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Harry Pothead & Other Stuff

By John Clarke

Harry Pothead

Harry PotheadI’ve never been the biggest fan of the Harry Potter fran­chise, but I’ve seen all the films at some point and I’ve read the first book when I was about *this* big. So, this week, me ‘n’ the misses went to see the new Harry Potter film at the IMAX in Birm­ing­ham, where the effects were special and there were 150% the usual amount of dimen­sions (at least for the begin­ning of the film).

I’m sure we’ve all seen this “Harry Pothead” picture (you should have, it’s about as old as the Inter­net), but this latest film was jam-packed with drugs ref­er­ences all by itself. Firstly, they all got pissed down the pub, at which point Her­mi­one got frisky and a million parents all cried out at once… and were then sud­denly quoted in a New York Times article, but that wasn’t even the best bit. Some time later on, this girl that fancies Harry leaves some chocol­ates on his bed, but then Harry’s mate Ron (who looks exactly like my brother, I shit you not!) eats them all. Unbe­knownst to Ron, these chocol­ates contain some kind of love potion. 😮 When Harry finds Ron later on, Ron is com­pletely off his tits, as though he’d snorted 300 mg of MDMA about half an hour before. He tells every­one how much he loves them, hugs cush­ions and gen­er­ally makes an arse of himself. It’s odd that none of the afore­men­tioned parents seemed to mind about this, but a little bit of under­age drink­ing is a moral outrage. If only that mindset trans­ferred over to real life…

Yet another par­al­lel between magic and drugs was drawn when Harry con­sumed some of his “luck potion”, which magic­ally seemed to make him feel rather coked up — talk­at­ive, inap­pro­pri­ate and overly con­fid­ent.  Perhaps there’s some deeper message here, showing us that every­one gets up to this kind of shit once they’re old enough? Or perhaps, JayKay Rowling was just battered when she wrote it?

The final point worth men­tion­ing is when Harry’s new teacher sus­pi­ciously har­vests some leaves and men­tions their poten­tial black market price, while remind­ing us all that such topics of dis­cus­sion are hypo­thet­ical. Even if he was talking about their use­ful­ness as a magic reagent, I still like to think he might roll one up at the end of a hard day’s teach­ing.

Spiritplants Radio

My mix on Spir­it­plants Radio is now online in their archives in case you missed it the first time round.  You can listen to it right here:

Drugs Forum

Drugs-Forum is cur­rently making a few changes, ranging from the entire struc­ture of the site, to a bit of spring clean­ing. Some­where in there falls the task of design­ing a new logo, which I’ve had a crack at. It seems a real pos­sib­il­ity that it might get used, pending a few minor changes. Here’s the current version:

Drugs Forum

Unfor­tu­nately, it’ll be much smaller if it’s actu­ally used, so a big part of the design process has been taken up by trying to make it look clear at a smaller size. I’ve shown it here bigger because it looks even better.

As usual, com­ments & cri­ti­cism welcome!.

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