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New Avatar

By John Clarke

This has been my avatar for as old as I can remem­ber, when the only thing worth doing with the Inter­net was down­load­ing single mp3s and learn­ing how to blow things up. As such, the only copy I have is the 80*80px shitty quality jpeg you see here.

It’s now 2008, and as the web becomes a bigger, better place full of rich media and inter­activ­ity, most forums have evolved to allow avatars bigger than 3kB. So, to be ready for the next several years har­anguing people over the Inter­net, I figured I’d néed to “upgrade”.

An hour or so with Pho­toshop later, enter Mark II. Bigger, better, cer­tainly more badass AND wearing some kind of hippie T-shirt!

There is a reason to all this though. As every niche mar­keter should know, posting on forums and being part of a com­munity is a great way to get your name out there. A lot of people don’t do this for one reason or another; maybe they don’t have the time, or maybe they just can’t stand talking to their “key demo­graphic”. Whatever the reason, they should be getting involved. Forums can be both enter­tain­ing and worth­while for your busi­ness. They help build your brand, and a sig­na­ture link under each of your posts will go a long way toward getting you more traffic and getting you noticed by the search engines.

Another reason I wanted to make this new avatar is because my forum pro­files needed updat­ing anyway. What with the recent changes I made to Coffeesh0p, a great number of my sig­na­ture links were point­ing to the wrong place! If I was going to have to change my pro­files anyway, I may as well update my avatar!

Of course, some may argue that I was merely pro­cras­tin­at­ing….

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