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Cannabis Reclassification

By John Clarke


Cannabis is now Class B

Don’t worry though! Our awesome Smoking Mixtures do the trick and are totally legal!
According to our government, amphetamine (speed) is as bad for us as cannabis – what other message could reclassification send?

Your typical cannabis smoker tends to

  1. stay indoors
  2. chillax
  3. get through a lot of crisps

Your typical whizzkid tends to

  1. go out a lot
  2. get somewhat overconfident and aggressive
  3. listen to awesome drum ‘n’ bass
  4. approach the speed of light (literally*)

*Not literally

I’m not necessarily knocking amphetamine or it’s users, just pointing out that drugs are a class apart. Oh no, wait.

Check out the (now out of date) graph below, placing drugs from most harmful on the left to least harmful on the right.The score assigned to each drug takes into account harm to yourself and to society as a whole, and what’s that… alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than the class A drugs LSD and ecstasy! Considering that the link between cannabis and schizophrenia is as tenuous as ever (why isn’t the Netherlands one big psych ward?), why is our government ignoring it’s own scientists? Religion has more regard for evidence than Mr. Brown (and that’s saying something!) If you want to learn more about just how stupid our current classification system is, you can watch this episode of BBC’s Horizon, which tackles each drug in turn. (49 mins)


19 Responses to Cannabis Reclassification

  1. porcospino says:

    I see we share an interest in the same reading material :-).

    I’ve found the Arendt study suprisingly hard to explain in plain language, especially when the “conclusions” are framed so opaquely.

    My reading is that a genetic predisposition to psychosis is the determining factor, regardless of whether the patient smoked weed. Right?

  2. Nomen Nescio says:

    Ahem. Don’t you mean most harmful on the LEFT to least harmful on the RIGHT. At least, that’s my reading of the graphic – unless you think heroin and cocaine are the least harmful drugs of them all.

  3. Synchronium says:

    Ahem. You’re right. Now I’ll just edit the post and kill you before anyone else notices…


  4. Synchronium says:

    That was the impression I got. What with all the evidence for the neurodevelopmental hypothesis of schizophrenia, I don’t see how cannabis can cause it.

    But then again, I’m no expert on these things…

  5. Badass says:

    I think the cannabis ruling was unfair. If you put someone who never used the drug a high dose he will naturally overreact. If you want a fair trial on the substance you should use a person who knows full well its effect and tell you the truth of the drug. Besides people who normally smoke marijuana don’t smoke for 2 hours straight without taking a break.

  6. buddy says:

    hhappy 420 guys i gotta smoke with you all.

  7. Anon says:

    The comment that people who listen to drum and bass music take speed over cannabis users is a load of bull. Far from it, its more the opposite infact so get the full facts before posting misrepresented unfactual information on a culture you’ve not researched.


    A P’d off Drum & Bass DJ

  8. Synchronium says:

    A culture I’ve not researched? I’ll see YOU at Birmingham’s next Valve Sound System!

    It’s called a generalisation. I notice you didn’t have a problem with point number 4? Maybe if you were an avid Einstein fan, you’d have flagged that one up as well?

    My overall message was amphetamine users tend to go out more and get more aggressive. I’ve been to plenty of DnB events and not once seen some guy throwing up from too much cannabis, but I’ve seen countless tits on speed acting like they own the place. Perhaps it is YOU who’s not familiar with the culture?

  9. Steve says:

    Sync & DJ Anon, both have fair points – but I see 7’s point that you shouldn’t lambast one type of music. I agree that you are much more likely to see a self-important asshole tearing across the room with complete disregard for others in a club (though I’d say the really rude fucks are probably tooting coke).

    In my experience, real D&B fans tend to be more into psychoactive experiences (ganj, acid, shrooms etc.) and for the most part, anyone who is really into a sub-culture tends to be polite and respectful within that culture, so if they are taking uppers they can usually do so without turning into a prick.

    Thanks for an eye-opening and interesting post Sync!

  10. matt says:

    i really find it amazing how the classment had changed to class b when i returned from eindhoven, i’ve smoked weed pretty much not stop for 5 years and feel great a little memory loss but if i was drinking as inapropriatly ill probally be dead and really think the uk is crazy class b!

  11. Daimonion says:

    Interesting however I would not lump Crack and Cocaine together its a bit like putting heroin next to codeine. Many people do cocaine without even considering crack, and the harm they both do appears markedly different.

