perhaps a little bit big. They’ve also got some nasty printing on the one side, but that’s ingeniously covered up by the labels we had printed. To a “professional incense merchant”, they may look a little tacky, but most people should be pleased. I’m sure customers would rather I save a little bit of money on packaging and pass the saving along to them.

The incense itself is really light and fluffy, so you do get quite a large volume of it. It’s mainly yellow, hence the name, but with flecks of orange wild dagga flowers, blue lotus petals and purple lavender. It burns very evenly and its relaxing effects can last for several hours. This is definitely my favourite incense on the market at the moment – that might sound like bollocks, but I’m not going to put our name to something terrible am I?

I probably won’t give away any on here, but we’ll include a free 1g sample with all orders over £30, while stocks last. 😀.

5 Responses to Mellow Yellow!

  1. bacon salt says:

    So what’s the active ingredient in this?

  2. Synchronium says:

    JWH-018 for now.

    With any luck it will be reformulated before the ban.

  3. bacon salt says:

    Any indication of dose concentration?

  4. Synchronium says:

    ‘Fraid not. It certainly rivals the leading blends though, in terms of strength.

  5. Tom Pasquill says:

    I was wonderin if in your legal high travels you’d come across methadrone (possibly called mephedrone?). I tried finding it at the coffeeshop but to no avail. I was hoping you could give me some information/thought on the drug
    cheers, tom

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