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Competition Winner #3

By John Clarke

This week’s com­pet­i­tion winner is Syn­thet­ikal. Those pills will be shipped out tomor­row, the day of my first of three final exams. 😮

Last week’s winner also never got in touch, so I still have one more pack to give away. It’s almost like you guys don’t want free stuff….

2 Responses to Competition Winner #3

  1. PoisonedV says:

    Maybe it’s cause of the loc­a­tion. I’m in the US and sub­scribed by email, but if I won the contest I wouldn’t be able to accept them

  2. Synchronium says:

    Actu­ally, ever since I gave the first pack away, the com­pet­i­tion has been open to the rest of the world too. 🙂

    Hang on in there!

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