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Salvia Divinorum Banned in the UK?

By John Clarke

UPDATE 16/08/2013 – Salvia is completely legal in the UK. Click here to find out all about salvia divinorum’s legal status.


Oh oh! It seems Salvia Divinorum has finally attracted the wrong kind of attention. Maybe. It seems no one really knows what’s going on.

EveryoneDoesIt, the big-brand headshop and legal highs retailer, received a letter on Oct 31st from the MHRA demanding they “immediately cease to sell, supply, promote or advertise all salvia divinourm products intended for human administration”. The MHRA, or the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, is a government-run group of people who keep an eye out for safety when it comes to drugs, among other things. So why are they getting involved? Salvia isn’t the kind of medicine a doctor would prescribe. Maybe that’s just it though, if they say it’s a medicine knowing full well it will never be prescribed, no one will possibly have access to it! So, is this a sneaky attempt to ban salvia without actually banning it? It sounds plausable, but why have they not published any news about this on their website? Unusual, considering they made a big deal about BZP last year.

Even more strange is the fact that no one else has been contacted! While EveryoneDoesIt have removed their salvia divinorum products just to be sure, my wholesalers have no problem getting hold of salvia, and Coffeesh0p hasn’t heard a thing! Perhaps it’s down to the way their salvia was marketed – as a legal high rather than an entheogenic botanical specimine. I’ve since added a bit more of a warning on our salvia category page, making sure people understand that.

So, no one’s really sure if this is real or not. It certainly seems real considering EveryoneDoesIt have removed their stock, but if it is, the MHRA have gone about this very strangely. No public statement, only contacting EveryoneDoesIt and no warning period in which to sell off remaining stock.

An elaborate hoax by one of their competitors, maybe? Don’t look at me!.

3 Responses to Salvia Divinorum Banned in the UK?

  1. narcisse says:

    And now, When order the best salvia 60X flavoured extract ?
    It is an important problem, salvia 60X of everyonedoesit was the best quality of salvia divinorum i have never seen.

    a french


  2. Synchronium says:

    Was it any particular brand (not that people should brand plants…)? Coffeesh0p sells 60x, provided you’re in the UK.

  3. Al says:

    And if you are outside the UK, you can purchase a variety of Salvia products on our US website:

    Back on topic, I’ve always been against those who market salvia is a “legal high.” I clearly state on my website that the term “legal high” is offensive when it comes to this spiritual plant. It’s not a drug to get “high” on, it’s a tool for spiritual divination and self exploration, and hopefully one day for medicine. I recommend to everyone to search “divinorum” on the new scholar google: to find hundreds of scientific articles with lots of promising discoveries already made by scientists in the US and hopefully soon in other countries as well.

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