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No More Spice

By John Clarke

It’s a sad day. Once our current stock of Spice has run out, then there’ll be no more Spice. 🙁 I’m not sure if it’s actually going to be banned, or if our suppliers just can’t get hold of it any more, but what I can tell you is that similar smoking mixtures are still available. We’ve still got Sence & Aroma on the site, and I added Smoke this morning, but here’s what we hope to get hold of in the next few weeks:

  • Yucatan Fire
  • Genie
  • Mojo
  • Red Ball
  • Ignite
  • Cahoots
  • Chill
  • Zo Hai
  • Eclipse

Hold tight, Spice fans!.

17 Responses to No More Spice

  1. sereneone777 says:

    My husband bought a bag of serenity now at a local head shop. He is a long time bud smoker, but recently had to quit. My question is, will this stuff show up on a drug test, or can he fail the test because of it?

    Also, at the shop they said that this was the best. Is it the best mojo or does anyone know of any better?

  2. Synchronium says:

    Have a look at this post: Drug Testing – All You Need To Know.

    That should answer your first question at least.

  3. Steph says:

    No it won’t show up on a piss test, I promise you. My husband is in a halfway house and has to test on a regular, he smokes it daily . However, I will say that it can get addictive, actually depedant on some level and slot of paranoia comes along with it . Depression and irratability as well. I know this because I smoked it everyday for 2 months, I finally did some research and at this point I’m scared shitless. I will never smoke it again, I’m actually having withdrawls from it. All in all tell your husband it’s not worth it

  4. Robin says:

    I have my theories about the combination of these herbs. The best thing to do is read about each herb in the blend and sees if the herbs relate to helping your life personally. There are special blends available for this type of healing. Lots of research involved, but can be done. Email me if you have any questions.

  5. Wanda says:

    My BS degree husband has been doing this crap for over a year. Twice he has had seizures and still wont stop. It’s the stupidist thing I have ever seen and NO IT DOESNT SHOW UP ON A DRUG TEST. He’s so damn stubborn. He says even though we are married it’s his body. He better be glad I’m kind of STUCK here right now cause I sick of the dumbness of the whole think.

  6. Synchronium says:

    Wanda: All you’ve said is that you think it’s stupid, but not why?

  7. Wanda says:

    There are people out there that DO NOT KNOW how to use the stuff. He smoked so much of it in one night he had a grand maul seizure. Let me ask you something. . .why do you do this crap? So you can get high? I have a brother in law that is Autistic. Last Christmas he said for Christmas “please fix my head”. He knows something is wrong and he’s so intelligent. Then there are idiots out there that smoke this crap to mess up their head. Sounds pretty intelligent to me huh?

  8. mike says:

    ive been smoking this stuff for a straight 3 or 4 months and i have had no problems and really enjoy the high. i say keep it legal.

  9. Jojo says:

    This chemical is not good at all. I have to agree with Wanda on this one. SWIM tried this for almost 8 months (on a habitual wake and bake level). They never had a seizure off of it but they did experience withdrawl tendencies. Also what they did experience was an addiction problem that led to greater use at higher doses. Once quitting cold turkey, the withdrawal symptoms were worse than any ever experienced before (off of any drug and they had tried almost all of them). Depression, suicidal thoughts, paranonia, schiznophrenia, light and sound sensitivity, nerve damage, headaches, backaches, loss of movement and muscle control, twitching, loss of appetite, fatigue and weight loss. It’s half life they say is 2 hours but smoking it for 8 months the withdrawl effects still haven’t worn off completly after 2.5 months. Thanks to an extremly talented neuropsychiatrist and a support system this person as able to stay off the drug completly before doing any permanent damage to their neurotransmitters or nervous system.
    They said they also felt the toxins leaving their body through their sweat. So once able to coherently function again they started to run everyday (and when they would feel the need to sweat). They said the after effects would go away after a long jog or run and then replaced with fresh water and endorphines naturally.
    PS. Also some distrubuted to people who have PTSD has had horrible results. The chemical in this drug causes them to lose hearing, lose sight, cause hallucinations, insomnia and feelings of invinsibility. It also causes them to have flashbacks of whatever caused the PSTD to begin with.
    pps. This drug should not be availible to anyone at any dosage level. It is a “synthetic” cannabinoid meaning that even though it may block some of the same cannabinoid compounds it also could be made up of any other “fillers”
    One friend described it as being on a combination of meth and horse tranquilizers. Another described it like a feeling of smoking LSD> whoa.
    The good short term effects do not out weigh the bad. If you feel like you have to get “high” that badly you have an addiction problem and should seek help immediately. SWIM decided to get help before it was too late and saw results quickly and painlessly (to an extent) they also wish they had never found this drug in the first place, driving them into an intense rehabilitation program.
    Please quit buying it now and stop taking any other drugs, they are illegal for a reason. Doing some research I found that this substance is illegal in Canada and in the UK already, so obviously something is very wrong here.

