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A Mushroomy Weekend

By John Clarke

Check out my new SupaFly Agaric incense burner! Quite possibly the most tackiest piece of crap ever made, but at only £6.50, can you really complain? My girlfriend and I found this wonderful item at Birmingham’s German Christmas Market, where ample hot dogs and beer in expensive looking glasses divert your attention away from the fact that everything is mass produced in Nepal. Basically, the big mushroom at the back lifts off, revealing a metal plate upon which you place a burning incense cone. Pop the mushroom back on and smoke billows from his chimney. That’s right, his chimney. Not only does this anthropomorphised Amanita muscaria specimen possess a face complete with moustache, he also appears to be a dwelling of some description, equipped with a chimney and a door. What might live in there, I have no idea. Regardless, this was almost the best purchase ever, second only to the £3 spent on deep fried cheese minutes before.

Inspired by this epic work of art, I decided to get back online after a few weeks of down time. This is a small experiment of mine I set up to compete with myself. The ground fly agaric and soma spliffs on there are the same as those listed on Coffeesh0p, just priced slightly differently. There’s a couple of pretty interesting articles on there too about fly agaric basics and history – did you know the laypeople of eastern Siberia would consume their shaman’s piss for it’s psychoactive constituents? You do now!

Hopefully, I’ll have some whole amanita muscaria caps on Coffeesh0p soon. The ground caps still do the trick, they just don’t look anywhere near as cool….

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