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JWH-018 Toxicology

By John Clarke

ToxicSince my last post about the spice behind Spice (and other smoking mixtures such as Smoke, Serenity Now, K2, Sence, etc), it has been brought to my attention that some initial toxicology testing has been done on the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018. Before we get down to the details however, here’s some pretty weird background information – the sponsor and provider of these studies wishes to remain anonymous! Unfortunately, this makes the whole thing a lot less credible, but since this is the only information we have right now, let’s hope someone else can verify these things at a later date. So far, one professor (who also wishes to remain anonymous) thinks these are real, but as of yet, no one is willing to put their name down on any kind of formal statement. If you, or anyone you know, has the relevant expertise to look over these studies, please drop me a line!

(Quick Update – A lot of people have been discussing and linking to this post, but there remains some suspicion that I have something to gain by saying the JWH-018 isn’t that harmful. Firstly, JWH-018 is now illegal in the UK. Secondly, as I mentioned just above this, if I have got anything wrong, please pick me up on it! If it turns out my analysis of the data is incorrect, I will correct it!)

Feel free to invent your own conspiracy theories, but for now, let’s take a look at the data. You can download the PDF documents in this Zip file [2.04 MB]

CYP450 Inhibition Assay

This first assay looks at the effect of a drug on specific enzymes in your liver. These Cytochrome P450 enzymes are responsible for metabolising the vast majority of drugs you might put in your body, so if you’ve got too much of one drug in your system (ie paracetamol/acetaminophen), then other drugs that are also metabolised by these enzymes (ie alcohol) may compete for these enzymes and so hang around in your system for longer. As you can imagine, it’s important to understand how one drug may affect the metabolism of another, in case of any disasterous drug-drug interactions.

Results: JWH-018 will probably interact with the metabolism of other drugs, so more in vivo work is necessary.

hERG Binding Assay

hERG stands for human Ether-à-go-go Related Gene. This gene codes for a particular type of potassium channel found on heart tissue. This channel pumps potassium ions out of the heart muscle cells and are critical in coordinating the heart’s electrical activity. Unfortunately, these channels are a prime target for drugs to bind to, disrupting their function. This can lead to “Long QT Syndrome”, associated with fainting and can lead to sudden death, so you can see why these kinds of tests are important. Here’s a typical ECG recording showing what’s called the “QT interval” shown in blue, which lasts for longer than it should do if these channels are disrupted.

QT Interval

Results: JWH-018 does not interfere with these channels. That’s a good thing.

Cytotoxicity Assay

This simple test essentially looks at how many cells die when you perfuse them with a drug. The more cells that die, the more toxic the drug.

Results: JWH-018 is not cytotoxic at low concentrations.

GreenScreen HC Genotoxicity Assay

This assay looks at how much a drug will interfere with our DNA. Typically, anything that damages DNA is bad news, being potentially carcinogenic, making the rationale behind this test glaringly obvious. This test was also performed in the presence of a fraction taken from liver cells, which will break down the drug. This not only checks if the drug will damage DNA, but also its breakdown products.

Results: JWH-018 does not damage DNA, so shouldn’t give you cancer.

Rat Repeat Toxicity Assay

Guess what happens in this experiment. A number of renagade lab rats looking for a bad time are rounded up and promised free drugs (kind of like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio; that shit was scary!). The rats are then dosed up and observed. Initially, they appear lethargic (read: totally baked) but a few of them died at higher doses. This appears to be down to problems breathing rather than organ toxicity, but only affected the male rats, who appeared more sensitive to the compound. The drug didn’t appear to accumulate in their systems either, but they did lose some weight, probably because they couldn’t be arsed to eat. JWH-018 showed a huge potency and was found to be tachyphylactic (my new favourite word – it means that more of a drug is required to reach the same state following an initial dosage).

Results: According to FDA guidelines, the human equivalent dose is 0.016 mg/kg but it should be tested in other species before this can be seen as reliable!

Rat Pharmacokinetics

Data is collected on a number of different “pharmacokinetic” aspects of the drug, such as how it is absorbed, distributed throughout the body, metabolised and excreted, which can help with the design of future clinical trials.

