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New Avatar

By John Clarke

This has been my avatar for as old as I can remember, when the only thing worth doing with the Internet was downloading single mp3s and learning how to blow things up. As such, the only copy I have is the 80*80px shitty quality jpeg you see here.

It’s now 2008, and as the web becomes a bigger, better place full of rich media and interactivity, most forums have evolved to allow avatars bigger than 3kB. So, to be ready for the next several years haranguing people over the Internet, I figured I’d need to “upgrade”.

An hour or so with Photoshop later, enter Mark II. Bigger, better, certainly more badass AND wearing some kind of hippie T-shirt!

There is a reason to all this though. As every niche marketer should know, posting on forums and being part of a community is a great way to get your name out there. A lot of people don’t do this for one reason or another; maybe they don’t have the time, or maybe they just can’t stand talking to their “key demographic”. Whatever the reason, they should be getting involved. Forums can be both entertaining and worthwhile for your business. They help build your brand, and a signature link under each of your posts will go a long way toward getting you more traffic and getting you noticed by the search engines.

Another reason I wanted to make this new avatar is because my forum profiles needed updating anyway. What with the recent changes I made to Coffeesh0p, a great number of my signature links were pointing to the wrong place! If I was going to have to change my profiles anyway, I may as well update my avatar!

Of course, some may argue that I was merely procrastinating….

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