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Quick Competition

By John Clarke

As any regular visitor to Coffeesh0p will know, I try and trickle new products onto the site fairly regularly.  The most notable (and most anticipated) products to be added recently are Magic Silver and Magic Gold smoking mixes, but today, I added Koru Instant Energy Strips,  and I’ve got enough samples for 20 people to give away!

Koru Instant Energy Strips are a cool new way to get a much needed caffeine kick. You place one on your tongue and just let it dissolve, which gets the goodness into your blood stream much faster than drinking a cup of coffee. Since they’re so convenient and, well, instant, they’re perfect for just about every situation where you’d like to be a little more alert, without taking something that’ll blow your tits off (like Charge, for example).

So, how can you win some? Firstly, do you meet the following criteria?

  1. You live in the UK
  2. You’re not pregnant
  3. You’re not a child
  4. You’re not unusually sensitive to caffeine
  5. You don’t mind the taste of mint

If you said “Yes!” to all of the above, all you need to do is leave a comment below. The first 20 people to leave a comment will get a couple of strips to try out. Please don’t leave your address in the comments – I’ll get in touch with you about that..

33 Responses to Quick Competition

  1. Mark says:

    Any chance of getting some to try out even though i’m in ireland??

  2. Alex says:

    HI ME PLEASE! TY! xx 😀

  3. Alex says:

    If you decide to open this to non-UK residents, I am in.

  4. happyhigh says:

    I’d love to be one of the lucky winners! 😀

    Nice competition, and love the website.

  5. Balf says:

    Aww man gotta try these over is scotland atm. You are a legend ^^

  6. Monster says:

    Over Here please good sir!

  7. cannademon says:

    Regular reader of your site, would be great to recieve a free sample 🙂 and im a YES to your questions 🙂

  8. Louis says:


  9. Matt Balmforth says:

    they sound perfect for those 9 am starts.. did i make the top 20? cos i’d love to try a free sample

  10. Manu says:

    like alex,

    If you decide to open this to non-UK residents, I am in too.

  11. WhiteRabbit says:

    oooh…. yes please lovely Synchronium folk, sounds interesting! 🙂

  12. Oliver says:

    I’ll take some, please!

  13. DevilNumber7 says:

    Now that sounds like a good opportunity to get the table cloth out and invite my grandparents.

  14. Kris says:

    Sounds great for those early lectures, or the late ones…or just generally for any of them really

  15. Tom Pasquill says:

    sounds banging, my mate reckons they’ll be good

  16. Balf says:

    that delivery was so fast will post again when I try them ^^ thanks man

  17. happyhigh says:

    Thanks for mine, I received them today which is just in time to try them out as I have an early start tomorrow.

    It says high caffeine content, but I was wondering if you knew how high? If I feel tired before having work or some other activity, I sometimes take 100mg in the form of two Pro Plus tabs and I would like to compare the two.

    I would just like to say again, great service, especially for a free giveaway!

  18. Student says:

    Hey John, where’s my free sample?

    And stop hiding in appear offline on MSN!

  19. T-rex says:

    Would love to try ’em, but unfortunately I am in the Netherlands.

    Keep posting those excellent articles and giveaways though!

  20. Kesoo says:

    aww… why cant u send em to sweden?


  21. green machine says:

    yes to all mate. some strips would be nice to try…safe

  22. Synchronium says:

    Can’t reply to you all right now, got too much on.

    I’ve got 6 more samples to give away!

    Sorry to you non-UK guys… I’ll try and think up another international comp soon.


  23. sd says:

    id love to try some. hope i make the top 20.

  24. kenneth says:

    hi, dunno if im in the 20 but anyway. nice site

  25. j says:

    i live in the uk, i hope i make the top 20!cheers!

  26. terry says:

    Just in case you didn’t send all out already, this UK guy would also like to try some please

  27. Synchronium says:

    Two more samples to give away…

  28. Andrew Watts says:

    Only recently found the site but reading lots. Have already forwarded to a bunch of friends. We all had a good debate while reading and smoking.

  29. John says:

    It’s disgraceful that people should post a comment just to get some free caffeine. Fortunately iI’m not addicted to it – 6 or 7 cups of coffee a day is enough for me.
    I live in the UK, I’m a 58 year old person, not pregnant, eat mints, and use coffee.
    Liked the response to your message to Lynne Jones, by the way. Is she the large Newham Labour MP I occasionally used to drink with in the Labour Club on Green Lanes?

  30. John says:

    Having seen she ‘s a Birmingham MP, last comment is clearly nonsense, and proves I need to cut down on the caffeine.

  31. John says:

    Lyn Brown is the one I meant. Hey ho.

  32. Synchronium says:

    Competition closed!

    Thanks, all.

    John: I love the image conjured up by the phrase “use coffee”, like you might be some kind of coffee-using urchin!

  33. Steven Wallis says:

    I want to take Koru Instant Energy before my band KORU hits the stage!

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