Results: JWH-018 is distributed well throughout the rat’s tissues. Metabolism and excretion are normal, with a plasma half-life of approximately 2 hours


Well, from the looks of these tests, JWH-018 seems to be pretty safe, but unless you want to piss off Ben Goldacre, it would be wise not to rely on this “test tube data” entirely. Also, like I said before, we don’t know where this data has come from, clouding the issue even further.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Big thanks to Alfa @ for letting me know about these studies. You can read all about JWH-018 on their Drugs Wiki.


444 Responses to JWH-018 Toxicology

  1. Tommy says:

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    We are a real, legitimate business with over 75 years collective business experience in this area.


  2. Berny says:

    I inhaled a hit 18 minutes ago. It was only 1-1.5 mg JWH -018 on top of a couple flakes of cheap damiana store bought spice. In only 3 minutes my legs went a little weak and the heavy onslaught of a good rip began to flow. No paranoia but I am sure only 1 more mg would have been more than I need being alone, as I like company usually.
    It really is a weird buzz compared to real greens. The bottom of my ribcage gets tight. My mind slows down and I have to think a little harder. LOL, damn…

  3. Overbuyincrap says:

    Even though Ive had a bad experience ReChemz are still pretty ethical and have great customer service. I have no problem with the other items they are selling or how they market them my issue was with cut or low quality 073 and 018. I will send all of my jwh 073 back to them , and if there new batch is up to par i will buy from them but not until then. So consider this matter Semi Closed, Still waiting for the refund to hit my bank but my bank usually takes 24 hours .

  4. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    Thanks for the input everyone , i think i have it resolved but still no cheddar n bank. but i changed my nick from overbuyincrap i made it up in the heat of the moment and hopefully its no longer needed.

  5. x1 says:


    Thanks for joining the discussion. I certainly recognize researchchemicalz as 100% legitimate, as I have obtained 100% legitimate material from you.

    And you guys are ace in customer service. Cheers for that.

    Now then, you say “In this game, it is possible to get bad batches of product.”

    Well, why aren’t you folks testing your product stateside after it comes off the boat? Seems logical, yes? Does researchchemicalz not have the wherewithal to conduct an assay of its own when receiving large volumes of new merchandise? Are you folks just importers/exporters, and not a single organic chemist among you?

    If so, I recommend you hire a Quality Control person with an organic chemistry background.

    You say “If you want pretty packaging, ask us about our line from Natures Uphoria and, the new Mister Miyagi Herbal Incense”

    Who said they want pretty packaging? I think we were discussing how other vendors supply material in a vacuum-sealed foil packet. It’s still in a little baggie once you tear open the sealed packet. Wouldn’t you agree that a vacuum-sealed foil packet is more secure, both from the elements, and eyeballs, than a mere Ziploc bag with something scrawled on it in black Sharpie? And more professional? Wouldn’t you agree that it inspires more confidence in the product?

    I’m sure your Mr. Miyagi herbal whatever is very very pretty, but who cares?

    Also, I want to mention that the word is “carries,” not “carrys”. You might want to pass that along to the person who handles your website, so they can fix it on the researchchemicalz homepage. The sentence as posted reads “ is a company that carrys…” Sorry to be a spelling/grammar nazi but I cringe when I see that, because it is so unprofessional.

    I know I’m sounding like a harsh a-hole but I do appreciate you actually showing up and putting a word in, and please take our comments to heart! We need strong ethical vendors and serious quality control….this is not too much to ask when the amount of money being made out there is taken into consideration.


  6. Willie says:

    To: x1,

    Well said and I agree %100 with your assessment.



  7. Tommy says:

    Hi X1
    Maybe we should hire you? Feel free give me a call on my cell and we can discuss all of this. 949-836-3099

    Would love to see some of your work. I mean I am sure many would like to know your credentials. As it does appear you are an expert.

    Where do you have your JWH 018 tested? Would love to know that one.

  8. Synchronium says:

    Vendors weighing in on ethics etc is great, but let’s be careful not to let this turn into some kind of customer support thread.

    I may have to start pruning…

    Also, lol at #276.

  9. x1 says:


    Never mind your cell phone. We can discuss this here, out in the open. I see the recent success of researchchemicalz has gone to your head. Shame. This always happens…good for a while and then the arrogance creeps in, and things go to shit.

