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Top 4 Cannabis Tips

By John Clarke

CannabisWhether cannabis is hard to come by for you, or you don’t like associating with criminals to get hold of it, or even if cannabis has lost its allure as tolerance slowly creeps in, these four tips will help you get the most from your stash.

#1 – Store It Wisely

If you keep your weed in ziplock bags, or a tobacco tin, or safely secreted under the garden gnome with the green hat, then you’re storing it wrong! Well, not wrong, but you’re certainly not making the most of it. Most of the THC in cannabis is found in the microscopic translucent hairs, or trichomes, covering the buds. Since these are on the outside of the plant, they have a habit of falling off, or sticking to the bag your weed is kept in, which is bad news for you. Fortunately, the solution is elegantly simple – store your cannabis in a pot with a mesh screen at the bottom, like this Aluminium Mesh Stash Box. In no time, you’ll have a respectable amount of trichomes collected in the bottom compartment. If you’re lazy, you can roll a joint with a pinch or two, but if you’re a dedicated pothead, you can press several grams of it into your own incredibly potent hash.

#2 – Weigh It

Truweigh Digital ScalesWeighing out exactly how much cannabis you put into a joint brings a number of benefits. Sounds boring, but you’d be surprised at how much this tip could save you. Firstly, you probably need much less weed than you think. Start out by weighing out the amount of weed you’d normally smoke and write it down somewhere. Then, when you come to roll another joint, reduce that amount by 10 or 20 mg and see if it still gets you to where you want to be. Keep going with this until the last joint you’ve smoked isn’t quite enough. The previous comfortable amount of weed is now your standard amount, which will almost definitely be less than when you started out. The second benefit is that you can now be scientific with your joint rolling. Each joint you smoke will be as strong as the last, and as strong as the next one. You know exactly what to expect.  Rolling for more people than usual? Then just multiply up the amount. Going out for something important later on? Smoke 10mg less than your standard weight. The final benefit is only achieved if you have scales with a little plastic lid on. When you’re done weighing it out, you can push it all up against the side of the lid into a line, which can then be dropped straight into your rolling paper. What’s the point in that, I hear you ask? Well, then you have direct control over the distribution of pot in your joint. Want to put more pot in the front? Then make your line thicker at one end. Are you rolling for loads of people? Then you might want to make your line as consistent as possible to benefit the most people. The possibilities are endless! Kind of.

#3 – Potentiate Your Pot

There are a couple of perfectly legal and cheap things you can use to maximise the effects of your weed. These work especially well if you’ve been smoking non-stop for years and rolling on the floor pissing your pants at the latest cat macros is only a distant memory. They might be a bit much for the novice smoker, but that’s the flip side – you need to smoke less, stretching out your weed supply as much as possible. The first is 5-HydroxyTryptophan, a biological precursor to serotonin (5-HT) and melatonin. Taking 50 – 100 mg of 5-HTP about an hour or so before you smoke has a very noticeable effect. The second is a smoking mixture called Cahoots. I’m not sure exactly which ingredients are responsible for this potentiation, but the words “Twice as long… Twice as strong” on the front of the pack certainly sound reassuring.

#4 – Create Your Own Smoking Mixture

This is a great tip for those heavy smokers who want to tweak their smoking experience slightly, or simply cut down on the amount of tobacco they get through. The idea is to add some other smokable herbs to your tobacco, without making it taste horrible or too harsh. Here’s a quick recipe, but please feel free to adapt it however you like. Please post any suggestions for improving it in the comments.

Tobacco25gThe least harsh thing to smoke, so it makes a great base
Calea zacatechichi5gAKA Mexican Dream Herb. This keeps on working after the high is gone. If smoking on a regular basis, dreams will be incredible
Nymphaea caerulea3gAKA Blue Lotus. In this quantity, any psychoactive effects will be a minimum, but this is used here as more of a great tasting filler
Salvia divinorum5 or 6 leavesAdds a slightly trippy edge to it, and also keeps the mixture nice and light
Generic Smoking Mixture3gThis adds a bit of a kick! It can be any of the premium smoking mixtures that cost around £20 for 3g. Try not to use any with a particularly strong flavour like Smoke. Instead, go for something like Genie, Yucatan Fire, Scope, Sence, Caneff, or Bombay Blue.

