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How To Make Cannabis Butter

By John Clarke

If you can’t be arsed to cook, check out these Smoking Mix­tures instead!


This recipe pro­duces a small amount of can­nabis-infused butter, or can­nabut­ter, which can be used in a massive range of recipes to add that extra kick! If your recipe requires more butter than the amounts given here, feel free to mul­tiply up all the amounts.



  • 4oz (115g) Butter or Mar­gar­ine
  • 1/​8oz (3.5g) Can­nabis buds/​hash OR
  • 1/​4oz (7g) Can­nabis leaves


  • Small sauce­pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Sieve (optional)


  1. Melt the butter slowly in a pan. Add 18 oz (3.5g) finely ground can­nabis, and simmer on a low heat for around 30 minutes. This allows the can­nabis to infuse fully into the butter. Take care to keep the heat low, and stir con­tinu­ously as the butter can burn easily.
  2. After 30 minutes, pour the butter into a jug or tub. As you do this, if you want to remove the bud/​hash/​leaf, you can pass it through a fine sieve. You won’t be wasting any “good stuff”, since all the THC should have dis­solved into the butter, but if you don’t mind getting green bits in your teeth, you can just as easily leave it in.
  3. Allow the can­nabut­ter to set for around an hour, or until rel­at­ively hard, before using.


104 Responses to How To Make Cannabis Butter

  1. THE 6 says:


  2. baker says:

    i’m making the can­nabis butter right now, how does one know when it’s fin­ished absorb­ing the THC?

  3. holla marywanna says:

    What kinda buzz do u get from can­nibut­ter, com­pared to smoking it. I don’t wanna puke all over my carpet.. Lmao

  4. lazybum says:

    hey.…rest everythings fine but IMPORT­ANTLY .….….…1stly if im melting the butter n hash in a double boiler in the above pro­po­tions how long should i keep them on heat for? n 2ndly if i use plain crumbled hash is it good enuff?

    guys please do reply im eager to bake the brownies

  5. b-word says:

    I like to use a crock pot. Get 200g of butter and put it in a crock­pot on low for 10 – 12 hours (with an 18 of bud). It has never burned, and simmers per­fectly. Add more butter with more buds

  6. stothem says:

    in the making of can­nibud­der its seem every ones adive is simpley thrown together… is there a real recipe or just every­ones own way of doing it?

  7. smokin_hot says:

    If your stove is burning the butter, buy a double boiler. You put water in a bottom pot and boil it gently, and then put the second pot over top. Since water can not exceed 100 degrees c (212 f) your butter can not burn. I have used this method suc­cess­fully a couple of times now… I cook it for an hour+ to make sure all the THC has a chance to come out. It won’t burn on a double boiler, but stir it a lot anyway to make sure nothing settles at the bottom.

  8. brekus says:

    making them right now 🙂

  9. ellen says:

    Am getting 14 oz. weed today…my pul­mono­log­ist said to make THC butter.…will reduce COPD inflam­a­tion without irrit­at­ing the lungs. I’m in US on UK google.…

    Please tell me how to use this butter after it’s pre­pared. Also, how much is equivelent to 1 joint???

    Thanks in advance.

  10. that guy says:

    hey, im getting a quarter
    how much will this roughly make??

  11. Mr. Weed says:

    shouldn’t you put the fin­ished canabut­ter in the fridge after making it?

  12. Bllarghh says:

    i was just won­der­ing… is it pos­sible to do the same with a legal high??

  13. lupso says:

    aaight guys i made around 3 kilos of highbutter…and later on i got bout 200 rly power­full cookies.…effects take place in 15 minutes…atleast thats what my takers say, i dont toke myself…i was just wondering…how much are they worth if id sell a 100…

  14. stenz says:

    use a slow cooker(croc pot), melt the butter down any amount and then add you weed or shake depends on the potency or the amount you want then cook it on low for 12 hrs, strain and put in fridge or freezer for harden­ing

  15. cammy says:

    can i use green leaves or do i have to dry it first?

  16. freewheeling frank says:

    oh wow,
    i smoked all the stash, while trying to read all this .
    oh well
    i fancy a pizza !

  17. keely says:

    Oh my god, you guys suck.….just smoke the stuff.…and ser­i­ously cbutter is so easy to make if you don’t know how to do it maybe u shouldn’t be smoking or eating any green as it may burn the last cells of your brain.
    Just bong on and be happy for it

  18. tom says:

    yeah, it’s easy when you know how. I’m guess­ing these first-timers don’t want to fuck up their can­nabut­ter and waste their weed? And maybe they’ve heard all the hype about hash brownies and want to try some for them­selves instead of smoking it all the time. Variety is the spice of life, after­all…

  19. hutchy lad :) says:

    Im goin to make hash brownies for my 16th 🙂 Im just going to cook a fuck off cake and before it goes in the oven bung 40 quids worth in the mixture 😛 plan?

