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Synthesis of Salvinorin-A

By John Clarke

Salvinorin-A Synthesis

Any hard­core chem­ists out there might be inter­ested in this paper, pub­lished in Organic Letters by a team of research­ers from Niigata Uni­ver­sity. It details the syn­thesis of one of nature’s cra­zi­est com­pounds, Salvinorin-A, found in Salvia divinorum.

For a bit more back­ground and phar­ma­co­logy, you might want to check out my Salvia present­a­tion.

Inter­est­ing stuff!.

One Response to Synthesis of Salvinorin-A

  1. anonymous says:

    Oh my god, you just saved my life. I am writing a term paper on salv­in­arin a and needed a syn­thesis reac­tion. thank you so much!

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