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Keeping on the Straight and Narrow

By John Clarke

As Coffeesh0p gets bigger and bigger, I’m getting more and more worried about pro­mot­ing the psy­cho­activ­ity of the plants we sell. Recently, the hyped up sales talk all over Everyone­DoesIt has res­ul­ted in them remov­ing Salvia divinorum from their shop, so in response, we’ve slapped “not for con­sump­tion” labels in a few of our product descrip­tions. One problem still remains however — our art­icles section, which con­tains can­nabis recipes, extrac­tion teks and info on proper usage. While I’ve always been a sup­porter of provid­ing proper inform­a­tion, these art­icles are making me more and more uncom­fort­able as the days flit by. As any Inter­net mar­keter should know, article writing is one great way to boost traffic and get links back to your site, but any Inter­net mar­keter worth his salt also knows, you shouldn’t take unne­ces­sary risks.

The sub­stan­tial traffic gained from these art­icles is also pretty poor when it comes to e-com­merce — people looking for inform­a­tion prob­ably aren’t ready to buy any­thing, so “convert” poorly. But those inform­a­tion seekers make great blog readers, so moving those art­icles to this blog makes perfect sense. It’s tempt­ing to look at overall traffic and feel good as you see it increase, but traffic that con­verts poorly is actu­ally more of a cost than a benefit. More people = more hosting bills!

Over the next week or so, I’ll gradu­ally be trans­fer­ring those art­icles onto this blog (with a 301 redir­ect, nat­ur­ally), so keep an eye out!.

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