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Lots Going On

By John Clarke

Since me ‘n’ the misses have fin­ished our degrees (just waiting on the results now…) & almost fin­ished moving house, hope­fully we’ll be doing some cool blog & Coffeesh0p stuff soon.

For the blog, firstly I intend to do a couple of inter­views with some inter­est­ing people. While I like to talk a lot about drugs, medi­cines, phar­ma­co­logy, etc, I’m also a bit of a nerd, so I’m looking forward to talking to a few like-minded people who run drugs-related sites. I’ve also got a bong I’d like to give away, but I want to do it in a much more awesome way than the last com­pet­i­tion. I’m think­ing …joint rolling contest? Would that be some­thing you guys would be inter­ested in? The details (and leg­al­ity) would need to be worked out, but that sounds like it might be a laugh. I figure before you should be granted bong access, you must first appre­ci­ate and master the art of rolling.

Massive Joint

Any other sug­ges­tions? If you can suggest any­thing better, I’m all ears. Well… mostly.

Now uni has fin­ished and we’ve moved into a bigger house, we can finally give Coffeesh0p a go full-time, some­thing we’ve been looking forward to for ages. Firstly, now we have more space, we can start buying entheo­gens (such as Salvia & Kratom) by the kilo dir­ectly from their source. That should mean we’ll be able to sell them to you for much cheaper. Also, we’ve got the room to expand our range again, so keep an eye out for loads of new products. If there’s any­thing we don’t sell that you’d like, leave a comment and I’ll try and hunt it down.

Since I’ll now be making Coffeesh0p (and this blog, of course) my number one pri­or­ity, I’ll be able to make some inter­est­ing changes. I’ve already done a bit of house­keep­ing stuff, like made the basket page look a little friend­lier and put some cooler buttons on all the forms. I also had a go at adding a deliv­ery address option on the check­out, but that’s not working right. (If anyone wants stuff sent to an altern­ate deliv­ery address, btw, just email me. 🙂 ) I’ve got a few ideas on what to do next, but I’d also reallllly like your input. In fact, here’s your chance to be a harsh as pos­sible — what looks shit? What’s com­pletely defunct? How could I make it look 110% more awesome? What essen­tial, must-have fea­tures are we missing? If you can think of any­thing at all, please enter a comment below!

In case the idea hasn’t sunk in yet, I’m looking for your opinion on all these things. Leaving a comment couldn’t be simpler — just enter a name & email (don’t worry, no one but me will see your email address, and it doesn’t have to be a real name), and then pour your opinion all over the comment box. Hit submit and you’re done. Even if you’ve never left a comment any­where in your life and this is the first bit of com­mu­nic­at­ing you’ve done online, please write some­thing!

© Syn­chronium — steal­ing other people’s ideas since 2006..

6 Responses to Lots Going On

  1. PoisonedV says:

    First of all- I love the drag and drop cart thing. I don’t think I’ve seen some­thing like that before. my only real problem is the smaller sub­cat­egor­ies on the front page, (example the “Pills” “Smoking mix­tures” and “Snuff” under legal highs) look really cheesy, I don’t know if it’s cause of the font or some­thing and I know it’s nit­picky but you def­in­itely don’t want to appear cheesy when half the legal high type shops out there are already shifty and scammy.

  2. MauiGreenDragon says:

    Hey John,

    That is a big dick smoke picture !! LOL.. I think rolling is fine, but doesn’t lend itself well to many smoke blends etc. (the legal ones). We all know “pakalolo” rolls n smokes so skunky it should have pushed regular cigar­ettes right off the map. But then again, we all know why tobacco and alcohol are legal, and the rest of the altern­at­ives get to much uneducated neg­at­ive press.

    Well, anyway, my idea is send me the bong. No contest !!

    Your Maui Buddy

  3. Synchronium says:

    PoisonedV: Cheers for that. Any idea how I can make them less cheesy? They obvi­ously need to be there, so perhaps a dif­fer­ent picture or dif­fer­ent font? The font matches the big cat­egory headers though…

    MauiGreenDragon: Perhaps we’ll have to get people to agree to a dis­claimer that whatever they’re rolling is legal where ever they are, so every­one can roll what they feel is easiest to roll with. If you’d like to win the bong, you might have to work on your tech­nique. 😉

  4. MauiGreenDragon says:

    So you are saying if I prove i have the “legal pre­scrip­tion” card it is cool? Nah, I am having more fun with other smoke blends. I will work on my tech­nique, but I am learn­ing it is all in the correct grind con­sist­ency of the milled blend.

    How about posting a link to the bong picture? 😉

  5. Synchronium says:

    Our camera is still packed from the move. 🙁

    Might dig it out soon, seeing as there’s loads of new products coming than need pics.

  6. DevilNumber7 says:

    I’d like to say your site has a good effect but reminds me to much of a blog to a sense. I maybe have jumped the mark a little bit there but I see a few other sites that seem some what better designed. Maybe if it was done by a pro­fes­sional site creator or some­thing you’d see a result. Maybe some anim­ated gif’s and things to give the page abit of rasta glor­i­fied life.
    Apart from that, I tried this bonzai feeder stuff from the U.S. and I’m telling you I went a little bit west.
    My friend got some impor­ted and lase’d my roll up with it. what must have been 10 minutes later it was home time for me and I was walking around won­der­ing where I was, in a town I’ve lived in for 12 years, Then walking to the nearest tap in an old church yard and asking myself ‘’are you alright m8’’ was enough for me I went to bed for 1 hour and woke up think­ing was that just a bad dream. It was that JHW-018 stuff that’s looking at being banned over here.
    I feel I should get myself a little grow on and stick this stuff on the root’s within a water cycle of once every 2 weeks and see what happens to me when I get round to smoking it.

    Just a thought.

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