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How To Make Hallucinogenic Vodka

By John Clarke

Sick of that naus­eat­ing feeling and blurred vision from eating Morning Glory (Ipomeia violacea) seeds? Why not try making your own hal­lu­cino­genic vodka! Invest­ing a bit of time and money into your Morning Glory seeds will result in a much more refined exper­i­ence, keeping neg­at­ive side effects to a minimum.

This rel­at­ively straight­for­ward process will give you about 10 trips assum­ing 6g of seeds for a stand­ard dose.


100g Morning Glory Seeds
You can buy Morning Glory seeds all over the inter­net or find them growing nat­ur­ally.
1lt Good Quality Vodka
Since you want to enjoy this, don’t cheap out on the vodka. Ensure at least 40% alcohol by volume.
600 – 1000ml Naphtha
The best source of com­mer­cially avail­able naphtha in the UK is lighter fluid.
If you have lab filters, use ‘em. If not, a coffee filter. If you can’t find them, use a tea towel.
Pint Glasses
Don’t worry, you won’t be drink­ing your product out of these, we’re just using them to hold liquid. If you have access to lab beakers, use those.
1x 2lt Bottle
This can be a plastic pop bottle or any­thing. You’ll be using it for shaking things up.
1x Coffee Grinder
A small hand­held coffee grinder, used to powder coffee beans. You can also get away with a pepper grinder but it takes forever.

Step 1 - Powder Your Seeds

Simple enough. Take your 100g Morning Glory seeds and grind them into a powder using any means neces­sary. If you have a coffee grinder, use it. If not, empty out a pepper mill and try that. It might take an age, but the finer ground they are, the higher the quality of the end product.

Step 2 - Get Rid Of The Nasty Stuff

Take your 100g of ground seeds and pour them into your 2lt pop bottle. To this, add your 600 – 1000ml of naphtha and shake. Shake for as long as pos­sible. Let it sit in the naphtha for about a day with as much shaking as your arms can handle.

Step 3 - Filter And Dry

Yes, it realy is that easy. Filter the con­tents out using your filter/​beaker tea towel/​pint glasses and let the seeds dry until they no longer have the slight­est scent of pet­ro­chem­ic­als about them.

Step 4 - Extract The Good Stuff

First off, clean that 2lt bottle out with plenty of water, then take your litre of vodka and pour it into the 2lt bottle. Add to that the dry seeds from the pre­vi­ous step. Just like step 2, shake this up until your arms hurt and let the seeds sit in the vodka for three days this time, shaking it whenever you can.

Step 5 - Filter

Just like step 3, filter the seeds again. Squeeze all the vodka out of them then throw them away. By this time your vodka should be looking a little cloudy and brown. It will also have developed a some­what nutty flavour. Let’s hope you like nuts.

Step 6 - Serve Chilled

Measure out 100ml of your vodka and drink it however you like. With coke, over ice or through your eye. You can now enjoy your LSA trip without wanting to throw up..

17 Responses to How To Make Hallucinogenic Vodka

  1. Pengy945 says:

    Anyone know if this works? I have extrac­ted LSA from Morning Glory Seeds, so I know what I am doing.

  2. Tiger says:

    Can I use this recipe with Hawaiian Baby Woo­drose ?

  3. dave says:

    can you freez it or will it stay good without ?

  4. carlos says:

    this would actu­ally take the LSA out of the seeds and leave the nasty chem­ic­als in the seeds because LSA is soluble in naphtha, a better aproach would be to grind the seeds then put them in the vodka to absorb the LSA and then filter it, oh and dont take my word on this after all im not a chemist or any­thing

  5. carlos says:

    i forgot to mention that LSA is soluble in alcohol along with most other volat­ile solvents

  6. Synchronium says:

    #2: Yes

    #3: Freez­ing in the dark is prob­ably a good idea

    #4 & #5: LSA isn’t soluble in naphtha. Where have you read that it is?

  7. BCperceptions. says:

    I read that if I soaked powdered or ground up Baby Hawaiian Woo­drose (Mad­a­gas­can) seeds in water, or in water mixed with citric juice from a lemon, that the LSA would bind to the liquid and once filtered, the liquid would provide the required alkalies. Is this true?

    And if so can I trade water for 45% Vodka to reduce the nausea I repeatedly read about? Also would this speed up the process?

    And finally if I use a more intense ratio of seeds to solvent, can I produce a more potent bever­age?

  8. any major dude says:

    I’m not that big of a vodka fan, I may try this with some high proof rum though, or maybe just 95% ethanol since i’ve already got that handy… Think I would use a large glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle. Though if using the vodka method, i’d imagine someone could also add some citrus zest, or other fla­vor­ing during step 4.

  9. Jack says:

    Do you reckon this would work well with Jager­meister?
    I’d also be up for trying it with one of the fla­voured Absolut types to mask the flavour a bit, I’m not a huge vodka fan.

  10. nathan fairey says:

    you can do this with seeds that you can buy at the store?

  11. JSOTS Tim says:

    I think the Heav­enly Blue and/​or Flying Saucers variety of MG seeds work best… but you’d be better off, expense-wise, getting them in bulk at Ebay or from a full service seed company.

  12. BC perceptions says:

    All the brews sucked when com­pared to just eating them. If you can get (I got mine of e-bay) ‘Mad­a­gas­can strain baby Hawaiian woo­drose’ and then eat ten of them, that is what I recom­mend. Drink the jae­ger­mieser once you start feeling sick and smoke weed, it helps kill nausea.

  13. nathan fairey says:

    morning glory seeds dont do shit…they make you remem­ber things that you forget

  14. X says:

    I have per­son­ally ground up 3 doses of Hawaiian Baby Woo­drose Seeds and extraced in dis­tilled water. I ground 10 seeds up per dose in a coffee grinder and put the ground up shit in a small bowl petry dish whatever with the dis­tilled water, covered each in foil com­pletely so light could not get in. Then I put them in the fridge for 2 days, at which point 3 of us drank the water and even the goopy shit at the bottom. Pretty crappy stomach aches on an off for about an hour but then a great body high and euphoria for a good 8 hours after. Not nearly as intense as LSD, and no visuals really except for tracers and everything around you sort of vibrat­ing or moving a little bit. I tried again w/​ even more seeds in 100 proof pep­per­mint schnapps and got no effects at all, and this was several days later so it was not a tol­er­ance thing. Wasn’t worth it overall, con­sid­er­ing the pain it is to do all this. Good­luck.

  15. Dus says:

    The only 95% ethanol I’ve ever seen is lab/​industry grade. You don’t want to be drink­ing that; they know that’ll be a problem so they taint it. I don’t remem­ber with what offhand, but unless you can get the abso­lute stuff in the half liter bottles, I’d just spend a little money to either buy cheap, or make your own.

  16. Susan says:

    I once tried making lsa vodka with some morning-glory seeds, but it was quite a few years ago and I forgot the recipe. I never used naphtha, just vodka. I enjoyed a nice, smooth trip. Can we make lsa vodka WITHOUT naphtha or other dan­ger­ous solvents?

  17. Ken Watson says:

    I’m curious if anyone has actu­ally tried this recipe as written and their exper­i­ence. I read results of water extrac­tion and consume the seeds by chewing or grind­ing them up and taking cap­sules, but not so much naptha.

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