  12. Synchronium says:

    Daimonion: Perhaps it’s because people that use crack will most likely have used cocaine previously, making the relative risk of cocaine higher. Most heroin users probably wouldn’t have used codeine before.

    I’m not trying to argue with you though, just trying to speculate why they might have lumped them together.

  13. porcospino says:

    And now even the wallabies are at it.

  14. matt milton says:

    i really hink that th new classification of cannabis is just unfair, i mean come on look at the affects of alcohol and what it does to a person: you just lose your dignity and sence of being mature by acting really silly and not understandng what you are doing what makes you feel that you can do anything in the world as it is a false feeling just like many other drugs.

    but when it comes to cannabis it is more about being mature and realistic and that is what i believe that is causing people to think that it can cause a mental health problem like scysofrania, because it makes you realise things that you probably never thought of that refreshes your brain and its thought and placing them in a nother level of understanding and it can be conrolable.
    so it is not the cannabis that is causing that affect but it is the person who is using it, he/she migh have a weak soul and brain that is unsteady caused by stress in life or mental issues that are deep inside and unknown and that is without even using anything but when they use cnnabis sometimes makes it worse i agree…

    but when you come and look at it from the other side “their is alot of peope that are using it in the uk old/young and didnt cause no deaths.. tobaco cases more damadge than cannabis but the law is using the fact that tobaco is adictive to out it in the market and make it leagal to make alot ofmoney “how sad hey?” and cannabis is the victom here.

    Do YOU REALLY THINK THAT CHANING CANABIS INTO CLASS B WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE IN THE USAGE OF IT? I dont even think so… but it will make people buy it even more and lets them think of sneeky ways to buy it so the government is training normal people on how to be thugsters and dealers that are smugling it “under the table” making alot of money to use it in other bad matters making the crime rate even higher.
    why cant the government make that money instead will and legalise it and sell i in normall shops and not t be soled to people under 21, that way you are making mony that is going towards te country and also preventing illegl dealers ad minimizing the crime rate because when you find cannabis in the shops which is a trusted place “who the hell will go buy it off a dealer who is always untrusted and can mix it with anything” that means te dealer will be out of business and crimes that are related by cannabis will disapear and never come back.

    im not saying legalise it no im saing reclassify it back to C so the normal people dont get in trouble and in prison over something that is less harming that ALCOHOL..

  15. William says:

    One thing Matt has not realized that tobacco and alcohol can be easily controlled to be taxed. Were as with my favorite gunge it can not be controlled because anybody with a little space can grow the weed and sale it without being monitored by the government to be taxed (hint: the real intention behind the Harrison Act of 1914 because of opium being smuggled into this country). And where the hell these idea’s are coming from when you see a anti-weed commercial? Is it coming from the next generation of anal “REEFER MADNESS” paranoid psycho’s who was brain washed in believing that the movie was based on real life events.
    Lets face reality in how much that the DEA and Coast Guard drug interdiction’s of how they love to toot their over exaggerated horns in how they prevent small amount what’s not coming in when a far larger numbers are getting by and that’s not including what has been produced here at home.
    “AND” if our so called concerned government worried about narcotics coming into this country then why are we patrolling outside the territorial waters of certain countries
    who does not fall inline with our politics (national security or economics (oil)) and other countries who does. Meaning do you think that there is less of opium/heroin coming out of say Saudi Arabia versus cocaine, hash, meth., coming out of Columbia, Mexico,Panama.
    Lets not for get the real reason why we invaded Panama when Noriega’s former General decided to tell the truth in what was going on to the news media when he finally got fed up with the lies about how our government knew about the drugs coming out of Columbia, Uruguay and Paraguay were being trafficking through Panama and into the United States but did not care because as long the importance of the canal is militarily is and as long Noriega falls inline to what we wanted. We did not give a damn in how he ran the country. Noriega knowing this he took full advantage of being a drug lord.
    “BUT” yet if you and me grew a couple of plants and not pay taxes or does not fall into the schemes of things in national security, etc.. . We are demonized and placed at the same level as the head of some Cartel.
    Yes I do belief that weed should be legalized. Regrettably I stopped smoking back in 1994 because of all the mandatory drug testing not because while you are at work but to get work. “AND” I have plans for retirement and that is 1 year before I collect social security, I am going to grow couple of plants I am going to trim it, prune it and baby it. For that year just using good old fashion cut chicken manure or bat guano. after that year and I receive my first social security check. I am going to roll up a already prepared to the ounce I want in a roll, go and set out in front of my porch located out on couple of acres of nowhere of the mountains with my cats, chickens and small vegetable garden. After I had taken my first long drag since my last in ’94 I am going to take a good swallow of my Coors’s long neck. Than I will raise one of my arms up with a gesture from my hand to the world and saying this,” I had paid my dues to this world and what days I have left on this earth I want to be left alone and live the life I want it so this day forward “FUCK THE WORLD AND LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE NOW” Amen!