  10. Rita says:

    I am wondering if anyone knows a “good” way to mix the Damiana and Mullein. I am wanting a pretty good high from it. Both are leaves, any help?

  11. stupid guy says:

    I started smoking legal blends about 6 months ago, of it is made right there is no problem. When stupid asses spray the jwh on the herbs, there is the possability of leaving hot spots. Hot spots are when there is more jwh sprayed on one spot then another. Oh ya ans there is mos def a good blend of herbs out thwre for different ailments. Research Research Research.

  12. Ricky says:

    you guys need to make yo own,the flowers and weeds are cut . the product you are gettin high on,a dose fits on top three pin heads. yaw makin krooks rich

  13. mellokatattack says:

    welll i have used several dif types of this and gotten highes from omg i cant move to a slow burn to a mellow relaxed from dif types i have in one night smoked 3g that was the omg lol but i have never had any withdrawls nor have i had an addiction i am also in the military and have smoked up to the day i deployed with no side effects other than damn i got to wait 6 months for midtern leave i also can tell you i have never failed a ua sooo draw your own conclusions just my experiance with it i can tell you it makes the troubles and lonleyness of being deployed a bit easyer to swallow when you have down time

  14. EZZZZ says:

    Local Law enforcement was just on TV a couple days ago, and they have sent 3 UA test to the lab and 1 came up positive for JWH . $6. for a regular UA, $36. to send to the Lab. Corrections is asking for more money to send more UAs to the Lab or you will pay more for testing. I am not in legal trouble but I just wanted to pass it on that it can and will be detected.

  15. mellokatattack says:

    well that sucks just sucks ok guys and gals whats next whats as good but dont show up the challenge is there

  16. Jay says:


    I am the President of a small incense manufacturing company based out of Florida. I was part of the first wave that went thro Louisiana this year. I’m here to tell you your right. Now please. Do what ever it is you need to do to get some attention and do something about it. You have my support.

    I have a few suggestions that may help if any one would be interested.

  17. Luis says:

    I’ve been smoking this stuff chronically (2 g. a day) for appr. the last 10 months and am trying to get away from it. I smoked mostly Cobra, California Kronic, relax, KO, dark, Funky Munky 2.0 and a few others. I’ve been smoking pot for over 7 years, 2 of those chronically and started smoking the spice because it was cheaper, got you higher and was easily available a several conv. stores. The high doesn’t last nearly as much, but you get hooked quickly. What I recently found out (but still kept smoking it) was that its damiana leaves sprayed with chemicals. The chemicals are in powder form and are mixed with acetone and sprayed; the acetone then evaporates from the leaves. They use acetone because of its low boiling point (quickly evaporates, no moldy leaves). Those of you who say “its all good its legal” have never smoked pot chronically for several years, and think the side effects are that of chronically smoking leaves. I have never experienced such an abuse to my lungs. I hope some of my lungs will heal. It even numbs your gums and teeth when you smoke it, strong sh&*. I touched down on some pot yesterday, and wont be buying or smoking that sh&* again. So far I’ve experienced severe night sweating and extreme agitation from the withdraws; about half as bad as alcohol withdraw, and I’m not talking about a hang over kids, DT’s. good thing I have the pot.

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