    You guys were on your game a few weeks ago. I’ve recommended you on this blog, which you will discover if you go back and read through the comments. I feel that I have been fortunate to get quality material from you. I regret that I do not have that same supreme confidence in your most recent shipment. But this is a conversation that can be helpful to those who find it, as it highlights the murkiness and peril of fishing around in the universe of RC biz, looking for the holy grail of ace quality and ace service.

    Certainly I’m not an expert. I’m a consumer. The credentials should be on your end. The expertise should be on your end. Right?

    I guess it’s a trust and communication issue. If you guys don’t have any serious way to check what you’re selling, that’s understandable. You import, chop up, sell, roll in the dough….no science necessary. Perfectly understandable. But by all means lets have that conversation out in the open, so all present and future RCers, both commercial and recreational, can see plain as day what’s going on, and let the marketplace sort out the most reliable from the least.

    Certainly you would agree with that sentiment, Tommy? That the marketplace thrives on vigorous competition, transparency, and swift dissemination of maximum information?

    Tell ya what. I’m going to take my most recent small shipment from researchchemicalz, that which resides in the ghetto ziploc with the black sharpie scrawled on it (which may be perfectly good for all I know!)…and chuck it in the trash. Call it “acceptable loss”. I know buythemg is all-around superior. I’m giving this other sacra joint a whirl to, and I’ll be sure to lay down a full report on that when it comes in.

    Tommy, how ’bout let us know if you finally learn how to play the game well enough to guarantee a consistent product. Shouldn’t be too hard, what with all those accumulated years of experience you were touting earlier. I hope one day to be able to recommend you guys again with no reservation. Thanks for the good times (which were indeed VERY good while they lasted!).


  10. Tommy says:

    It appears to me that you’re trying to provoke me.

    We do have quality control measure in place. One thing, even when a consumer comes across as an expert, some of those people may just want to know.

    And, yes we have a scientist, chemist, and a naturopathic dr on our staff. So, why not let’s discuss this anywhere. I have done nothing but respond politely to everything you have said.

    I asked a simple question of you. If it’s too big an issue for you to tell us who you are, then I think that speaks volumes. Again just so everyone can see on this BLOG. We stand behind our products and offer a 100% replacement or refund guarantee.

    Gone to my head? Are you kidding me? Be for real dude.

  11. Tommy says:

    PS, X1

    Why not just a request a refund? Or replacement? It’ll be to you the very next day. Or, are you trying to accomplish some other goal?

  12. x1 says:


    You are sharp. YES, I am trying to provoke you.

    I am trying to provoke you into working harder to make sure nobody gets bad chem that burns funny and smells wrong and might be nasty business. And I am trying to provoke you into fixing a sophomoric spelling error on your home page.

    I don’t mean you personally of course. But it’s better for the business all around if the buyers and sellers occasionally light fires under each other’s arses (I use “arse” out of respect for the UK origin of this blog).

    You have quality control? You have a scientist, chemist, and naturopath on staff? Which one of them are qualified to test your batches for purity? You seemed to be implying that you did not test, so if that is not the case, by all means, let’s correct the record.

    I didn’t realize you needed my actual identity along with my credentials. I went over my credentials before. I am a non-expert consumer. With regard to my actual identity, I am your “customer”. Your once-and-hopefully-again-in-the-future customer.

    Other goal than a refund or replacement? YES. I did say you were sharp, after all. The money is a pittance. And what would I be swapping for? I’m still not clear on your quality control “measure”. It seems very mysterious and enigmatic. My “other goal” is to toss what may or may not be bunk chem into the garbage can and not have to worry about it, since the marketplace is still a vibrant place and there is at least one other better option out there. Not on price, surely…but, again, the money is a pittance.

    I hope I have provoked you into vigorous internal discussion at ReChemz Central Command Alpharetta at least a little bit….if only enough to get that damn word fixed on your home page.


  13. x1 says:

    Shitfire! It’s fixed! It now says “carries”!!!!!!!!!

    Bless you Tommy.

  14. joseph says:

    i just landed an account with a head shop that has been selling JWH products for 7 years. 2003 is when it first hit the streets from what ive researched and this guy moves massive quantities. so in those 7 years he has had all kinds of people buying and no one has ever reported any side effects. that tells me we may be closer to knowing more about it. ill inform when i get more details.