  20. Ritchy says:

    Once I infused a full oz of prime Afghani hash into a quarter lb of butter by cooking it on the stove slowly for an hour. No water involved. The whole thing went into a batch of oatmeal cookies which were so strong that eating one would put you out for hours. One friend ate two and was nearly cata­tonic for the night. That was too much. Since then I infuse up to an ounce of shake into a quarter lb of butter. Much better. Lasts longer than smoking and you have no smokers cough.

  21. Curious Ant says:

    Some say you need to put buds in and in other sites I read you can just use the leaves. What is true? Can you really just use leaves?

  22. budolicious says:

    once ive made my can­nabut­ter, can i just spread it on toast for break­fast? is that enough butter for a morning kick­start?

  23. Klozi Trokstar says:

    Hi. How does one make the Can­nibut­ter with solid hash vs pot/​weed? I have 12 an ounce (approx­im­ately 14.5 grams, I think), so how much hash should I use in this par­tic­u­lar recipe? And is the procedure/​method of making the Can­nibut­ter much the same? Please help.…much appre­ci­ated!

  24. xander says:

    will this recipe make my house smell like weed?

  25. mephedrone says:

    I have been making infused baked goods for quite some time now, and am not sure if 30 minutes would be long enough to pull every bit of THC out of the sub­stance. I have done count­less trial and errors with dif­fer­ent batches and found that using a crock pot at the lowest setting for 8 hours with an occa­sional stir created some of the most intense butter I have tried to date. I use a fixed amount of clip­pings each time so I’m pretty sure it’s not a dif­fer­ence in weight making them stronger.

  26. Gret says:

    For how many people it will be with 3.5g?
    If i use 2g would it be enough for 3 people?

  27. wannaCanna says:

    can da can­nabut­ter b used NOT in da brownie, but in da FROST­ING wch is spread ova da brownie…???
    will dat get me HIGH?!



  28. sarah says:

    hell motha fuckin yes

  29. Tom says:

    Can you do any­thing with the left over pot?

  30. Westcoast Beauty says:

    Once you make the bub­babut­ter, u can use it in any recipe, includ­ing stir frys, etc. I agree, the crock­pot is by far the best and easiest way to go!!

    And no, you cant use the left over pot. All the THC has been drained out of it…alll of it, so its nothin but poo paste!

    I find cookies are more potent than brownies too 🙂 and u have to HEAT the weed to extract the THC.…so no, it wont work in the icing, nor will it work as good just chuck­ing straight buds into your recipe.

  31. Scorp says:

    Hey all, if your like me and put the cana+butter in a tub to sit and float in water whilst it all simmers away but if sinks and you get a cana+butter+water manky mix, don’t worry, keep on through with it and after a few hours just put the whole mix into the fridge and the butter solid­i­fies itself at the top of a jug 🙂
    Works really well, and if your going to make cookies from it, what i then did was retrieve all of the canabis mush from the sieve, rolled it out on to a glass (Or some­thing hard) surface, waited untill it all dried so it was almost like a powder, scraped it off and added it into the mixture.
    It gave a really suc­cess­full taste 🙂

  32. The Cookie Monster says:

    I eat several hash cookies a day and just put the hash straight into the cookie dough before baking. Works a treat!

    I’ve found this way cheaper than making butter from skunk, but I will be trying out the same way with hash IE using water and butter to cook for about 3 hours or so. This worked very well with VAPOUR­ISED weeds also, so you can vapour­ise your skunk and then make butter from it. Oh yeah, it really works, enjoy! x

  33. Namsat says:

    What’s a crock pot?

  34. Namsat says:

    wow. Making cla­ri­fied butter by skim­ming with a spoon is endless. If you know what a crock pot is I suggest you try that.

