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Hypnotic Legal Pills

By John Clarke

Hypnotic Pills

Luckily for you guys, I’ve happened across a few sample packs of these new legal pills. They’re called Hyp­notic and are made by LightYears, the same people that brought you Diablo, Hummer, MeO, Activ­ate, Elevate, etc. Here’s what they say on the back:

Ingredi­ents: Guarana, Geranium extract, Poppy seed, Calcium, Mag­nesium and tab­let­ing aids.
Dosage: Take 2 tablets with water or fruit juice. If under 60kg take only 1 tablet.
Warning: Do not take more than 2 tablets within 24 hours. Effects may last for up to 12 hours. Do not take if preg­nant, lactat­ing, suffer from mental illness or high blood pres­sure. Don’t mix with other drugs or medi­cines, keep hydrated and party respons­ibly.

And here’s what they say on the inside:

Where relax­a­tion and exhil­ar­a­tion meet.
Sit back and let your­self be taken away by the warm buzz that is Hyp­notic. Whether you’re plan­ning down time or party time it’ll give you that extra spark that’ll truly enhance your mood. Exper­i­ence relax­a­tion you can melt into, mixed with excite­ment that’ll lift you.
Hyp­notic will take you to a place you won’t want to leave.

So why is it lucky for you guys? Well, I thought I’d spread the wealth a bit and give some away.

How can you win some?

Hypnotic PillsAre you:

  • From the UK planet Earth?
  • Not preg­nant, lactat­ing, suf­fer­ing from mental illness or high blood pres­sure?
  • Com­puter lit­er­ate enough to use email?

Then you just might be in with a chance of winning! All you need to do is sub­scribe to this blog via email. Couldn’t be simpler! For three weeks, I’ll give away one pack a week to someone ran­domly selec­ted from my list of email sub­scribers.  So, sub­scribe sooner rather than later and be in with a bigger chance of winning. Winners each week will be announced at some point over each weekend, start­ing with the first winner on Sat 19th April.

It would also be super nice if those winners would report back here and write a little review.

Just for you, Sharon:

Here’s a few nice plant pic­tures taken from Inverewe Gardens on our recent holiday.  🙂
Click on each for a high res version.


5 Responses to Hypnotic Legal Pills

  1. Sharon says:


  2. DevilNumber7 says:

    wow I wonder what they smoke like???

  3. sophie says:

    where can u bulk buy these?

  4. Samantha says:

    just wondered what these are all about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. violet says:

    I took the first pill at 7pm felt nothing, thought i can handle it so i took the 2nd pill at 7:30. That was my mistake.

    At first it was amazing! Ser­i­ously i felt so light. I felt like if somone touched me i would float away. It was such an incred­ible feeling.

    Then i got para­noid and it just went really badly after that. I thought i was going to die so i rang my boy­friend and he came over and calmed me down.

    My mood would switch really quickly. One second i was hugging my boy­friend feeling really happy and excited that i had the chance to exist, then i would radomly start crying and asking for it to stop.

    It lasted for 6 hours.

    These are strong. Ser­i­ously. I cant believe they’re legal.

    They are really power­ful so i suggest you only take one during a 24 hour time period.

    Don’t make the same mistake i did.

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