  15. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:


    It does seem that ReChemz are really trying to make it right with me, they even overnighted 2g of 18 for free, and i will update here once again . x1, i have talked to 2 other guys who ordered around the same time i did and there product seemed up to par, and you may very well have great product waiting for you. I will say again, im a annoyingly persistent guy and EVERY email i sent or call i made was quickly answered. Even based on my last few experiences (considering most places dont even reply when u email neg or pos comments) I must say REChemz is still way above par on Customer Service and do appear to be doing what they can to clear their name with me. And lets just say i could have been alot nicer in these emails and they could have been rude about it but they were very nice and professional Its a rare quality in such a demanded RC world where it may take months to hear a response, let alone getting replacement material within 3 days of complaint.

    Like i said, I will update when i receive new shipment and i will leave my opinion.
    Choose to have a PEACEFUL day!

  16. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    josepph….its hard to report side effects on items marked not for human consumption so i wouldnt take lack of neg reports to as proof that there is no side effects, there ARE side effects with the HERBS theirsekvels, let alone with jwh

  17. ???? says:

    does anyone know foresure with out a doubt if this will show up in your pee after not using for 5 day?

  18. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    It will not Show up unless its mandated by MILITARY, most places especially with instant test haven’t synthesized the chemicals so its unlikely. I do believe Gov is now testing for it in military but other than that…not yet, I have passed 3 UDS and 1 swab and Nothing but my prescribed medicine. You Will pop dirty for THC if A) your body hasn’t fully metabolized the pot in your system from your last used Mj, Or you have been Naughty and used your trusty old friend that STILL has resin from MJ even if you think its ‘clean enough’. Buy a new loose incense burner and there ya go get a nice one at lo’ bobs for 10 dolla

  19. Just Wondering... says:

    Hi Guys,

    Don’t know alot about JWH-018 and am hoping you might be able to help. Friend of a friend had it sent to her in a country where it’s illegal (not illegal where it was sent from) but now the police are involved and have taken hair samples. She hasn’t had any for about 6 weeks and then it was only a small ammount. Any ideas if she’s gonna be in trouble or will it not show up on hair tests?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    or B) your mix had real cannabis in it….very doubtful because these people are trying to fill a LEGAL demand (for now anyway) for a Product that people wil buy alot why would they screw it up? or your buddies played a horrible prank why you were passed out and they shotgunned you into ‘Nice Dreams’

    I used the SAME day for ALL tests and heh hum itz all godd baby but dont be dumb dont rub it in the local Police or PO officer because thats what will get the prohibition wheels a turnin which leads to the REAL reason , but we continue to prevail towards psychoactive freedom

    oh boy , im rambling ….ReChemz finally made me Smile! No money posted in bank from refund but my bank is a credit union might take another day. Very fast Shipping they literally sent me an email like 25 hrs ago and got my package like 22 hours after they sent receipt…Quickest delivery ive had! But yes Im finally dropping the whole thing as a fluke , the 18 is still white and very fluffy but seems to be active between 2mg-5mg and im finally applying to my roots hopefully i get a few cm’s this month! TTYL

  21. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    well laws are usually retroactive, like if they make beer illegal tomorrow , you cant get in trouble for still being drunk or having alcohol in your system…but honestly i dont know how long it takes to metabolise jwh but if she just did incense its usually so small of a dose per gram it may not show up…let us know of the results! i want to learn as much as i can about this…

  22. just letting you know says:


    What country are you in that laws are usually retroactive? If you live in America and you think that the government can make something illegal today– and charge you with said crime- because you broke a law that didn’t exist last week? I’m sorry, but the legal system works in a way that prohibits you from being arrested for a crime that wasn’t a crime at the time of violation. If you heard this shit from a cop, I’d talk to a lawyer.

    Just wondering– If your “friend of a friend” is not mentally competant enough to check out the laws involved during international transactions, then she should be having to deal with the consquences of being a dumb fuck. Who orders RCs internationally without researching pertinant laws?
    Let me advise you a bit here. Tell your “friend” that the internet in which she ordered her RCs has a tool called “Google”. Then say,” You can type things into the little box provided and it will tell you valuable information which may keep your dumb ass out of prison. You should have done your research a lot earlier. These kinds of uninformed, ignorant actions just make things tougher on us that are trying to legally get by. Keep up the good work, dumb ass, you’re going to fuck it up for everyone because you’re too lazy to do your research. You should not be allowed to sniff Vick Vapor Rub, much less get near anything that requires you to light a flame.”