  35. jamesey says:

    What works best for making canna butter is a double boiler. They are not that expens­ive, buy one at walmart, i believe it was less than 20 bucks and you can steam veggies with it too. The concept is the bottom pan has water in it and the top pan that nests in the bottom pan has your cooking butter. get the bottom pan boiling, then turn it way down so it just boils ever so slightly, place your butter and herb in the top pan and let is simmer for about 4 hours. Don’t let the bottom pan run out of water!! I make a banana nut muffin that is quite awesome, however, i don’t look quite as good in an apron.…

  36. anon says:

    Will burnt budder still get you high? :/

  37. H says:

    People, I’m going to try this recipe tomor­row as I’m pre­par­ing a gradu­ation party, so would anyone care to answer this..?
    In the middle-east, the Hash products come in slightly rect­an­gu­lar shape, and as big as one of your hand’s fingers can get dif­fer­ing in size ofcourse, so can any one tell me how much of Hash is needed for 5 people if I’m using the canna-butter recipe for Hash brownies? and Is it really better than smoking the Hash? Sorry for taking your time 🙂

  38. Shoreline says:

    You’re not sup­posed to use Mar­gar­ine. There’s no fat in it that can extract the THC, so you MUST use butter.

  39. nannygh says:

    the mush left over can be used for a canna patch. This is great if you have sprains, sore back ect. Do not put on a open sore.Wrap the left over mush in cheese cloth. put it in the feezer, you can use it cold or heat it up a little in microwave. peace

  40. Moogle says:

    Don’t worry folks 🙂

    Making some right now in the mason jar double boiler tech­nique and I’m letting it “Steep” in the melted butter for about 40 minutes and letting it rest for 10. It’s a rich dark green color, but not brown!

    Enjoy Folks

  41. JCINHB says:

    You can take an OZ of bud leaves, 2 sticks of butter and some water. Grind up the leaves in a grinder, put it all in a pot, simmer for 2 – 6 hrs. When done, put through a fine mesh filter 1 – 3 times, toss the grinds. Let sit until it hardens and skim off the butter and toss the water.

  42. onewithweed says:

    what happens if you burn the butter can you still use it?

  43. Alex says:

    I’m really eager to try making can­nabut­ter, but i need to know one thing. Will it make my kitchen stink, and if it will, how bad/​long does it stay for?

    happy smoking! 🙂

  44. ritchy says:

    YES! It will cer­tainly make your kitchen smell for the entire time you are cooking your butter. I use a slow cooker and cook it out doors. Never had a com­plaint from the neigh­bors.

  45. dudes says:

    Lol, we’re doin’ it bit­cheees

  46. al says:

    If you don’t want your kitchen to smell, take 5g of finely ground weed and put it in a small mason jar along with a stick of butter. Place the jar on top of a dish towel in a pot with sim­mer­ing water, cover it, and let it cook for a few hours. Neither the butter nor the psy­cho­act­ive com­pounds burn, it’s com­pletely odor-free, and you don’t have to pay atten­tion to it.

  47. someguyyoumaynotknow says:

    how much vape duff would you use?

  48. BillyBud says:

    This article isn’t exact…
    Here is the method I’ve been using for years in making can­nabut­ter::

    1.Melt 4 ounces of butter in a microwave oven,

    2.Boil a pot of water on the stove after it begins to boil put it on simmer and pour the melted butter into the pot of sim­mer­ing water after this point “NEVER LET IT BOIL”.

    3. Add 1 oz of ground can­nabis, and simmer on a low heat and keep stir­ring lightly using a wooden spoon, and after 30 minutes let it low simmer(not boil) keep stir­ring lightly while gently pushing the float­ing buds into the soup. This allows the can­nabis to infuse fully into the butter.

    4.Keep the very heat low(below simmer) your just heating it at this point not sim­mer­ing as the butter can burn easily and lightly re-stir it every 5 minutes or less.

    5. After 1 to 2 hours, turn off the heat and remove the bud that’s float­ing on the surface using a hand held cooking sieve to remove more of the float­ing leaf., pour the butter into a jug or tub.

    6.Allow the can­nabutter to set for around an hour, or until rel­at­ively hard, before using you’ll notice the bottom layer is darker than the top layer, you can cut that off and use it as 2different types of butters, both are potent but the more solid yellow color butter is strongest.

    7. Store it in the refri­ger­ator in an air tight bowl.

    [Side Note]
    I always use White widow marijuana to give it the more cosmic butter kick and usually pour it into a butter bowl I bought at the store for a more unnoticed stealthy look.

  49. rich g says:

    Use veget­able oil instead of butter.…works just as good but doesn’t burn as easily.…30 to 40 min is how long I simmer on low…if its smoking turn it down.…use the thc infused oil in any recipe and divvy the results up into 16 pieces…I like the buzz better than smoking…lasts longer…no smoke,no smell…and u can eat brownies anywhere)…ps use good weed.…up here in the great white north its all good…enjoy,God bless

  50. hoMy says:

    Mar­gar­ine is no good for cb

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