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Coffeesh0p Changes

By John Clarke

Coffeesh0p has gotten bigger and bigger over the past couple of years, stock­ing more and herbal highs, entheo­gens, pipes, bongs, etc. Decid­ing where it all goes is now more import­ant than ever. Organ­ising the product cat­egor­ies — the virtual floor plan — is increas­ingly import­ant for both ease of access and intu­it­ive shop­ping, as well as optim­isa­tion with the search engines. I think it’s about time for a big reshuffle!

Ini­tially, Salvia Divinorum was the only cat­egory in the sh0p, since I made my own extract, but since then we’ve added tonnes more. The next were prob­ably the Legal Pills and Entheo­gens cat­egor­ies. Here was the first problem — Salvia Divinorum IS an entheo­gen, so where the hell do I put it? Since then, I’ve always had Salvia in it’s own top-level cat­egory, as that’s always been our product of choice. The major­ity of vis­it­ors come looking for salvia, and the Salvia cat­egory, being a top-level cat­egory, always does well in the search engines. I’ve always been scared to move it to it’s right­ful place within Entheo­gens in case it sud­denly dropped out of the search results and I had to get another job for a bit.

But now, we sell a lot of stuff! Cur­rently, we still have a top-level Salvia Cat­egory, along with Entheo­gens & Herbal Highs and Legal Pills. There are more, but these are the three I’m think­ing of shuff­ling up a bit. When these cat­egor­ies first started out, I wanted to keep everything in tablets in it’s own cat­egory and any­thing herbal in the Entheo­gens & Herbal Highs cat­egory, regard­less of what it was. We now stock various popular smoking mix­tures, many of whom don’t list their ingredi­ents so are argu­ably herbal, along with a number of entheo­gens, like Guarana, that I wouldn’t neces­sar­ily call a herbal high. We also have a rather out of place Snuff cat­egory, putting herbal Kanna side by side with Snow Blow herbal cocaine.

So, this has been getting at me more and more recently. Also, it might piss off some of the serious herb­al­ists, who get per­son­ally offen­ded to see their entheo­gen of choice listed as a herbal high, but that’s not all. When I started Coffeesh0p, I had no idea about SEO, keyword research or any­thing else in that field. I figured “hmm, herbal highs sounds like a cool cat­egory name”. It turns out, that phrase, while cool, does not get a lot of searches com­pared to “Legal Highs”. A big reshuffle now might result in more traffic for this search term.

So, here’s what I’ll do. Raw herbs on their own will go into a new Entheo­gens cat­egory, includ­ing Salvia. Any­thing more recre­ational, like Spice smoking mix, Snow Blow and all of the legal pills section will go under a new Legal Highs cat­egory. Thrill­ing, I know!

But here’s the fun part. I decided it would be a good time to funk up the front page some­what. Maybe remove those massive ads in place a bit more colour for each cat­egory. Here are a couple of new banners I’ve been playing round with this after­noon.

Yes, I did painstak­ingly lay out all of those herbs, then sep­ar­ate them all again at the end.

One more tip incase you ever need to change your website archi­tec­ture — make sure you cor­rectly redir­ect your old URLs to the new ones. The best way I’ve found is to use 301 redir­ects with the .htac­cess file, or make sure your cat­egor­ies and products “know” where they’re sup­posed to be, and if they get called any­where else, they can 301 redir­ect them­selves to the proper loc­a­tion. The 301 redir­ect tells the search engines this is a per­man­ent relo­ca­tion, and so any benefit received from links point­ing to your old pages will carry over the new ones..

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