    Spead this advice to any other “friends of friends” that you may have. It will serve you well.

  23. ???? says:

    how long does it stay in your system just incase it does get mandated for a ua test?

  24. @ just letting you know says:

    Who are you to call me or my friend a dumb ass or a fuck witt?! READ MY POST! She was sent it from somewhere that was legal – she did not order it online and did not even ask it to be sent to her.

    Not mentally competant enough? – take a look in the mirror!! You obviously have no social skills at all!! Giving people on the internet shit to make your sad self feel better

    “These kinds of uninformed, ignorant actions just make things tougher on us that are trying to legally get by” and exactly HOW is this effecting you? and exactly what justification do you have for being so abusive?

    Go take a long walk off a short cliff and do everyone a favor!

  25. just letting you know says:

    ” Friend of a friend had it sent to her in a country where it’s illegal (not illegal where it was sent from) but now the police are involved and have taken hair samples.”

    According to that statement, she had it sent to herself in a country where it was illegal. She didn’t ask for it to be sent to her? What company is this that is randomly sending out active freebies?
    The police being involved will only happen a few more times before we lose legal groud because of the negative attention that jwh 018 is receiving.
    How is it smart is to get mixed up in an international drug bust because you didn’t check out simple facts that were available?

    Well, at least I understand the simple scientific fact that if I walk off a cliff, gravity will take effect. Maybe your friend should start with a few simple brain teasers to help ease to pain of reading. And as a matter of fact, I am doing you a favor by letting you know that you would not have to ask for legal advice on a site such as this if you used common sense.

  26. just letting you know says:

    And what is a “fuck witt”?

  27. just letting you know says:

    And by the way, my sad ass is sitting here enjoying my freedom… let us know how you (or your so called friend) like prsion rape. Maybe you can read a book with all that time on your hands.

  28. @ just letting you know says:

    Ok ebough of this shit…you really are a numpty! It IS a friend of a friend….her mate sent it to her as it is readily available in Ireland. They are only 19 so not very wise when it comes to things like this.

    I wasn’t asking for legal advise only wanted to ask some one if they knew about hair testing. You obviously don’t as you haven’t given ANY advise only went off on one as you clearly have some anger issues getting so shitty on a forum.

    I too am enjoying my freedom and have nothing to worry about was just trying to help a friend. I also just got some really usefull information from another site and they don’t have to worry about hair tests.

    No need for any more of your shitty comments – I will no longer be getting email responses from your posts – enjoy your miserable state!

  29. just letting you know says:

    To add ,for your benefit, though, all bitchiness aside, my source at LabCorp says there is no hair test that is standard in this situation for the general public and the companies hiring the general public that LabCorps provides testing for (this is only the US as far as I know). The military in the US have the means of testing for jwh-018, so it’s really depending on how indepth they want to go. I’ve heard rumored that the european nations we are familiar with are devising a UA. Not too sure about that rumor, though.
    Sorry for the roughness– I hate to see people do stupid and preventable things to themselves. Did your friend actually sign or accept a package literally into her hands, or did it get caught up in customs and end up hand delivered by the cops?

  30. Synchronium says:

    Stop arguing.

  31. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    THANK U Synchronium , and I feel stupid for say are retroactive i meant most places they aren’t retro , i live in US and it will be an issue here soon enough…wish they would realize that Prohib isnt working for pot and if they do the same to ja dub people will just find something more dangerous and not studied on humans. If only there was a plant that grew from earth that you cannot OD on and can also be used for …fuels, clothes, jewelry, rope, paper, and to peacefully calm almost all who use it…that would be the perfect plant …. wake up ppl! ITs time for OUR CULTURE to rise and take over this wasteful, evil, and obtuse way of thinking and controlling our life’s!

  32. jim says:

    2grams jwh-018 +2grams jwh-073 + 8oz. everclear = what amount of high potency incense?……..anybody know for sure? I would guess 4oz?

