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Computer Problems

By John Clarke

It’s been one hell of a week.

My com­puter has decided that now would be a great time to die, with only a few weeks to go before my final uni­ver­sity dead­lines. Error message after error message came thun­der­ing onto the screen faster than I could tell the com­puter “Ok”, as though my acknow­ledge­ment of the situ­ation would make the slight­est bit of dif­fer­ence. After failing to run a system restore, I decided to rein­stall Windows. I was 100% con­fid­ent that this would fix all of my prob­lems in one fell swoop. If only…

Practice safe surfing

Prac­tice safe surfing

My first mistake was trying to rein­stall Windows XP Pro­fes­sional instead of Home edition, putting two dif­fer­ent install­a­tions of Windows on the same machine and solving nothing. Stupid mistake, but I had to move on — there’d be time to deal with a rogue Windows install­a­tion when everything else was back up and running. Time to rein­stall XP Home Edition! Easy enough, should you have a working XP Home Edition CD at your dis­posal. Unfor­tu­nately, mine was scratched in such a manner than each time I tried to rein­stall it, random, but dif­fer­ent, files refused to copy across on each of the several occa­sions I attemp­ted it. Some time later, I bit the bullet and made the always painful decision to format the bastard. But first, I needed to back up all my shit, includ­ing Coffeesh0p code and plenty of stuff for this blog, which is no easy task if you can’t boot up your com­puter in the first place. Luckily, I decided against smash­ing that XP Pro­fes­sional CD into the wall earlier and cutting myself with the shards, so I thought I’d try and install that again. 39 minutes later, my com­puter was back up from its death bed, but still not fit for duty. Before I could operate format, I needed to get all my stuff backed up onto another PC on the network, but then the next hurdle cropped up — appar­ently, I wasn’t author­ised to access the files on my own pissing com­puter! Just in case any of you encounter a situ­ation as shitty as this, you have to log onto your other Windows install­a­tion in safe mode, log into the admin­is­trator account and set your­self as the owner of the files in ques­tion, which is far from a simple task.

Even­tu­ally, everything was rescued and the com­puter format­ted, but it’s still not working prop­erly. I suspect it may have some virus or other, but I’ll have to live with it until my exams are over.

As a result, my cus­tomer service went down the pan, so I apo­lo­gise to anyone that sent me an email last week.

In other news, you’ve all been very kind with the new rating system I installed. So far, there’s 14 ratings, only two of which are not five stars. Thanks! 🙂 Hope­fully, I’ll be able to post a bit more once this damn project is over….

3 Responses to Computer Problems

  1. JS says:

    If you ever encounter another OS crash, using boot­able Linux livecd is much easier and straight­for­war­ded way of access­ing your files.

  2. yukiFromJapan says:


    i found you somehow but im sorry for you and your com­puter.

    you may be right, virus and spyware can stay on your com­puter even after you rein­stall an OS like all the data can be restored till they are broken phys­ic­ally.

    if you havent tried spybot which is for spyware, also fixes regis­tory issues, its free so you might wanna down­laod it and try.

    good louck 🙂

  3. Synchronium says:

    Thanks for the tips, guys.

    JS: I only had a single blank CD at my dis­posal, onto which I tried to burn a fresh copy of XP Home. That failed too, in case you were won­der­ing. I’ll bear that in mind for the future though, cheers!

    Yuki: I’ve since down­loaded a million and one dif­fer­ent tools, but I even­tu­ally removed the problem. I ended up using a rootkit remover and Mal­ware­bytes, which seemed to do the trick. At least Windows Update no longer redir­ects to Google. 🙂

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