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Animals Getting High

By John Clarke


Unfor­tu­nately, some of you may have seen this post before, as it was in Coffeesh0p’s news until now. Since I’ve had this blog though, this seems like a much better place to post it. I’ve also moved the news RSS feed to Feed­Burner, which means there’s now the option to sub­scribe via email.

Since the last post (which has now been updated), I’ve also added a Latest Products page, so I don’t feel com­pelled to post about them all on here. That’s also got an RSS feed on Feed­Burner, so you can sub­scribe to that by email if you wanted to too.

Oh, and before I con­tinue, you can still win stuff, so if you haven’t read that yet, please do!


We’ve all seen how cats behave around catnip. It’s a mixture of hil­ar­ity and a small sense of jeal­ousy that you’re not as high as that cat is right now. Well, this video below starts off with footage of a lot of cats around a lot of catnip, but that’s just the start. The next 30 minutes show­cases a mixture of wild­life footage and special effects, care­fully woven together to tell the story of how animals get high around the world.

This is the last episode in the six-part series, “Weird Nature”, entitled “Pecu­liar Potions”. Make sure you watch this in full screen mode!

While the other epis­odes in the series are not neces­sar­ily as fun, you should def­in­itely check them out. Well worth a watch!

Please leave a comment below — I want to know what your favour­ite bit was!.

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