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This Month’s Winners

By John Clarke

…And now we come to the part of the show where we take a look at the art work sent in by you at home! We’ve got three wonderful pieces to talk about today, sent in from all over the world!

While they each stand alone on their own merit, we think the three together capture the bigger picture by holding a mirror up to our ourselves. There is certainly a lesson to be learnt here. Take a good hard look!

Unfortunately, we can’t return any of the art work sent in, but we can give you a pipe instead.

By Alex, age 6

By Alex, age 6

This first one from Alex shows us clearly the danger of drugs and the damage they can do to society. In this picture, the cat appears to have smoked too much catnip. Oh dear! Perhaps the party has gotten a little out of hand? We should heed the stark warning depicted here; catnip can destroy lives.

By Sara, age 8

By Sara, age 8

Oh no! It seems the police has arrived to bust up that party! Thank goodness! These drugged-up kitties are obviously a danger to themselves and to society. We only need to look back at that first picture to see how incomprehensible and belligerent cats, and indeed we can be, under the influence of drugs. Thanks, Sara!

By Louis, age 9

By Louis, age 9

Our final picture, sent in by Louis, depicts the inevitable consequences of illegal drug use. This cat is rightfully behind bars, sharing company with murderers and rapists where he belongs. Remember, children – just one drag on a “doobie”, and this could be you!


A big thanks to those who took part. You, as a community, have taught me that there’s a rich seam of lulz to be mined, deep within your drug-addled brains. If you have any other stupid ideas you think we should try, let me know. I’m sure I can find something to give away…

To the winners, send me an email with your address in, and I’ll get your pipes posted straight away. 🙂

Oh, and I’ve had this blog for exactly a year and a day! Thanks, everyone!.

7 Responses to This Month’s Winners

  1. mark says:

    boo!!! the second pic isnt drug related.

  2. PoisonedV says:

    Maybe if you live in Holland

  3. sharon says:

    I disagree mark. The cat in no 2 the epitome of catnip- fuelled paranoia. Clearly these cats all need to Talk to Frank as a matter of urgency (and Release, in the case of no 3).

  4. mark says:

    so if you saw that picture and there was no mention of drugs, you’d think straight away that he’d been smoking catnip?? I doubt it. Theres nothing in this picture to suggest that he’s been taking drugs. For all you know he could’ve been robbing something.

  5. Synchronium says:

    To be honest, Mark, I pissed my self at the one you sent in. Thing is, I’d seen it before. 🙁 The others I hadn’t.

    Perhaps I shall compile a massive long list of ’em one day.

    Oh, and you’re right about number 2. He certainly could have been robbing something… to feed his catnip addiction. Sharon, excellent point about the paranoia. That stuff wrecks lives.

    Anyhoo Mark, if you want to pitch me an idea about the next competition, I’m all ears.

  6. mark says:

    Fair point mate, its just i dont think of drugs when i see it.

    Haven’t got any ideas for a competition, sorry.

    Whats the story with the joint rolling comp? Is it still going ahead?

  7. Synchronium says:

    As an idea, it’s pretty much perfected. It’s just a case of actually running the competition now.

    Thing is, since there is quite a high barrier to entry, I wanted to get a few smaller competitions under my belt first. We got a handful of entries for this one, so I’d expect to get one or two tops for the rolling competition at the moment. Still, the number of visits per day is always on the rise, so hopefully we can get this one under way soonish.

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