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Exam Results, Mini Competition & New Stuff

By John Clarke

Exam Results

Yes­ter­day, me and the misses both got our degree results. We both got a 2:1, which we’re incred­ibly happy about, espe­cially since we’ve always had Coffeesh0p to look after too. I know you’re prob­ably here to read about drugs related stuff, but I don’t care — this is my blog and I’ll be smug all over it if I want to!

Mini Competition


Since I’m in a good mood and I’m still on the lookout for sug­ges­tions about any of the things I men­tioned before, I’m going to raise the stakes a little bit. I’ll be giving away five bamboo shotgun pipes to the best five sug­ges­tions. If you’re not sure what I mean, please go back and read that post, then comment about any of the points raised in it at the bottom of this post. I’ll pick the five sug­ges­tions I like the most and give away a pipe to each person. Couldn’t be simpler, right? Just like Johnny 5, I need your input!

New Stuff

Since my last post, I’ve spent most of my time adding new products to the site. Tonnes of them, in fact — entheo­gens, smoking mix­tures, pipes, grinders. All sorts. Since that’s all I’ve been doing though, I don’t want this to be another post full of links to new stuff, because, let’s be honest, it makes this blog look tacky. This isn’t sup­posed to be one big advert, blog­ging (I hate that word!) about what I do is just my hobby.

Hope­fully, in the next few weeks then, I’ll be putting a couple of the latest products on the front page of the site, where the “Coffeesh0p Dev Blog Latest Posts” are now. I’ll also make an RSS feed avail­able for anyone that wants to sub­scribe to that, keeping these blog posts rel­at­ively free of links.

Here’s the Latest Products page and RSS feed. 🙂

- Syn­chronium BMedSc (Phar­ma­co­logy) & Mrs Synch BA

10 Responses to Exam Results, Mini Competition & New Stuff

  1. Mark says:

    The joint rolling contest sounds pretty cool although i cant roll too good so i doubt i’d win. Anyway i think the best way for people to enter is to record a video of them­selves rolling their best joint, upload to youtube and post the link on the blog. Also in order to stop people cheat­ing by using videos of random people rolling, you will need to mention syn​chronium​.net in the video and also have the web address written on some paper which is then placed next to the fin­ished joint. With regards to any leg­al­it­ies, entrants must use tobacco or any legal smoking mix or a mix of both.

  2. Synchronium says:

    Bam, first winner.

    Inter­est­ing idea with a video. I’m worried it might create a bit of a barrier to entry. How easy is it to record a video and put it on YouTube?

    Perhaps we could have a video contest to win a bong and a picture contest to win a smaller bong or pipe or some­thing, for those less tech­no­lo­gic­ally able.

  3. Max says:

    I could only think of a minor sug­ges­tion, which would be to make the home page shorter — make the picture links into two rows of three cat­egor­ies, rather then three rows of two, and move the sidebar to the top of the page (but leave them as picture buttons). the site looks great oher­wise.

  4. Mark says:

    Its not too dif­fi­cult to upload vids to YouTube its pretty straight forward. I think most digital cameras allow you to record video so those without a digital video camera would still be able to record a vid and upload it.

    But as you said about it cre­at­ing a barrier i definately agree with you so i think a picture contest would be good idea. Again to stop cheat­ing entrants must include syn­chronium in the pic.

  5. Mark says:

    Hi Syn­chronium just wanted to let you know that the pipe arrived safely today. Thanks man, i really appre­ci­ate you sending it out to me.

    Oh before i forget i tried the Hyp­notic pills that you sent. They’re not that great to be honest, just got a sort of relaxed feeling although it could’ve just been a placebo effect.

  6. Synchronium says:

    Max: You get a pipe for your inter­est­ing idea. I can cer­tainly see a benefit to making the page smaller, but I think there might be a better way to do it. What do you reckon to halving the width of the sub­cat­egory images, so I can fit two columns of those under the main cat­egory headers? It wouldn’t reduce the size by much, but it would cer­tainly be an improve­ment, and also the width would remain the same. That’s import­ant because if I make it any wider, then there’ll be side­ways scrolling for the major­ity of users.

    Mark: I think we’ll go for the video + pics then. Sounds like it’ll be fun. I’ve had mixed reviews about those pills. For some people they’ve been awesome, for others, they made them feel a bit sick. This is the first report I’ve read where nothing has actu­ally happened!

    Thanks for that.

    In other news, this is blog comment #200. Woo!

  7. Alex says:

    Syn­chronium, I def­in­itely think the joint rolling contest is a idea for a contest. From exper­i­ence, it takes a lot of prac­tice and skill to roll a joint in a short period of time. On YouTube, videos can be made view­able by invit­a­tion only, which can prevent it being flagged. As far as upload­ing videos to YouTube, most cameras have a USB or Firewire cable that con­nects to the com­puter.

    An idea for a future com­pet­i­tion could be who can make the best, most cre­at­ive homemade bong or pipe. For example, I am in the middle of making pipe out of some bamboo. It takes a lot of skill and crafts­man­ship to create a working bong/​pipe. Con­test­ants could carve a bong/​pipe out of wood and post a video/​picture.

    For your website, I love the ‘Syn­chronium’ graphic at the top of the webpage. However, when I scroll down there aren’t much graph­ics on the side so the webpage loses some of its pop. Maybe you could add more of the chem­istry graph­ics that you have at the top, to the sides.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Alex says:

    Syn­chronium, I just received my pipe in the mail. I was sur­prised it came with 10 screens, amazing!


  9. Synchronium says:

    Alex: Thanks for your ideas. I like the home-made smoking appar­atus idea. That might have to wait until more people read this blog though — I’m worried that only about 2 people would take part.

    I also like the idea of putting more chem­ic­als down the side too. The side bar does look a bit crap. I might change the search box too, because that just looks awful.

    Enjoy the pipe! 🙂

  10. Matt says:

    Do you still have anymore pipes? 🙂

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