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Hypnotic Legal Pills

By John Clarke

Hypnotic Pills

Luckily for you guys, I’ve happened across a few sample packs of these new legal pills. They’re called Hypnotic and are made by LightYears, the same people that brought you Diablo, Hummer, MeO, Activate, Elevate, etc. Here’s what they say on the back:

Ingredients: Guarana, Geranium extract, Poppy seed, Calcium, Magnesium and tableting aids.
Dosage: Take 2 tablets with water or fruit juice. If under 60kg take only 1 tablet.
Warning: Do not take more than 2 tablets within 24 hours. Effects may last for up to 12 hours. Do not take if pregnant, lactating, suffer from mental illness or high blood pressure. Don’t mix with other drugs or medicines, keep hydrated and party responsibly.

And here’s what they say on the inside:

Where relaxation and exhilaration meet.
Sit back and let yourself be taken away by the warm buzz that is Hypnotic. Whether you’re planning down time or party time it’ll give you that extra spark that’ll truly enhance your mood. Experience relaxation you can melt into, mixed with excitement that’ll lift you.
Hypnotic will take you to a place you won’t want to leave.

So why is it lucky for you guys? Well, I thought I’d spread the wealth a bit and give some away.

How can you win some?

Hypnotic PillsAre you:

  • From the UK planet Earth?
  • Not pregnant, lactating, suffering from mental illness or high blood pressure?
  • Computer literate enough to use email?

Then you just might be in with a chance of winning! All you need to do is subscribe to this blog via email. Couldn’t be simpler! For three weeks, I’ll give away one pack a week to someone randomly selected from my list of email subscribers.  So, subscribe sooner rather than later and be in with a bigger chance of winning. Winners each week will be announced at some point over each weekend, starting with the first winner on Sat 19th April.

It would also be super nice if those winners would report back here and write a little review.

Just for you, Sharon:

Here’s a few nice plant pictures taken from Inverewe Gardens on our recent holiday.  🙂
Click on each for a high res version.


5 Responses to Hypnotic Legal Pills

  1. Sharon says:


  2. DevilNumber7 says:

    wow I wonder what they smoke like???

  3. sophie says:

    where can u bulk buy these?

  4. Samantha says:

    just wondered what these are all about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. violet says:

    I took the first pill at 7pm felt nothing, thought i can handle it so i took the 2nd pill at 7:30. That was my mistake.

    At first it was amazing! Seriously i felt so light. I felt like if somone touched me i would float away. It was such an incredible feeling.

    Then i got paranoid and it just went really badly after that. I thought i was going to die so i rang my boyfriend and he came over and calmed me down.

    My mood would switch really quickly. One second i was hugging my boyfriend feeling really happy and excited that i had the chance to exist, then i would radomly start crying and asking for it to stop.

    It lasted for 6 hours.

    These are strong. Seriously. I cant believe they’re legal.

    They are really powerful so i suggest you only take one during a 24 hour time period.

    Don’t make the same mistake i did.

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