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Animals Getting High

By John Clarke


Unfortunately, some of you may have seen this post before, as it was in Coffeesh0p’s news until now. Since I’ve had this blog though, this seems like a much better place to post it. I’ve also moved the news RSS feed to FeedBurner, which means there’s now the option to subscribe via email.

Since the last post (which has now been updated), I’ve also added a Latest Products page, so I don’t feel compelled to post about them all on here. That’s also got an RSS feed on FeedBurner, so you can subscribe to that by email if you wanted to too.

Oh, and before I continue, you can still win stuff, so if you haven’t read that yet, please do!


We’ve all seen how cats behave around catnip. It’s a mixture of hilarity and a small sense of jealousy that you’re not as high as that cat is right now. Well, this video below starts off with footage of a lot of cats around a lot of catnip, but that’s just the start. The next 30 minutes showcases a mixture of wildlife footage and special effects, carefully woven together to tell the story of how animals get high around the world.

This is the last episode in the six-part series, “Weird Nature“, entitled “Peculiar Potions“. Make sure you watch this in full screen mode!

While the other episodes in the series are not necessarily as fun, you should definitely check them out. Well worth a watch!

Please leave a comment below – I want to know what your favourite bit was!.

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