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Salvia Divinorum is NOT like LSD!

By John Clarke

Arrrghhh! We’ve all seen the media’s sensationalist take on Salvia Divinorum. I swear I’ve seen it mentioned as “the next LSD” and “the next marijuana” in the SAME article before. I’m sure it makes compelling reading for those conservative types, wielding the banning stick, but come on!

Just yesterday, I received a newspaper clipping through the post entitled “Concern over craze for ‘psycho sage’ videos“. The article focused mainly on those tw@s that think it’s fun to post videos of themselves on YouTube smoking salvia, which is fair enough, but in approximately 250 words of ill-informed “journalism”, I can see LSD mentioned twice.

Salvia != LSD

Why This Is Fucking Stupid

  1. Anything labelled so consistently as “LSD-Like” is sure to receive a banning from any MP wanting to appear “tough on drugs”. We all know how Gordon Brown likes to ignore scientific evidence when it comes to drugs, so I don’t think the fact that salvia divinorum is NOTHING like LSD will be mentioned at all. Considering that this amazing herb does actually have a lot of medicinal potential, is it really worth comparing it to LSD just to make exciting reading? This is a sure fire way to get it banned. Arsehole Journalist: I’m sure all those people with Parkinson’s will thank you! (NB: that’s not to say LSD doesn’t have any clinical use – in fact, it shows amazing potential in curing addiction far quicker than regular therapy – shame no one wants to research it any more because it’s such a ballache to get permission…)
  2. The public tends to believe it, and may get hurt! If that many places are reporting its similarity to LSD, then the uninformed public will take it as read. Last night, someone submitted an anonymous report on Salvia Trip, entitled “Not for me”. This bloke is a 36 year old programmer, who used to be into LSD back in the good old days. He goes on to say that he’s heard about salvia and wanted a similar experience. As you’d expect, he didn’t enjoy it. Thankfully, nothing bad happened, but there is certainly the potential for something to go wrong. This is only one report (and the inspiration behind this post), so imagine how many more people this has happened to. This piss-poor excuse for a journalist is going to do more harm than good.


2 Responses to Salvia Divinorum is NOT like LSD!

  1. DNA says:

    I’ll add: (to all Salvia divinorum related pages) of course needs to be mentioned as probably the best site to go to for the facts and FAQs about Salvia divinorum. If everyone who planned to use it first read (and followed) The User’s Guide there would be no problem. It doesn’t lend itself to abuse and can possible end cravings and addictions to other substances that are detrimental to body and mind. Salvia is safe done wisely. Lying down or sitting up, however you can handle it (5-10 minutes smoked, 30-60minutes chewed leaves or tincture), darkness and quiet is best with slow, deep, relaxed breathing.

  2. Korthkor of Y'thkiroth says:

    First off, let me tell you a little about myself –
    – I’m a writer primarily, but in the spirit of youth I’m a musician within the genres of Black Metal/Epic
    – I Ride a pushbike
    – …and I have very long hair

    Considering we’ve got the general mental picture of my shabby appearance and questionable choices well and truly established in the mind of any future reader, let me slowly get to the point…

    Now, I’m not much for politics, I’m not a zealot of any creed and I’m not much for ranting – hence the reason why I’m not going to boo this article. and why, you ask? ‘cus it makes a f’kin good point.

    I’m unsure as to whether you’ve heard all the rumors lately, but as someone who knows a distributor of Salvia in a small godfearing town, no doubt I had some shakes in my boots for a couple of days when I had people telling me that Salvia was banned. A mad thought, no doubt, but something like that quite obviously aint’ worth joking about, even on the sunniest of days. Luckily, it hasn’t been banned. Luckily most for me, ‘cus I’ve never even touched it. Yes, you are reading the words of a Salvia virgin…

    Still, I very much intend to, and with a lovely packet on the way through the post, I’m looking forward to loading up my Shisha and sitting down in a dark environment (same as always for me, as a weird-metal producing hermit) and readying myself for whatever comes – All because of one reason, I got all my best ideas in dreams. Seriously, I didn’t write and re-write 35,000 words of short stories and general mumblings from ideas and situations I encountered from when I was fully conscious. I have something to owe to the subconscious, and if that can ever do harm to another man, and if they ever find a reason to ban Salvia, I will cook and then eat my own balls.

    Cheers for the advice matey – Korthkor of Y’thkiroth

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