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Herbal Photography

By John Clarke

It’s been a busy week here at Coffeesh0p Studios (my bedroom). First off, we’ve been bat­tling with hosting issues since the weekend. Turns out we’d exceeded our band­width limit for Feb­ru­ary, taking both Coffeesh0p and this blog down until I forked over more money. It’s kind of like the inter­net equi­val­ent of being kid­napped and held to ransom.

I’ve also been taking pic­tures for some of the new products I men­tioned a while ago, so I thought I’d share some here. At the moment, the product images on Coffeesh0p are pretty small, most of them being around 200 px wide, so I’ve picked a few of my favour­ite full size pics and dis­played them below. Click on each for the full res­ol­u­tion version.

Amanita MuscariaWe’ll finally be stock­ing plain ol’ Fly Agaric caps in the next few days. Up until now, the only Amanita mus­caria we’ve sold has been pre­pack­aged, so it’s hard to display them in their full glory. This single cap will be turned into a thumb­nail image only 50 x 50 px. Seems such a shame. 🙁
This picture of Salvia divinorum leaf has been des­per­ately needed for quite some time. Although we’ve always sold salvia leaf, the picture was ter­rible.Salvia Leaf
Damiana ExtractSince most extracts look pretty unap­peal­ing, this chunky Damiana 4x extract really stood out.
This is one of our new smoking mix­tures, Blaze. Looks as deli­cious as it smells!Blaze


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  1. Bompah says:

    hey man! i really like your photos! beau­ti­full site with good info. keep up the good work and keep up the good farming! =D

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