  16. William says:

    P.S. “GOD BLESS Willie Nelson”!

  17. richard , says:

    Thank you for writing this informative piece, i am a drug user its not in any way made me re asses my life style or attitude (towards drugs) but it’s help calm a few quite tyrants of friends and relatives, that iv shown this piece to and so eased there unaltered minds and perceptions of the state of play in which we cosmonauts live.


  18. Herr Doktor says:

    It’s pretty controversial. On the one hand, there are professionals who say that cannabis use may result in psychotic disturbances, and on the other hand, there are professionals who maintain that psychotic disturbances often result in cannabis use, due to its anxiolytic, sedating and partial antidepressant effects.

    Having used cannabis for several years in order to combat the symptoms of this stupid, irritating learning-social disorder that I supposedly have, more commonly known as ‘Asperger Syndrome’, I myself have concluded that cannabis is MUCH safer than prescription antidepressants, antipsychotics and tranquillisers alike. And certainly a lot better than the amphetamines, with which it now shares the slightly loftier position of Class B. ‘B’ for ‘Brown’ (as in Gordon); ‘B’ for ‘Bollocks’. And all the while, my own stepfather dies continually in agony, day in and day out, because of the effects of wonderful, legal and socially acceptable alcohol consumption, generally at a discount price. Now, he is either drunk and sick with his liver/kidney deterioration, or else stupefied with librium to stop him from convulsing to death. Enough is enough. It’s time to fight for our right to our way of life. It’s legal to drink, smoke tobacco, vote fascist, and kill for your country (so long as you’re wearing a uniform).

    It’s okay to have a religious belief, or watch TV compulsively, or to have racist and/or homophobic beliefs. Yet a PLANT, a product of NATURE, which neither kills nor causes anywhere near as much harm as the examples listed above, is unacceptable, primarily because 1) it can’t be easily taxed, and 2) the initial anti-marijuana law was fraught with delusional, somewhat fascist beliefs, such as the notion that ‘reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men’, and ‘the primary reason to outlaw marijuana, is its effect on the degenerate races’. Look up Harry J Anslinger, and read it for yourself. As George Washington once said, ‘Plant the hemp seed; sow it everywhere’.

    And as I say, don’t let the bastards get you down. People of all walks of life, from toilet cleaners to the aristocracy, continue to enjoy this miraculous gift of nature. Doctors, teachers, barristers and refuse collectors – whatever their occupation, or lack thereof, people from every corner of society, consume the weed either by smoking or eating.

    If every one of us were to ‘come out’ and, all at once, admit that every last one of us has benefited from use of marijuana, then maybe they would reconsider. And even if they do not reconsider, we must continue to do what we enjoy, as standing up to the bullies is the only way to make them back down. Or crush your skull, but at least we get to die on our feet, instead of living on our knees.

    “Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4. If that is granted, all else follows” – GEORGE ORWELL, ‘1984’.

    Amen to that.

  19. gongey says:

    As a someone that worked on the doors of various clubs over several years (internally) my observations are quite specific. Raves and ministry type clubs overwhelmingly have a higher proportion of ‘E’ takers and puffers of weed. They very rarely present a control problem or indeed agressive behaviour. However having worked in places where two types of music in different locations are functioning at the same time, two entirely different supporters tend to congregate. Contempory rock or chart music (hi ho silver lining) was where most speed and cocaine was used/seized/discovered/pushed etc. Lo and behold it was also where the doorman(bouncers) earned their wages sorting out (or not depending on the personal danger aspect) most of the fights and arguments (male amd female). The House and garage (ecstacy/puff followers) were rarely any trouble except to themselves (od ing). If the rock and chart (cocaine users) were then allowed to join the ravers all sorts of trouble instantly flared up. The two types of revellers were drugged into their respective state of bliss and never the twain should meet. In the event of injury needing attention the ravers are happy to have someone help and care for them. The speeders would rather rip your head off. For the sake of eficacy this was an observation over a period of seven years.

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