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Quick Competition

By John Clarke

As any regular visitor to Coffeesh0p will know, I try and trickle new products onto the site fairly reg­u­larly.  The most notable (and most anti­cip­ated) products to be added recently are Magic Silver and Magic Gold smoking mixes, but today, I added Koru Instant Energy Strips,  and I’ve got enough samples for 20 people to give away!

Koru Instant Energy Strips are a cool new way to get a much needed caf­feine kick. You place one on your tongue and just let it dis­solve, which gets the good­ness into your blood stream much faster than drink­ing a cup of coffee. Since they’re so con­veni­ent and, well, instant, they’re perfect for just about every situ­ation where you’d like to be a little more alert, without taking some­thing that’ll blow your tits off (like Charge, for example).

So, how can you win some? Firstly, do you meet the fol­low­ing cri­teria?

  1. You live in the UK
  2. You’re not preg­nant
  3. You’re not a child
  4. You’re not unusu­ally sens­it­ive to caf­feine
  5. You don’t mind the taste of mint

If you said “Yes!” to all of the above, all you need to do is leave a comment below. The first 20 people to leave a comment will get a couple of strips to try out. Please don’t leave your address in the com­ments — I’ll get in touch with you about that..

33 Responses to Quick Competition

  1. Mark says:

    Any chance of getting some to try out even though i’m in ireland??

  2. Alex says:

    HI ME PLEASE! TY! xx 😀

  3. Alex says:

    If you decide to open this to non-UK res­id­ents, I am in.

  4. happyhigh says:

    I’d love to be one of the lucky winners! 😀

    Nice com­pet­i­tion, and love the website.

  5. Balf says:

    Aww man gotta try these over is scot­land atm. You are a legend ^^

  6. Monster says:

    Over Here please good sir!

  7. cannademon says:

    Regular reader of your site, would be great to recieve a free sample 🙂 and im a YES to your ques­tions 🙂

  8. Louis says:


  9. Matt Balmforth says:

    they sound perfect for those 9 am starts.. did i make the top 20? cos i’d love to try a free sample

  10. Manu says:

    like alex,

    If you decide to open this to non-UK res­id­ents, I am in too.

  11. WhiteRabbit says:

    oooh.… yes please lovely Syn­chronium folk, sounds inter­est­ing! 🙂

  12. Oliver says:

    I’ll take some, please!

  13. DevilNumber7 says:

    Now that sounds like a good oppor­tun­ity to get the table cloth out and invite my grand­par­ents.

  14. Kris says:

    Sounds great for those early lec­tures, or the late ones…or just gen­er­ally for any of them really

  15. Tom Pasquill says:

    sounds banging, my mate reckons they’ll be good

  16. Balf says:

    that deliv­ery was so fast will post again when I try them ^^ thanks man

  17. happyhigh says:

    Thanks for mine, I received them today which is just in time to try them out as I have an early start tomor­row.

    It says high caf­feine content, but I was won­der­ing if you knew how high? If I feel tired before having work or some other activ­ity, I some­times take 100mg in the form of two Pro Plus tabs and I would like to compare the two.

    I would just like to say again, great service, espe­cially for a free giveaway!

  18. Student says:

    Hey John, where’s my free sample?

    And stop hiding in appear offline on MSN!

  19. T-rex says:

    Would love to try ‘em, but unfor­tu­nately I am in the Neth­er­lands.

    Keep posting those excel­lent art­icles and giveaways though!

  20. Kesoo says:

    aww… why cant u send em to sweden?


  21. green machine says:

    yes to all mate. some strips would be nice to try…safe

  22. Synchronium says:

    Can’t reply to you all right now, got too much on.

    I’ve got 6 more samples to give away!

    Sorry to you non-UK guys… I’ll try and think up another inter­na­tional comp soon.


  23. sd says:

    id love to try some. hope i make the top 20.

  24. kenneth says:

    hi, dunno if im in the 20 but anyway. nice site

  25. j says:

    i live in the uk, i hope i make the top 20!cheers!

  26. terry says:

    Just in case you didn’t send all out already, this UK guy would also like to try some please

  27. Synchronium says:

    Two more samples to give away…

  28. Andrew Watts says:

    Only recently found the site but reading lots. Have already for­war­ded to a bunch of friends. We all had a good debate while reading and smoking.

  29. John says:

    It’s dis­grace­ful that people should post a comment just to get some free caf­feine. For­tu­nately iI’m not addicted to it — 6 or 7 cups of coffee a day is enough for me.
    I live in the UK, I’m a 58 year old person, not preg­nant, eat mints, and use coffee.
    Liked the response to your message to Lynne Jones, by the way. Is she the large Newham Labour MP I occa­sion­ally used to drink with in the Labour Club on Green Lanes?

  30. John says:

    Having seen she ‘s a Birm­ing­ham MP, last comment is clearly non­sense, and proves I need to cut down on the caf­feine.

  31. John says:

    Lyn Brown is the one I meant. Hey ho.

  32. Synchronium says:

    Com­pet­i­tion closed!

    Thanks, all.

    John: I love the image con­jured up by the phrase “use coffee”, like you might be some kind of coffee-using urchin!

  33. Steven Wallis says:

    I want to take Koru Instant Energy before my band KORU hits the stage!

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