  33. Willie says:

    To: Jim

    250ml/4,000mg =0.0625

    Don’t quite know what you are asking.

  34. is it possible says:

    Seriously, you should know what countries you’re dealing with. The asian laws are harsh. Whereas a gram of something in the USA can get you probation and some fines, some countries have the death penalty. It never hurts to check.

  35. Willie says:

    To: Jim,

    I had to reread your comment. The norm is 1 gram of jwh dissolved into 400ml or 500ml of 190% proof everclear then 1 or 2 ounces of herbs are soaked. This is the norm. You can do your calculations from your doubling the jwh’s.

  36. Tim says:

    What keeps JWH-018 interesting and fun for me is that I don’t use it more than once every few days.

    At this level, EVERY time I use it, it reminds me, like for the FIRST time, what it is I enjoy about it… and it feels fresh and new instead of the same old chronic buzz that pot got to be after decades of daily use.

    ONE HIT is all it takes, too. What a letup it gives on my lungs and heart!

    A buddy of mine and I went in together and got some JWH-081, 018, 073, and 200… he’s gonna be mixing ’em all together in what I can only assume will be a super-special way/proportion and we’ll see what comes out of it all. Will keep y’all posted when the results come in.

    I’m also actively looking for RESEARCHERS who’ve never tried any of these substances before, and will be happy to send out some free samples for testing and feedback purposes –if that applies to you, let me know if you’re interested in helping out. Your privacy will assured; email me at

  37. ???? says:

    does anyone know how long it takes spice to leave your system please respond thanks.

  38. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    ????- no but if you find a credible source with an answer please share..

    Does anyone know the legal status of WIN 55 , 212-2 and any experiences to boot? have my own sources but dont wanna break the law. Live in The corn state, United States , i wanna live to BC or holland, somewhere not so obtuse about MJ . But any input may help TY

  39. x1 says:


    Right on. In moderation, this stuff does not get old. Keeping at least a 1-day buffer between uses seems to almost totally reset the tolerance level. But I’m more of a once-a-week user, and through oral ingestion to boot, which is a heavy, long-lasting stone (this is the 018/073 combo).

    I have no complaints, other than stomach pains from gorging upon cookies+ice cream+peanut butter during the hardcore munchdown that hits at about the 2.5-hour mark. All the classic, quality reefer hallmarks are there with regard to humor, music, sex, food…but without the reefer. It’s really quite amazing.

    Please do report back about the JWH 4-pack experience. I feel like 018/073 together is wonderfully balanced and complete already, so I’ll be especially curious to hear whether any further enhancement is possible.

    WIN 55,212-2 is not controlled. But if I understand correctly it is both more expensive and less potent than JWH-018.

    FYI my order from Sacra came in today. Can’t speak to the quality of the actual product yet, but we definitely have a winner on the superficialities of product packaging. Product is contained in packets with printed labels (no sharpie) INSIDE a sealed foil packet….INSIDE a larger sealed white vinyl packet…INSIDE the USPS priority envelope. Comes with material safety data sheets which are quite nicely done up, actually.

    Interestingly, they list their JWH-018 at slightly less than 99% purity, and the product is more tan or even slightly orange-ish rather than white. Whereas the JWH-073 looks like all the other 073 I’ve seen…light tan (they call it light yellow on the sheet).

    I have decided NOT to chuck the ReChemz material that I already had, as it occurred to me I could probably do a decent side-by-side comparison, provided both sets of products are indeed what they purport to be.

    Sacra wins the first round. Awesome website, communication, and turnaround…awesome safe secure packaging with documentation. The buying experience is very much akin to the professionalism of buythemg…but at ReChemz prices. I hope to be further encouraged after additional scrutiny.


  40. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    is waiting on his Sacra delivery today ! ill let ya know what i think!

  41. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    X1: The money from refund from Rechemz hit my bank today, they also sent two free g’s of 18, which is really white and fluffy not granular at all but after several test and i can conclude that its good enough for a decent blend. I am still waiting on sacra its in my neighboring state right now so im hoping within the hour!

  42. Ricky Howell says:

    What would be decent flavor mix to get a taste like blueberry or strawberry. Any recommendation.

