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Salvia Divinorum is NOT like LSD!

By John Clarke

Arrrghhh! We’ve all seen the media’s sen­sa­tion­alist take on Salvia Divinorum. I swear I’ve seen it men­tioned as “the next LSDand “the next marijuana” in the SAME article before. I’m sure it makes com­pel­ling reading for those con­ser­vative types, wielding the banning stick, but come on!

Just yes­terday, I received a news­paper clip­ping through the post entitled “Concern over craze for ‘psycho sage’ videos”. The article focused mainly on those tw@s that think it’s fun to post videos of them­selves on YouTube smoking salvia, which is fair enough, but in approx­im­ately 250 words of ill-​​informed “journ­alism”, I can see LSD men­tioned twice.

Salvia != LSD

Why This Is Fucking Stupid

  1. Any­thing labelled so con­sist­ently as “LSD-​​Like” is sure to receive a banning from any MP wanting to appear “tough on drugs”. We all know how Gordon Brown likes to ignore sci­entific evid­ence when it comes to drugs, so I don’t think the fact that salvia divinorum is NOTHING like LSD will be men­tioned at all. Con­sid­ering that this amazing herb does actu­ally have a lot of medi­cinal poten­tial, is it really worth com­paring it to LSD just to make exciting reading? This is a sure fire way to get it banned. Arse­hole Journ­alist: I’m sure all those people with Parkinson’s will thank you! (NB: that’s not to say LSD doesn’t have any clin­ical use — in fact, it shows amazing poten­tial in curing addic­tion far quicker than regular therapy — shame no one wants to research it any more because it’s such a bal­lache to get permission…)
  2. The public tends to believe it, and may get hurt! If that many places are reporting its sim­il­arity to LSD, then the unin­formed public will take it as read. Last night, someone sub­mitted an anonymous report on Salvia Trip, entitled “Not for me”. This bloke is a 36 year old pro­grammer, who used to be into LSD back in the good old days. He goes on to say that he’s heard about salvia and wanted a similar exper­i­ence. As you’d expect, he didn’t enjoy it. Thank­fully, nothing bad happened, but there is cer­tainly the poten­tial for some­thing to go wrong. This is only one report (and the inspir­a­tion behind this post), so imagine how many more people this has happened to. This piss-​​poor excuse for a journ­alist is going to do more harm than good.


2 Responses to Salvia Divinorum is NOT like LSD!

  1. DNA says:

    I’ll add: (to all Salvia divinorum related pages) of course http://​www​.sagewisdom​.org needs to be men­tioned as prob­ably the best site to go to for the facts and FAQs about Salvia divinorum. If everyone who planned to use it first read (and fol­lowed) The User’s Guide http://​www​.sagewisdom​.org/​u​s​e​r​s​g​u​i​d​e​.​h​tml there would be no problem. It doesn’t lend itself to abuse and can pos­sible end crav­ings and addic­tions to other sub­stances that are det­ri­mental to body and mind. Salvia is safe done wisely. Lying down or sitting up, however you can handle it (5−10 minutes smoked, 30-​​60minutes chewed leaves or tinc­ture), dark­ness and quiet is best with slow, deep, relaxed breathing.

  2. Korthkor of Y'thkiroth says:

    First off, let me tell you a little about myself -
     – I’m a writer primarily, but in the spirit of youth I’m a musi­cian within the genres of Black Metal/​Epic
     – I Ride a push­bike
     – …and I have very long hair

    Con­sid­ering we’ve got the general mental picture of my shabby appear­ance and ques­tion­able choices well and truly estab­lished in the mind of any future reader, let me slowly get to the point…

    Now, I’m not much for politics, I’m not a zealot of any creed and I’m not much for ranting — hence the reason why I’m not going to boo this article. and why, you ask? ‘cus it makes a f’kin good point.

    I’m unsure as to whether you’ve heard all the rumors lately, but as someone who knows a dis­trib­utor of Salvia in a small god­fearing town, no doubt I had some shakes in my boots for a couple of days when I had people telling me that Salvia was banned. A mad thought, no doubt, but some­thing like that quite obvi­ously aint’ worth joking about, even on the sun­niest of days. Luckily, it hasn’t been banned. Luckily most for me, ‘cus I’ve never even touched it. Yes, you are reading the words of a Salvia virgin…

    Still, I very much intend to, and with a lovely packet on the way through the post, I’m looking forward to loading up my Shisha and sitting down in a dark envir­on­ment (same as always for me, as a weird-​​metal pro­du­cing hermit) and readying myself for whatever comes — All because of one reason, I got all my best ideas in dreams. Ser­i­ously, I didn’t write and re-​​write 35,000 words of short stories and general mum­blings from ideas and situ­ations I encountered from when I was fully con­scious. I have some­thing to owe to the sub­con­scious, and if that can ever do harm to another man, and if they ever find a reason to ban Salvia, I will cook and then eat my own balls.

    Cheers for the advice matey — Korthkor of Y’thkiroth

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