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By John Clarke

I’m very excited! We’ve just bought quite a few new things to pad out our Legal Highs and Entheo­gen cat­egor­ies, which happen to be our favour­ite. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be trick­ling new products on here and there, includ­ing more kratom, herbal teas and other deli­cious extracts, as well as popular smoking mix­tures in the same league as Spice Diamond. It’s going to take forever to write all the descrip­tions and produce a nice set of images for each. We’re going to try and put more on there about tra­di­tional usage, and maybe some phar­ma­co­logy too. I just wish I was working on it full time!

Pyramidal neurones in the Cerebral Cortex

Pyr­am­idal neur­ones in the Cereb­ral Cortex

As it happens, I’m pretty busy with my second module of the semester: neuro­phar­ma­co­logy. In a few weeks, I’ll have to do another present­a­tion in the same vein as my one on salvia. I’m think­ing I’ll talk about either kratom, ayahuasca or psy­cho­act­ive mush­rooms. Kratom has some very inter­est­ing prop­er­ties, acting as an opioid, ayahuasca high­lights the import­ance of drug-drug inter­ac­tions, con­tain­ing DMT and an MAO inhib­itor, while psy­cho­act­ive mush­rooms are just really inter­est­ing. The last option also allows me to bring in some whole Amanita mus­caria caps (another excit­ing new product!) in to pass around — every­one would love that, right? As if that wasn’t reason enough, it’s active con­stitu­ent, muscimol, is also of use phar­ma­co­lo­gic­ally. During some pre­lim­in­ary research, I found this great paper on hal­lu­cino­gens and dis­so­ci­at­ive agents nat­ur­ally growing in the United States I thought I’d share with you. Not hard going at all, and totally worth a read.

I’ve also got to pick a 10 week research project to do after Christ­mas. One of the options, and no doubt the one with the most com­pet­i­tion, is on can­nabin­oids, eating beha­viour and GABA sig­nalling. Another one that stands out is the effects of ket­am­ine on the visual cortex. Looks like a busy few weeks ahead..

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