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The ATA vs Jacqui Smith

By John Clarke

Recently, everyone’s favour­ite Home Sec­ret­ary, Jacqui Smith, set a few dis­turb­ing pro­pos­als to House of Commons, fol­low­ing advice by the Advis­ory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (AMCD), regard­ing the sale of can­nabis seeds and smoking paraphernalia. Let’s have a little look, shall we?

The AMCD recom­mends invest­ig­at­ing:

“whether it might be prac­tical to bring can­nabis seeds within the scope of the Misuse of Drugs Act”

and also recom­mends that:

“The Home Office should assess the extent to which the trade in can­nabis paraphernalia might be more effect­ively reg­u­lated”.

So wait, every­one ignores the AMCD unless they agree with your agenda? Bril­liant! As if stop­ping the sale of king-size rizlas will result in massive, country-wide decline in pot smoking, anyway…

Enter The ATA

Nat­ur­ally, this dick-move is a very unset­tling one for anyone that sells can­nabis seeds, or smoking paraphernalia, such as myself. Enter the ATA — the Altern­at­ive Trade Asso­ci­ation! They describe them­selves as a “coali­tion of UK whole­salers, attempt­ing to stop these mis­guided pro­pos­als becom­ing law”. They not only provide you with a weath of inform­a­tion about the subject and how to keep your busi­ness safe (includ­ing updates about any future legis­lat­ive changes), but they also have plenty of retained legal muscle to defend any action taken against the industry.

They’re also setting up a website, Smoke​-Aware​.co​.uk, to educate people on the risks of smoking and the prob­lems drug use can bring. On top of that, they’re also appar­ently plan­ning to launch some kind of media cam­paign, but I’m not too sure what that will involve.

For a start, it’s great to see people not lying back and taking this crap, so well done ATA! Let’s hope we can get every­one involved — surely there’s strength in numbers? With any luck, these ridicu­lous pro­pos­als will be nipped in the bud before our gov­ern­ment start looking any more stupid.

For any inter­net-mar­ket­ing-savvy whole­salers out there, signing up gets you a search engine friendly, high quality link dir­ectly to your site. That can only help you in the search engines. On the down­side, they do require all members to link back to them, which auto­mat­ic­ally makes me some­what wary. But for all you get in return, one link back isn’t going to hurt. 🙂

Update: It seems herbal highs are under threat as well. Current Gov­ern­ment: “Let’s ban everything until we know it’s safe” — I can hardly see them act­ively allow­ing the sale of any­thing, can you?.

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