  43. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    alot of people use extracts to ‘scent’ there mixes …i dont really know alot about it other than dont say flavor when the product is not for for ‘scents’ check out google !

  44. Gary Gunnz says:

    Can anyone substantiate the claims that the Department of Defense is testing it’s personel for JWH-018? More specifically, I’m trying to determine if the Marine Corps activley tests for JWH-018 in it’s urinalysis. I’ve searched long and far, and I have yet to find anything on the internet that specifies that DoD/ Military personel were caught smoking spice because they were tested for JWH-018. I’m looking for facts, not un-substatiated, opinions. Thanks!

  45. pooh says:

    ok, thought i was going nutz because i wasn’t getting the same result as x1. i feel better that i may be able to get a refund or replacement for my stuff.

    my story? i was born a poor black child…oops, wrong story.

    mixed up the potion as i described earlier loosely following x1’s formula: 1g 073, 500mg 018, 750ml 151 everclear. couldn’t get the stuff to mix all the way, but hit it anyhow, starting at 2ml, then 3ml, then 4ml, so on, trying at max two doses a day. i didn’t acutally get off until i said f-it and downed 10ml @ once. even then, it was very slow to come on, but lasted into the next morning, and i never really felt the trippiness like many have described and like how it was with the k2.

    i had 1/2 the 018 left, so i decided to try to vape some. started out slow, less than a matchhead, then matchhead size, up to 1/2 a friggen bic pen cap “shovel”. i must have been vaping 20-40mg at a time with only modest results. i knew either i am some miracle baby or this sh!t ain’t workin’.

    ok, fast forward, i’d been hitting the 018 until it was gone. took maybe 10 sessions to kill off 500mg of the stuff between my friends and i. they were all like “what’s the big deal”, so down with the miracle baby theory. leaves one possibility: bunk researchchemicalz.

    i still had the 073 and some 018 locked up in everclear, so i proceeded to boil off the carrier and smoke what was left. this actually worked for the most part. i was able to get quite stoned off the residues, presumably from the 073 since i knew the 018 was lame. it was a time-consuming process to get all the alcohol burned off safely, but paid out in actually getting me something for my investment.

    my conclusion is that i got some bad 018, but the 073 was probably ok. i’m going to see if i can get a replacement or refund for the 018. wish me luck…

  46. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    wow, if you got the same thing i did that burnt with weird reddish tinge to it ( both 73 and 18 white and powdery really fluffy or granuler like sand or salt? smell really really strong when vaped?

  47. .;{AbSyNtHeTiCs};. says:

    i was too scared ,I saved it so when i can find out where to test it , I wanna know the inert compounds if it was cut because anything of 6mg could bring on the ‘fear’ of 18 and your dose was CraZy! They sent me more but im not impressed, i got my money back so im not trippin, come on bi da mg lemme join your elite club! hmm. mm

  48. pooh says:

    no, i didn’t notice any red tinges, just a letdown. if there was a red tinge, i may have missed it, but the granuals of the 018 WERE quite varied. i thought the dosage was crazy too, hence the miracle baby comments.

  49. x1 says:


    For starters 151-proof Everclear is a bad idea. The part of it that’s not alcohol is……water…….and JWH does not dissolve in water. This is why it’s such a pisser to get dissolution in something less than 190-proof (and even then takes some small effort).

    I made two batches yesterday. One was a sacraresearch batch, and the other was the researchchemicalz batch that I had contemplated tossing in the can.

    With respect to physical dissemination into solution, the sacraresearch batch performed as expected, requiring typical stirring, resettling, tamping, crushing, and agitation on the order of roughly 15 minutes.

    The rechemz batch, on the other hand, dissolved very very fast. Maybe too fast. The 018 in particular was very soft and took almost no effort to break down into solution. That batch was prepped in 5 minutes. That is the only batch I’ve made where the powder dispersed with almost no effort.

    And I’ll have to wait on issuing a potency verdict on that one, since I could only further test one of the two last night.

    I went with the sacra batch. Pleased to report, she works. 4mL solution, at 2.5mg JWH per 1mL 190 E (total 10 mg JWH into system), performed exactly as expected.

    Sacra = Win! It’s good to have options.


  50. pooh says:

    haven’t got any confirmation from sacra or a reply from researchz. anything special i need to do to get in “the club”?

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