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Are We Legitimate? Of Course Not!

By John Clarke

In fact, we’ll steal your money, sell drugs to your kids and piss on your cat.

No we won’t, but that’s what I’m tempted to say every time Coffeesh0p gets an email asking this same ridicu­lous ques­tion — we get asked if we’re legit­im­ate quite fre­quently, as it happens. It makes you wonder what’s going on in the minds of these people. If we’re legit­im­ate, of course we’ll reply with a “Yes”. If we plan on steal­ing your money, we’re even more likely to say “Yes”!

Perhaps they’re the tech­no­phobe set of society, afraid to enter any details in case of fraud or iden­tity theft. If that’s the case, maybe they also assume that I’m under oath when answer­ing emails, because no one would ever reply with “Ok, you caught us out! We’re a scam”. They genu­inely expect a full spec­trum of honest replies.

If these people don’t trust me with their money, but are willing to take what I say as fact, maybe slap­ping a big button on the homepage saying “WE WON’T STEAL YOUR MONEY” will make people think twice before email­ing us.

Actu­ally, in future, I think I’ll just link them to the post….

2 Responses to Are We Legitimate? Of Course Not!

  1. Overfiend says:

    Bit of an old post so just to be clear.……You guys are legit aren’t you? 😉 😛 Lol

  2. Loosechanj says:

    Won­der­ing myself, placed an order well over a week ago and it’s still not arrived, I saw the message on the front­page but that hasn’t changed since monday and it’s been long enough to be honest.

    E-mails are also being ignored.

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