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Tweaking Salvia Trip

By John Clarke

Today, I spent a little time making a couple of changes to Salvia Trip. The number one thing I needed to do was create some kind of spam filter. Ini­tially, I planned on mod­er­at­ing all the exper­i­ence reports myself, but all the amer­ican ones had to wait ages before I got out of bed. This kind of delay isn’t very helpful when there’s com­munity buildin’ to be done. A few days later, I just pub­lished them auto­mat­ic­ally, until someone’s salvia exper­i­ence could appar­ently be summed up soley by a list of links. “What a spir­itual journey”, I thought. After the second beau­ti­ful inter­pret­a­tion via the medium of linkage was brought to my atten­tion, I real­ised some­thing needed to be done… even­tu­ally. Nat­ur­ally, pro­cras­tin­a­tion took hold, and I resor­ted to delet­ing them from the data­base manu­ally as a quick fix. So today, I put my coding hat on and made a little filter to halt any report con­tain­ing a link. I’ll then delete all the spam, accept all the legit reports and everybody’s happy.

Since my coding hat was barely on for five seconds, I decided further action was neces­sary. Other changes include:

  • Chan­ging the number of trips/​comments on a user’s profile page from six to five, like the front page
  • Swap­ping the order of the most popular trips when brows­ing — least popular were at the top for some reason…
  • Adding a default avatar to pro­files without one
  • Dis­play­ing avatars with all trip reports and com­ments
  • Chan­ging the advert blocks to be a bit more com­ple­ment­ary instead of blended in with the text

Here’s the new default avatar, inspired by those next to com­ments on this blog. You might recog­nise the salvia leaves from SageWis­dom — I painted in the leaves, spread them further apart and used them as a pattern for the back­ground.

My head is now suf­fi­ciently toasty, so off comes the coding hat and on goes the relaxin’-in-front-of-the-telly poncho. We have some power­ful new smoking mix­tures to try out….

One Response to Tweaking Salvia Trip

  1. William says:

    I love your salvia trip site.

    It’s a good idea.

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