This can then be rolled with your (weighed out) cannabis just like tobacco on its own. For extra points, you could even mix in some Cahoots mentioned in point #3.

If you follow these tips, I guarantee you’ll save money, save weed and have a much more interesting experience.

Got any tips you’d like to share?.

8 Responses to Top 4 Cannabis Tips

  1. max says:

    Save your stems – make ISO hash with them! easy enough to find various methods of doing this on google. just crucial that the isopropyl alcohol contains nothing but the alcohol and water at as high a concentration as you can find, and that you are extremely careful not to do this anywhere near any possible source of ignition and in an extremely well ventilated area.

    If you don’t fancy that then you can always cook the stems in oil, and use that to cook with. again easy to find instructions on google – basic principles are to heat the cannabis to over 108c in the oil, but way under 180c (i tend to keep it at 150c or slightly lower), for a good 2-3 hours, simplist way to cook with this is to just use packet brownie mix (remember to cook it at a lower temperature like 150c just for a slightly longer duration – disregard the packet instructions)

    For both of these methods i’d use about an ounce of stems, if you are impatient then you can always add some trimmings or bud as well. you could even use your kief but the best way to get the most out of that is to smoke it!

  2. Potter Dee says:

    White sage or cooking sage is a superior smoke, tasty and by far the smoothest smoke out there, not active, but WAY nicer then tobacco.

    Skullcap, Damiana, and Passionflower, are also rather good admixtures

  3. Synchronium says:

    Thanks for the tips, guys.

    Max: Saving your stems would have been number 5 on my list if only I’d have remembered to include it! You could always shred your stems and include it in with your smoking mixture. Too much and it might get a bit harsh though.

    Potter: Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) might also be great for a smoking mixture, since it also potentiates cannabis. I’ll keep an eye out for some common sage!

  4. YangombiUmpakati says:

    Hello synchronium, I must recommend smoking weed with pure leonotis leonorus.. we (all the testers here) expirience much stronger, deeper and more precise weed.. I suggest you try it.. (best combination is wild dagga (leonotis), tobbaco (american spirit), some salvia leaves (can be even 5x extract in small amount) and weed.. makes perfect mixture, great to smoke, rich effects, etc.

    nice blog anyway, keep it up, gl&hf

  5. Dragon says:

    Thanks for all the great mixes. I don’t smoke cannabis anymore, but have regressed to some old ingested methods of teas and alternative smokes.

    I have found Nicotiana Rustica to be superior to regular tobacco (tabacum) in that the nicotine levels are quite high. Oddly, 1 smoke blend cigarette with rustica relaxes and doesn’t leave that edge to chain smoke like tabacum.

    I have used the following for blends to enjoy at home and also at work and when out and about. You will need to learn your own tolerance due to activities like driving etc.

    Rustica as a base. Add Wild Dagga Flowers. Add Salvia D as leaf or even extracts to your desired level of edge. Other blends: add amanita muscaria, Calea dream herb, Motherwort, White Sage, or kratom.

    There are so many blends at different % mixes that the sky is the limit. Pun intended.

    Kava in a morning cocktail can be a great combo with the blends and can replace the mundane rut of caffeine.

    Happy blending.


  6. Cakes says:

    salvia is said by some users to impart stronger effects the more times a smoker uses so using it as Innocuous additive may be contraindicated depending on someone’s long term plan for Sally.

    about tobacco, since nicotine is water soluble, concentrates can be extracted from Or imparted to blends without affecting bulk.

  7. Cakes says:

    about potentiating pot. the tip about knowing how much pot you consume can also help with knowing your projected usage when it comes time to plan a grow. projecting yield will allow you to grow enough to last until next harvest.

    re weighing Exactly. moisture content can matter a lot and it only takes a few times opening a baggie before air has a noticable affect.

  8. Ninja Cat 09 says:

    I find that storing in a glass jar helps “cure” (for the lack of a better word) the cannabis, moisture isn’t affected as much, and finally keif can be collected by using a 4-piece grinder.

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